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Premium wines delivered reliably and less environmental impact

The Company

Laylo is all about premium wines but with a difference... They sell delicious boxed wine that you’d be proud to have on your countertop.

On a mission to shift the stigma towards boxed wine and make a mark on the industry, all of their wines are from quality independent producers and packaged in beautifully designed sustainable boxes. This all comes with the promise that it is "just as delicious as if it came from a bottle, without any compromises.".

Laylo's outer boxes are 100% cardboard which can be easily recycled. Inside the box, there is a bag made of a complex polymer which keeps their wines fresh for 6 weeks after opening. This is trickier to recycle but you can return your used bags for free so they can take care of the recycling for you. The boxes not only save wine from going to waste but also save space and weight, reducing the carbon footprint of delivering it to customers' homes.

The Problem

Laylo wine is on a mission of environmental sustainability without compromising on quality. They were looking for a way of reducing the emissions in their last mile delivery at the same time as improving their service.

The Solution

Laylo were already using for their fulfilment, so they were very excited to get involved with our GoGreen delivery service.

GoGreen gives customers the option of same or next day green delivery at checkout and it’s directly integrated into their Shopify store’s checkout. Customers can select a 30 minute delivery window and can track the delivery in real-time whilst knowing that they’ve reduced pollution in their local area.

Environmentally friendly delivery is often assumed to be slow or expensive, but with this service, Laylo are able to reduce emissions and air pollution while still providing a faster yet affordable delivery experience for their customers.

The results

  • Laylo’s environmental impact from delivery reduced
  • Same day green delivery offered for free to customers
  • Up to 80% of all deliveries done by bike, cargo bike or electric moped GoGreen delivery service supports Laylo's mission of environmental sustainability without compromising on quality. The service offers same and next-day delivery in London at a cost so low that Laylo are able to provide this option to their customers for free!


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