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Fulfilment Services

As an e-commerce business, your goal is to send your products far and wide, giving more and more consumers the benefits of your offering.
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Our fulfilment services are designed to make your deliveries seamless, take away the pressure, and supercharge your logistics through our tried-and-tested methods and AI capabilities.

Benefits of choosing Bezos

1. Built for scaling up

Rather than stressing about having to fulfil your orders, we do it for you on your behalf.

This gives you more time to think about your business instead of dealing with the admin and logistics of delivering your goods punctually and reliably. Our global services allow you to scale across borders in an efficient way, which in turn reduces costs, saves time, and makes it easier for you to expand. And with groundbreaking AI solutions, you can optimise your inventory distribution, while our vast network can handle any growth expectations you have. We’re here to help your business flourish.

2. Affordable & flexible

Our solutions are meticulously tailored to your needs.

With a diverse range of services at different rates, you can pick and choose what you require at a particular moment in time, and adjust it in line with your demand. Volume aggregation enables us to secure the best prices, and it is of utmost importance to us to always be transparent about our costs.

We don’t believe in minimum quantities or hidden fees, so you can rest assured you’re getting just what you need at the most affordable rate, knowing that there aren’t going to be any extra costs in the small print.

3. Seamlessly integratable

When you come onboard, our fulfilment service will connect our systems with all your sales platforms and marketplaces, establishing a simple and automated process.

Your orders will reach our hub from each of the 30+ channels we can integrate with, including Shopify, WooCommerce and Amazon. This allows us to fulfil every order quickly and smoothly.

4. Transparency & data driven

Our service puts your information first, enabling you to view your data whenever you want.

You can receive real time status about your orders, access a personalised data dashboard, and retrieve customisable reports regarding your products and inventory. First-class technology helps us optimise your journey and keep customer promises, using an alert monitoring system which tracks every shipment and prevents avoidable delays.

Our Services

ecommerce fulfilment service in uk

Order picking

We pick and pack your order, attach invoices and delivery notes, insert any flyers and handle labelling.
ecommerce fulfilment service in uk

Inventory storage

We check-in your inventory and make sure it’s ready to be sold within 48 hours of arrival. Our fulfilment centres are built with efficiency in mind for almost any type of container.
e-commerce fulfilment

Returns solutions

We offer a completely customisable and robust returns service that boosts brand loyalty for your business.
fulfilment in uk

Global Shipping

We have domestic and global facilities and late cut-off times (9pm) for same day dispatch, so you can be sure your goods will arrive safely and quickly no matter where they’re headed.

Multi-channel fulfilment

We fulfil orders from every channel and marketplace, automated through one streamlined service, regardless of what you’re shipping.

Available platform integrations

Bezos integrates with over 30 platforms and marketplaces. Here are only some of the supported systems:



eBay is no longer a home just for second-hand merchants. Many e-commerce sellers are choosing to display their goods on the website, and if you’re one of them, we can fully integrate with your eBay shop.
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Amazon is an e-commerce giant and the biggest retailer in the world. Selling on this platform is essential for many businesses, and at Bezos, we can fulfil any order that arrives through it.
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Mainly focused on handmade or vintage items, Etsy has become increasingly popular for anything craft and fashion-related. Our fulfilment centres are prepared to receive any Etsy order and deliver it quickly.
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With a focus on anything homeware, Wayfair is a great place to sell furniture and decoration. We can dispatch any items ordered through this marketplace, including heavy and bulky goods.
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Sales channels


Many of today’s online retailers rely on Shopify, the third largest e-commerce platform in the world. Our software seamlessly links to it.
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Woocommerce is a favourite plugin for WordPress-based online merchants. Our services are fully integrated.
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Magento powers 1% of all 1.5 billion websites on the internet, and is a PHP-based e-commerce platform. If your shop uses it, Bezos can extract relevant information and fulfil your shipments.
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