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Fulfilment Centres

We are much more than a fulfilment service. Our smart approach to logistics allows businesses to scale both locally and globally.
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Traditionally, fulfilment was based upon delivering your items from A to B. We are taking this one step forward, though, with an interconnected logistic network which is personalised to your business needs.

This allows us to fulfil your orders sustainably, quickly and efficiently –– not to mention, affordably. Our fulfilment centres are much more than just warehouses, but a logistical solution built to serve your objectives.

Helping you scale up

No matter what size your business is, our fulfilment centres allow you to grow locally and internationally.

By reducing your company’s operational complexity, we can lower your costs and free up your time to focus more on your business. You can rest assured knowing that we aren’t only fulfilling your orders as efficiently as possible, but that we’ll also be with you every step of the way.

A tech-centric solution

We believe in the power of technology. It saves time, effort and energy. That’s why at Bezos, anything that doesn’t have to be done manually is completed using our advanced AI-based system.

This optimises inventory distribution, guaranteeing you’ll always have enough stock in each of our relevant centres. Having your stock ready to go in multiple locations moves your items closer to your customers, resulting in a faster and less costly delivery. Another benefit of our tech is that it notifies us of any problems, allowing our team to fix any issues before they affect your customer.


To top it all off, we have centres in the UK and EU, minimising taxes, customs duties and other tariffs.

By shipping your inventory to us in bulk, you avoid separate customs checks, which in turn reduces costs. What’s more, our array of locations ensures that your deliveries get to their destination as quickly as possible, shipped from the nearest fulfilment centre without any surprise charges for your customers. You can find more information on our EU fulfilment here.

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Our Locations

If you choose to work with Bezos, you’ll benefit from our e-commerce fulfilment service with centres in both the EU and the UK.


Six UK locations enable speedy fulfilment with all the services you need.

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Centres in Germany and France help you avoid customs fees and additional costs for EU customers.

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What is a fulfilment centre?

Put simply, fulfilment centres handle every stage of the delivery process for online orders. They receive and store stock from retailers, then arrange the incoming orders on the sellers’ behalf, by picking, packing and shipping products.

Their aim is to complete shipments as quickly and efficiently as possible, awarding the retailers themselves some peace of mind.

What is the difference between a fulfilment centre and a distribution centre?

You can think of a distribution centre as a large-scale fulfilment centre. However, the latter focuses on delivering goods quickly to customers, while a distribution centre has the capability of disseminating items in bulk, which is usually appropriate for larger businesses that are trying to dispense their products to retailers.

Normally, a distribution house will hand over items to a fulfilment centre to deliver to individuals –– so the two services complement each other.

What is the difference between a fulfilment centre and a warehouse?

While both fulfilment centres and warehouses are large buildings that store goods for retailers, their purpose is quite different. A warehouse exists to keep a considerable quantity of products for extended periods of time. Contrastingly, a fulfilment centre does stockpile inventory, but its purpose is to efficiently distribute it to customers.

What does a fulfilment centre do?

Different fulfilment centres have a variety of services, but usually all centres will handle storing, packing, labelling and posting. Some also allow for custom packaging. The main benefit of employing a fulfilment centre is that it deals with all of the logistical tasks for shipping orders to customers at every stage.

At Bezos, this is done through an intricate AI-led system that automatises our processes to ensure effective and speedy delivery.

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