Bezos Case Study:


Freeing up time to grow 5x in three months without needing to hire new staff to fulfil orders.

The Company

BRAINGAIN provides their customers with the latest technology in gym equipment. Their dumbbells and kettlebells are state-of-the-art and adjustable. Their product range spans from weightlifting, crossfit specific products, and yoga equipment. They are headquartered in the UK and approached Bezos to fulfil products in both the UK and abroad.

The Problem

Prior to working with Bezos, BRAINGAIN was having trouble keeping up with demand and the founders were fulfilling orders themselves. They were spending roughly 2 hours a day picking and packing, and many of their shipments are very heavy. This was taking them away from the strategic aspects of the business and focusing on growth. They knew they needed a different solution, but were worried that bringing on a fulfilment partner would not allow them to maintain the level of customer service they have been known for. With that said, they needed to make sure that their fulfilment provider had fast response time, and could regularly handle large packages.

The Solution

Bezos’ service offerings provided BRAINGAIN with everything they were looking for.  Bezos is a single partner that can ship their inventory in bulk so BRAINGAIN does not have to worry about handling inventory and picking orders for fulfilment.  Bezos also offers a direct integration with Shopify, making our solution turn key.  The Bezos warehouse staff also do 2-man picks for heavy items, so the size and weight of BRAINGAIN’s typical order was of no issue, and Bezos’ network of delivery partners provided BRAINGAIN with new shipping providers that specialise in heavy/bulking parcels. 

On the customer service end, BRAINGAIN could rest assured that they were getting a dedicated account manager that would respond to fulfilment questions and requests and handle all of BRAINGAIN’s fulfilment needs.  Bezos also utilises machine learning and AI to help automatically resolve any potential issues that may occur during the order and fulfilment process.

The results

Within the first three months, owners of BRAINGAIN were asking themselves why they did note go with Bezos sooner.

  • BRAINGAIN’s team has saved 2 hours per day.  Time that would have been spent on order fulfilment has now gone back into strategic growth of their business
  • They no longer need to hire/staff individuals to help with fulfilment, a daunting task given BRAINGAIN ships heavy and bulky packages.
  • Within the first 3 months, BRAINGAIN was able to scale their business 5X and have the capacity to scale by 20X without needed to hire additional staff
  • 100% of their orders are despatched on time, despite the average order weighing 24KG - 40KG
  • All Shopify orders are automatically processed with the right shipping service.  No human intervention is needed
  • 97% of the orders Bezos has processed have not had a ticket associated with them, and 95% of the queries that have been issued have been responded to in less than 2 hours.
  • Bezos’ 72 hour SLA to check in goods received, has given BRAINGAIN predictability over their stock.  They have more confidence and can easily manage their inventory so they do not risk out of stocks
  • They have also added integrations with Amazon, Onbuy and Ebay, expanding their sales channels and increasing sales


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