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We are much more than a fulfilment service

Logistics is a very old industry, but e-commerce logistics is relatively new. We operate in a new category we like to coin Fulfilment-as-a-Service (FAAS). We envision an interconnected world, where technology will allow companies like Bezos to create a living, ever-changing logistics network, where products will reach their end destination in a more efficient and sustainable way. A network where we can design for our client’s specific supply chains that are specific to their needs, without the need of extensive capital investments.  

We want to do this by connecting all the existing logistic supplies in the market (initially UK, but soon in Europe and beyond). We allow small and medium businesses to be able to scale their business not only locally but globally, reducing their operational complexity and achieving efficiency gains that are translated into lower costs. A smarter way of doing logistics
fulfilment centre

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