A reliable partner that communicates about problems and resolves them

Delivered on time
Growth in volume
2 hours
Response time to tickets

The Problem

For subscription businesses one poor fulfilment experience can lead to a customer churning. Scooch needed a reliable fulfilment partner that proactively communicates & resolves issues when things do not go well.

The Solution

Bezos.ai's account management provides advice on the best way to set up their operations to reduce future fulfilment problems. Bezos.ai's software identifies if there are fulfilment or delivery issues as soon as they happen so the seller can communicate this to their customers.

The results

Bezos.ai's fast response time gives Scooch the comfort that they are in control of their operations and can answer any customer queries quickly

The business grew 15x this year and Scooch did not have to hire additional operations staff


Scooch is a pet health subscription business. An all-in-one subscription to eliminate hassle from your pet healthcare. From online assessment, health tracking and AI assistant to 24/7 vet support and vet-formulated treatments

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