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Magento Order Fulfilment Services

Handling more than $100 billion in gross merchandise every year, Magento is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms online today.
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Bezos can handle your Magento shipping from start to finish, freeing your time up to think about important things, like growing your business.

How does Magento fulfilment work?

Our process is designed to be seamless and effortless. We automate everything from stock splitting to delivery notifications, giving both you and your customers peace of mind.

Receive your inventory

First, you need to send your stock to us. Once in our possession, just sit back and relax — we’ll check your items in within 48 hours and store them, ready to be shipped as soons as your Magento orders are received.

Divide your stock between our centres

Our groundbreaking AI will automatically divide your products between our UK and EU fulfilment centres, ensuring your orders leave the closest facility. This speeds up delivery, and averts any additional costs.

Connect Magento to our system

At this point, our dedicated team will integrate Magento into your Bezos account, together with any other platforms or marketplaces you sell through.

Process your orders

You’re all set. Our system will now routinely receive all your Magento orders. We’ll handle every stage of fulfilment, from packing, to labelling, to shipping — including any returns.

Why use Bezos for Magento fulfilment?

1. Next generation multi-channel

Although Magento is a great platform, in this day and age an e-commerce business can’t rely on just one place to sell. It’s more than likely you receive orders from multiple channels, and Bezos can take care of them all. The best part? These will be placed together in one account, making it much simpler to follow and track.

2. Global efficiency

The beauty of e-commerce lies not only in its simplicity, but also in its global nature. Wherever your customers are located, we can ship their orders to them from their nearest fulfilment centre, in a quick, efficient and cost-effective manner.

3. No limits

A Magento store can sell anything from highly regulated items like alcohol or medicine, through to delicate or fragile glassware, all the way to bulky furniture. Whatever the weight, size or special requirements, we can fulfil your orders securely, making sure they arrive at their destination in the best condition.

4. No hassle

We’re not just a fulfilment service — we pride ourselves on our innovation. Everything at Bezos is tech-driven, with top-tier AI that makes our processes successful, trackable and easy to analyse and improve. Once we receive your items, we handle the entire shipping process, so you can focus on scaling up your business.

Other available platform integrations

Bezos integrates with over 30 platforms and marketplaces. Here are only some of the supported systems:



eBay is no longer a home just for second-hand merchants. Many e-commerce sellers are choosing to display their goods on the website, and if you’re one of them, we can fully integrate with your eBay shop.
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Amazon is an e-commerce giant and the biggest retailer in the world. Selling on this platform is essential for many businesses, and at Bezos, we can fulfil any order that arrives through it.
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Mainly focused on handmade or vintage items, Etsy has become increasingly popular for anything craft and fashion-related. Our fulfilment centres are prepared to receive any Etsy order and deliver it quickly.
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Sales channels


Many of today’s online retailers rely on Shopify, the third largest e-commerce platform in the world. Our software seamlessly links to it.
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Woocommerce is a favourite plugin for WordPress-based online merchants. Our services are fully integrated.
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