5 Best Fulfilment Companies In The USA For Ecommerce Brands

December 6, 2023
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5 Best Fulfilment Companies in the USA

Running an ecommerce business can be both rewarding and challenging. One of the most serious difficulties is promptly and effectively fulfilling orders; that's where a great fulfilment company like Bezos steps in.

We help you handle the storage, packing and shipping of your products while you focus on different aspects of growing your ecommerce business. If you are tired of all the choices and are ready to settle on a company, get a free quote today.

But if you want to evaluate all the options and make an informed decision, we've compiled a list of the best fulfilment companies in the USA. Let’s take a closer look at what services they offer and their pricing structures.

Key Points

  • Managers tend to face difficulties when running their ecommerce business, which is where fulfilment platforms step in to help with the logistics process.

  • There are many key factors when it comes to selecting the best fulfilment company to work with, including pricing, location and reputation.

  • Top fulfilment companies such as Bezos, Amazon FBA and FedEx Fulfilment offer great services, and by comparing them, you can choose one that fits your ecommerce business best.

Key Criteria For Selecting The Best Fulfilment Company

Selecting the best fulfilment company is vital to the success of your ecommerce business. We've compiled some of the most important factors a business should keep in mind before picking a fulfilment platform:

  • Location and Accessibility

Choosing a fulfilment company based in your customers’ location will likely result in quicker delivery rates, lower shipping costs and positively impact customer satisfaction rates.

  • Storage and Handling Capacity

Ensure the fulfilment company you're going for has enough space to store your inventory and that they have an inventory tracking and management system.

  • Pricing

Pricing is one of the most crucial factors when selecting a fulfilment company. Ideally, it would be best if you look for a company that offers competitive and transparent pricing, including shipping and handling fees.

  • Scalability

Pick a company that can accommodate your business's growth, provide additional services if necessary, save you from having to switch fulfilment companies in the future, and ensure your business is running smoothly.

  • Customer Service

A great customer service team is behind any successful ecommerce business. They resolve issues quickly and satisfy your customers.

  • Onboarding Process

The onboarding process is an important factor to consider when selecting a fulfilment company. The process should be smooth and simple, and the platform must offer clear instructions, tutorials and support, if required, to get you on your feet quickly and minimise potential downtime.

5 Best Fulfilment Companies In The USA

  1. Bezos

Bezos is the leading platform for businesses looking to grow and reach new heights of success. Our fulfilment services are unmatched, and we offer a comprehensive range of features and an expert team equipped to handle all logistics, all at a competitive and transparent price point.

We have 63 fulfilment centres strategically located across 17 countries, including the USA, to allow our customers to expand globally. You can save big with our cost-effective solutions, reducing the price per order by £1 to £2 and up to 80% on all international orders. 

Experience complete transparency with our trackable fulfilment process, ensuring real-time updates on the status of your orders. Rest assured; you'll be the first to know in the unlikely event of any issues with your products. Our excellent support team is available to provide great assistance and resolve any issues within two hours of your message.

It doesn’t end there. Let’s take a closer look at the rest of the diverse features your company can take advantage of while working with Bezos:


  • Streamlining of Logistics Tasks

Bezos takes responsibility for time-consuming logistics tasks, giving you the opportunity to focus on different areas of your business.

  • Flexible Contracts

One of Bezos' core principles is transparency, which is reflected in our contracts. They are straightforward with no long-term commitment. We don't have any hidden clauses, fees or obligations, and customers can cancel their contracts in any month.

  •  AI Technology, Built to Handle Logistics Issues

With our powerful problem-detecting and resolving tool, you can anticipate and solve errors before irreversible damage to your business occurs.

  • Expansion Network

The Bezos Fulfilment Network makes expansion easier than ever. Our large network of 63 fulfilment centres across the globe makes it simple for businesses to explore new markets and reach a wider customer base.

  • Boosted Sales

Bezos has strategically provided multiple delivery options to avoid customers abandoning carts due to unsatisfactory delivery options. We give your customers plenty of options to choose from, letting them pick how and when they receive their orders, thus increasing sales.


