Scaling order volumes whilst saving time and money on fulfilment

Pick accuracy
Reduction in costs
2 hours
Ticket response time

The Problem

With a business scaling fast, Gorilla Robes was having trouble keeping up with their orders.  They were fulfilling products themselves and were spending too much time on their logistics, and not enough time growing their business. They considered the idea of growing their in-house capabilities for fulfillment, but quickly realized the cost of such venture was not feasible. They knew they needed to find a fulfillment partner that would not only help free up their time, but also bolster their growth by adding additional value to their end customers. 

The Solution

When Gorilla Robes approached us with their problem set, we knew that our service offering would check ALL their boxes. 

  • We fulfill on all of Gorilla Robes’ sales channels (Amazon, eBay, Shopify) and then some.
  • We provide Gorilla Robes with a dedicated account manager to stay on top of inventory and order processing.  With ticket response times under 3 hours, our team helps Gorilla Robes maintain the customer experience their brand is known for.
  • We provide 9PM cut offs for next day delivery, allowing Gorilla Robes to add a new competitive advantage on their customer experience.
  • We provide Gorilla Robes with preferred delivery rates to help him cut cost and improve margins.

The results

The cumulative effective of Bezos service offering results in several positive changes to both Gorilla Robes’ bottom line and overall customer experience.

  • Gorilla Robes saves 66% on delivery rates
  • Customers now receive tacking on their orders
  • Gorilla Robes  pick accuracy improved to 99%
  • The new 9PM cut off time improved their conversion rate checkout
  • They saved time and money trying to build out their own fulfillment solution.

-“My customers love the delivery speed as they buy my robes for the weekend. With our delivery options we can get it to them when specified. I can guarantee if you buy it today it will be delivered tomorrow.”

  • Barney, Gorilla Robes Founder

-“With delivery is cheaper and tracked. Also scans your stock and manages your inventory with 99%+ picking accuracy. This is important because if you send the wrong £85 robe, in order to fix this, you must get the robe returned and send out the correct one, resulting in three times delivery cost, a clear loss of earnings.

  • Mr. Reed, Gorilla Robes CFO


Headquartered in Emsworth, Gorilla Robes is a start-up eCommerce company dedicated to providing high quality towel-like robes made from 100% recycled material.  Gorilla Robes primarily sells product direct to their customers via their Shopify storefront, eBay account, and Amazon Seller Profile. When Gorilla Robes first approached Bezos, they were fulfilling X orders per month.

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