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E-Commerce Fulfilment Warehousing

At Bezos, we stow, organise, and ship your inventory safely. Whether it’s for faster, short-term storage or larger quantities that require staying at our warehouses for longer, we can free you up to focus on growing your business.

Warehousing made simple

E-commerce order fulfilment warehousing should be about saving you time and money, not adding more admin. With Bezos, you’ll receive access to one of the largest networks of fulfilment warehouses in the UK, allowing your business, no matter its size, to benefit from an e-commerce warehouse management system that was once reserved for much larger companies.


Instead of worrying about your stock, our data-driven technology will keep track of your stock whether it’s in one facility or split into multiple. This allows you to view updates on all your orders from one easy-to-use portal, available 24/7. We believe in transparency and trust, and the best way to do it is give you access to all the data, while we consistently adapt our processes according to it.


Traditionally, e-commerce fulfilment and storage are pricey. It’s not just about the space, but also the systems, operators and insurance. For most businesses, investing in your own warehouse is not financially viable. At Bezos, you only pay for the space you actually use, while we provide the facilities and services you need, no matter your business size — it’s the most cost-effective option. If anything goes wrong, we’ll deal with the claim ourselves — and offer immediate compensation if the claim is successful.

Built for scaling up

Managing your own stock is a time-consuming task. Bezos relieves you of the stress of spending your days dealing with administrative operations, freeing you up to focus on your own brand and product. Our order fulfilment warehouses have enough space for you to grow your business without worrying about the logistics, so you have both the time and the means to scale up efficiently.

Ecommerce Warehousing FAQs

What is an e-commerce warehouse?

Put simply, an e-commerce warehouse is a large facility which is used to store products before they are ordered online and then shipped to a customer. However, warehousing is not just about the physical depot — it’s also the work behind the scenes to ensure the safety and coordination of your inventory, as well as stock control.

Do I need a warehouse for e-commerce?

Any e-commerce business needs some place for storage. If you’re a very small retailer with a nominal number of orders, you might not find a large scale warehousing solution necessary. However, at some point (earlier than you think), order fulfilment and storage can become a nightmare without a system in place. An e-commerce warehousing solution is always beneficial and will help you stow, organise, and ship your inventory without hassle. If you plan to grow your business, a warehouse is essential, even at the early stages.

How does an e-commerce warehouse work?

Once our warehouse receives your physical goods, our team logs them in and stores them safely. They manage the locations and organisational system of the items, perform audits, record stock levels and inform you when they run low, and handle the packaging, shipping, and returns of your online orders.

Delivering a package to someone

A partner that you can trust

We always want to be completely transparent with our clients. With limited effort, you will have a constant overview of your orders and can view all updates in one easy-to-use portal. If anything were to go wrong, we offer immediate compensation and will deal with the claim ourselves.

No big investment needed

Setting up your own e-commerce warehousing requires huge investment. Apart from space, a business also has to take into account the costs of a warehouse management system (WMS), hiring warehouse operators and purchasing insurance. Investing in your own warehouse is not a financially efficient option. We can provide you with the ecommerce warehousing you need, without the need for a big investment.

If you decide to invest in a warehouse, there is likely limited space for potential future growth. Once you exceed this limited space, another big investment is required for a new commerce warehouse. With Bezos’ e-commerce fulfilment UK services, you only pay for the space that you actually use, making it a much more cost-effective ecommerce fulfilment option.
Drive down costs

Save time, focus on growth

Managing UK fulfilment warehouses can be a monstrous task. Having to deal with the management of integrations, people and last-mile carriers is a time-consuming task. Spending your time on managing operations can distract you from focusing on your own brand and product. As specialists in e-commerce warehousing, we want to save you unnecessary hassle, so you can concentrate on what is important: growing your business.
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Benefit from our e-commerce warehousing services and save time and money.
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