Although we provide a wide range of services, we have maintained competitive and cost-effective prices so that businesses of any size can afford them. Our pricing is very simple; you pay for two things: a monthly subscription for our technology (which can be cancelled at any time) and for fulfilment, depending on what services (e.g. picking, packing, storing and delivering your products) you opt for. 

You can always take advantage of our FREE QUOTE to get a more accurate estimate of the fees you should expect.

  1. Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) is a service that allows businesses to store products in Amazon’s fulfilment centres and have them handle the shipping and customer service for the products. Businesses that use FBA can use Amazon's extensive shipping network, prompt and timed deliveries and trusted customer service, so they don’t need to worry about handling such time-consuming tasks themselves.

Using FBA is pretty straightforward. You send your items to Amazon's fulfilment centres, and they do the rest, including packing, picking and delivering products to your customers’ doorsteps. Returns and customer service are also taken care of by Amazon's reliable customer service, ensuring your customers stay satisfied.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that there are some drawbacks to selling on Amazon. The competition for visibility and sales is through the roof, which can be difficult for smaller businesses to be noticed and generate sales.


Here are some notable features that Amazon FBA provides:

  • Prime Eligibility

Any product fulfilled by Amazon automatically becomes eligible for Amazon Prime, which can boost sales with fast delivery times and free shipping.

  • Multi-Channel Fulfilment

Amazon FBA makes fulfilling orders from multiple sales channels easy. Your products can be featured on their website, alongside other popular ecommerce platforms such as Shopify and BigCommerce, which can lead to increased sales.

  • Global Reach

With Amazon’s international shipping, sending products worldwide is easy, helping you reach customers all across the globe.

  • Automation

Amazon provides companies with tools to help them make their FBA operations, such as shipping automation and inventory management, more user-friendly. 

By taking advantage of these features, businesses can make their logistics operations flow smoothly and reach more customers, growing their ecommerce business tremendously. 


Amazon has divided their pricing structure into two key components: storage fees and fulfilment fees.

Storage fees are charged monthly, and the sum is based on the space your products use up in Amazon’s fulfilment centres. The more space your items take up, the more you’ll have to pay, and it is important to note that during peak months (December, for example), additional storage fees may occur for oversized products. 

On the other hand, the fulfilment fees are based on the product's size and weight. This fee covers logistics such as picking, packing and shipping the stock, alongside any returns or customer service issues related to the item.

Overall, Amazon’s pricing is pretty straightforward and transparent. However, it is important to remember that referral fees are another part of Amazon FBA’s pricing process. The fees can be as high as 15% of the sale price, which can significantly impact your profits. Additionally, if your product is not performing to expectations, you could face a loss with the added impact of these fees.

  1. FedEx Fulfilment

FedEx Fulfilment is a logistics and ecommerce fulfilment service offered by FedEx, a big player in the courier and shipping industry. Their platform allows businesses to outsource their fulfilment process, including receiving, storing, packing and shipping their products.

The company offers advanced technology and data analytics to ensure the fulfilment process runs smoothly and provides customers with fast and accurate deliveries. Most importantly, they provide real-time tracking and visibility options, giving businesses complete transparency about the status of their orders. 

Let's take a closer look at some of the other features that the platform provides:


  • Secure Storage

FedEx’s storage facilities are secure and temperature-controlled to ensure your product is preserved at the highest quality possible.

  • Value-added Services

The platform provides custom packaging, kitting and labelling services to enhance your business's branding and create a great customer experience.

  • Scalability

FedEx provides an option that allows businesses to adjust their fulfilment needs based on their growth progress and evolution.

  • Customer Service

By using emails, call centres, order confirmation and order numbers for tracking, FedEx improves customer communications and offers full transparency.


As things stand, FedEx has zero indication of pricing. However, they do have a contact email address on their website, through which they provide more information about their pricing structure and fees.

  1. ShipBob

ShipBob is a global fulfilment company that aims to help other businesses by providing great quality ecommerce fulfilment and logistics services such as picking, packing, storing and delivering products directly to your customers. Their simple yet impactful solutions are great for any business looking to save time on the fulfilment process while improving the shopping experience for their customers.

