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EU Fulfilment Services

With Bezos, your products will be delivered seamlessly and quickly using our EU and UK centres, avoiding extra costs.
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The modern e-commerce business has so many tasks to juggle. From producing or procuring products to marketing them and reaching customers, it’s a busy adventure.

As your brand starts to grow and your client pool expands, you’re more likely to cater to a global audience. This is an exciting step, however, it does raise some logistical questions about your goods crossing borders, the taxes involved, and the ease and speed of delivery for your customers.

Even if your business already sells across the continent, it can be difficult to manage orders from multiple locations, handling them speedily and efficiently. Brexit may have also added another worry to an already long list of logistical concerns. Fortunately, we have the solution.

If you choose to work with Bezos, you’ll benefit from our e-commerce fulfilment service with centres in both the EU and the UK. Your products will be delivered seamlessly and quickly, avoiding any extra costs, all managed through one account that integrates with the most popular selling platforms and marketplaces.

Why choose Bezos for your EU order fulfilment?

1. Brexit-proof

Now that the UK has officially left the EU, individual orders over the price of £135 are liable for customs duties.

With our EU- and UK-based fulfilment centres, it is easier to handle import VAT, customs duties and rules of origin by simply transporting your products in bulk, circumventing separate customs checks. This makes delivery faster as well as cheaper, eliminates poor customer service, and averts any surprise costs for your clients.

What’s more, most major marketplaces –– including Amazon –– will prevent your goods from being sold if they aren’t first cleared through customs, making our services even more imperative.

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2. Speedy and easy

Borders don’t only create additional costs, but longer delivery times too.

With Bezos, you can divide your products between our fulfilment centres, ensuring your clients are receiving their deliveries from the fulfilment centre closest to them, while our advanced AI-based system allows you to optimise your inventory distribution. This ensures you never run out of stock and keep correct quantities in each location.

We also offer returns, elevating customer satisfaction. The best part is that you can do all of this from one account that connects to a variety of platforms, such as Shopify, Squarespace and Amazon, making the process even smoother and quicker.

3. No limits, no commitments

Here at Bezos, we pride ourselves on our flexibility.

With no minimum volumes of delivery, sellers can split as little or as much stock as they want between our fulfilment centres, paying for what they are using (you won’t have to worry about hidden fees).

All of that is done with the highest level of transparency utilising our AI solutions, flagging any issues as quickly as possible and resolving them just as fast.

How does it work?

1. Creating your account

We create your account and integrate it to all of your sales channels. This allows us to automatically receive your orders.

2. Receiving your products

Once we receive your shipment, we’ll check your inventory in. We aim to finalise this within 48 hours of accepting the delivery.

3. Fulfilling your orders

We store your products, and once an order is made we pick and pack it –– using your choice of packaging –– then ship it, and deal with any potential returns. All you need to do is just sit back and relax.

4. Providing you with analytics

Throughout the entire process, you can access seller analytics and live shipping updates.

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