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Premium wines without the environmental impact - Sustainable Packaging and Green Delivery

December 2, 2021
Ed Miles
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Laylo is all about premium wines but with a difference... They sell delicious boxed wine that you’d be proud to have on your countertop.

On a mission to shift the stigma towards boxed wine and make a mark on the industry, all of their wines are from quality independent producers and packaged in beautifully designed sustainable boxes. This all comes with the promise that it is "just as delicious as if it came from a bottle, without any compromises.".

Laylos recent batch and stunning sustainable packaging

So why boxed wine?

"The carbon footprint of wine stored in bottles is a whopping 9x higher than for the same wine stored in boxes."

The way we drink wine has changed yet it is sold in glass bottles that have remained largely unchanged since the 17th century! Once opened, glass bottles are not well designed to keep wine fresh, this means over 600 million bottles of wine are being poured away every year because they aren't consumed fast enough! 

Laylo's box packaging keeps their wines fresh for 6 weeks after opening. The boxes not only save wine from going to waste but also happen to be better for the planet.

Glass bottles are heavy and the fragile round bottles can’t be tightly packed which means a lot of wasted space. As a result, transporting them produces thousands of kgs of unnecessary carbon. 

Laylo's outer boxes are 100% cardboard which can be easily recycled. Inside, the bag is made of a complex polymer to keep the wines tasting great for longer, but this is trickier to recycle. However, if you are unable to recycle it locally, then you can return your used bags for free where they will then be recycled!

Green Delivery in London, with no cost to the customer

After addressing the biggest problem with wine, the packaging, Laylo were looking for the next way to reduce their impact on the planet without compromising on providing brilliant wine. The next logical step was improving the sustainability of deliveries.

Laylo were already using for their fulfilment so they were excited to get involved with the new green delivery service.

“We are delighted that are leading sustainable innovation in last-mile delivery” green delivery service meets Laylo's requirements of sustainability without compromising on quality. The cargo bike delivery network offers next-day delivery in London at a cost so low that Laylo are able to provide to their customers for free! Environmentally friendly delivery is often assumed to be slow or expensive, but with this service, Laylo are able to reduce emissions and air pollution while still providing a premium delivery experience for their customers.

“We are excited to be using to offer Green Delivery to our customers in Central London”

Sustainability going forwards

There is always room for improvement and Laylo know they still have further to go. The third phase in their sustainability plan is to take a detailed look at the whole supply chain from vineyard to consumer, looking for ways to improve.

Laylo is already turning heads and gaining critics' respect for their boxed wine, as they help to make environmentally conscious drinking a no-brainer…