This is made possible through their global network of fulfilment centres that provide great quality packing, picking and shipping. They allow you to distribute your stock between their fulfilment centres in the same country, thus reducing shipping times and costs. 

Let us dive into some more features that ShipBob provides:


  • Global Reach

With ShipBob, you can reach customers worldwide with fast and cheap delivery through their fulfilment centres.

  • Customisation

To help elevate your customers' unboxing experience, ShipBob provides a customization suite with functions such as custom box designs, customer gift notes printed at pack and branded shipping labels.

  • B2B Fulfilment

ShipBob offers an easy solution to connect with retailers through EDI-automated wholesale and retail workflows and printing retailer-compliant packing slips, helping businesses streamline their wholesale and retail operations.

  • Merchant Plus (WMS)

If you own a warehouse, you can purchase a cloud-based merchant application and proprietary warehouse management system that ShipBob uses across all of their fulfilment centres to make your logistics operations run smoother.


ShipBob’s order fulfilment costs are completely transparent, with standard fees such as receiving inventory, warehousing products and order shipments included. The key factor that determines the price of fulfilment is product size (width, height, length and weight). 

Additional costs are priced as follows:

  • Storage per bin - $5
  • Storage per shelf - $10
  • Storage per pallet - $40.

To get unique pricing that will provide all the information you need to know about costs, you'll need to request a quote from ShipBob.

  1. ShipNetwork

ShipNetwork is a fulfilment company that takes pride in providing your customers with the best shipping experience possible. Their fulfilment centres are spread across the U.S. and can help you reach most parts of the country within two days through their nationwide network.

They’ve designed their solution to reduce expenses and give your customers an unforgettable shipping experience. The fulfilment process is simplified into three steps: integrating your ecommerce platform, shipping the stock to ShipNetwork’s fulfilment centres, start shipping your goods as soon as they receive them – all whilst maintaining low costs and quick deliveries.


  • Returns Management

ShipNetwork improves your returns process by giving you tips and dealing with customer return inquiries.

  • Subscription Boxes

If you’re a subscription-based ecommerce business, ShipNetwork provides great subscription box fulfilment services, such as product changes and quality control.

  • Lot Tracking & Climate Control

To keep your products at the highest quality possible, ShipNetwork offers lot tracking and climate control (additional services) that provide improved storage space for your products.

  • Kitting Services

ShipNetwork manages the kitting process for your business to simplify the process, which can lead to improved sales by offering a less popular item in a "kit" and giving your customers a chance to try a new product.


To get pricing information about ShipNetwork’s services, you must arrange a discovery call with them in which they’ll go through the specifics of your product and your shipping and handling needs.

However, the company provides some basic cost factors, such as volume, average product size and weight, that determine the price of their fulfilment services. 


The best fulfilment companies in the USA offer various services, all catering to different business needs. These companies are known for speed, flexibility, good pricing and reliability – all factors that make them popular choices in the ecommerce fulfilment space. However, one platform stands out from the rest – Bezos.

We provide fulfilment services that are second to none and priced competitively, making them affordable for companies of all sizes. Our strategically placed fulfilment services make it easy to expand and reach customers worldwide and drive your sales to the next level.

Our commitment to providing full transparency is reflected in our contracts, which contain zero hidden clauses and don't require long-term commitment. We strive to keep developing partnerships and great communication with our customers to make the fulfilment process run smoothly and successfully. Are you in? Get a FREE QUOTE today and start the process of elevating your business to the next level.


Which companies have the most fulfilment centres?

Amazon is the company with the most fulfilment centres worldwide, with 109 distribution centres.

Is a fulfilment centre the same as a warehouse?

No. A warehouse is used just for storing inventory, while a fulfilment centre handles logistics services to keep the workflow going smoothly.

What's the best ecommerce order fulfilment solution?

The best ecommerce order fulfilment solution is subjective, as different companies have different needs. Just ensure to choose a fulfilment platform that offers services that suit your needs, for example, Bezos, which can accommodate the needs of various businesses and is a great choice for order fulfilment.

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