Direct to consumer fulfilment services

December 6, 2023
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Direct-to-Consumer Fulfilment Services for eCommerce Businesses

As your eCommerce business grows or, more likely, if you’re fulfilling more than 12 orders a day by yourself, it might be time to outsource your company’s fulfilment responsibilities to licensed professionals. 

Fulfilment services like have the skilled labour, technologies and software that’ll reduce your order’s turnaround time and essentially help your company scale, whether it’s a B2B, B2C or DTC company. You might be concerned about the costs, but realistically, it requires less time and money in the long haul to use fulfilment service providers, especially for a direct-to-consumer brand. 

So, to keep your company’s profits high and flatten the expenditure curve while offering fast custom deliveries to your clients, you may want to stick around for’s DTC fulfilment offerings. 

What is DTC Fulfilment?

DTC stands for direct-to-consumer, and DTC fulfilment involves the intricacies behind delivering an item from its direct purchase channel to its final consumer. As an online vendor, when a customer purchases your product, a DTC fulfilment service provider will retrieve it from you or the manufacturer and ship it directly to the customer. DTC fulfilments are void of intermediaries like wholesalers or retailers.

Most people get confused about DTC fulfilment, especially as there’s a term called eCommerce fulfilment. However, while the former does not need middlemen, the latter uses them. Hence, a DTC fulfilment service provider would ship directly from your supplier or manufacturer. In contrast, an eCommerce fulfilment company would, by default, ship from your retailer or wholesaler unless your company specifies otherwise. 

Choosing the right DTC fulfilment company can make or break your small or medium-sized eCommerce business. This is because the efficiency or incompetence of said provider reflects as yours, which may cause your potential or existing clients to view your company as unreliable.

No one wants to patronise a company whose credibility and reputation are tainted, and an amateurish DTC fulfilment provider will cost you sales. Therefore, you’d need an authentic provider with great ratings and better service offerings. You’d need one that’s flexible and can make your company scale and expand into other countries at a fraction of the price. You’d need 

Our DTC Fulfilment Offerings

We’re a world-class fulfilment solutions provider with exciting DTC services.’s direct-to-consumer fulfilment services include:

  • Inventory reception: We simplify order fulfilment for our DTC clients by first receiving their order inventories in any of our 63 fulfilment centres in 17 countries. Our DTC services allow online businesses to send us their inventory directly from their suppliers or manufacturers without going through the middleman. We can also go the extra mile by picking your inventory from your supplier. 

  • Inventory storage: Once we receive your inventory, it will be counted, inspected and disinfected. After this, we can check in, organise, attach delivery notes, handle labelling, and store said inventory with a reference number for easy retrieval. Essentially, we prep and process your inventory to ensure you can sell it within 48 hours. Remember that we will reflect every stage of this process in your customised Bezos Seller Portal, which you can view anytime. 

  • Order shipping: Once we’ve labelled and attached delivery notes, depending on the order’s priority, the next step would be shipping. Bezos has domestic and global facilities in 17 countries to ensure your customer receives their order irrespective of zip code. With the option of same-day dispatch and a late cut-off time of midnight, your customers will receive their orders in no time. 

  • Order tracking: As a DTC fulfilment service provider integrated with innovative AI solutions and technologies, Bezos offers its clients full visibility into their order fulfilments. With their Bezos seller portal, DTC brands can view their tracking number, dispatch and delivery metrics, warehouse status, inventory and stock information, reports, etc. Everything that concerns your inventory will be reflected on this portal. 

  • Returns solutions: Our returns solutions are customisable and robust to accommodate the needs of your various consumers and therefore boost their loyalty. Once a consumer has initiated a return, all information concerning this return, like the product ID and its return number, quantity, consumer location and the return reason, will be reflected on the seller portal.

What We Do Better is the DTC fulfilment provider that outpaces its competition in every possible metric. From our sales channel integrations to AI-enabled solutions, we’re your best bet in DTC order fulfilment. 

  • Global shipping is the DTC fulfilment provider that can help your business scale and expand into new borders and countries. With our global shipping facilities and 63 fulfilment centres in 17 countries worldwide, we can help your brand reach and maintain customers within and outside Europe. 

  • Sales channel integrations simplifies order fulfilment management for its clients in a way other providers cannot. Our sellers portal integrates directly with 57 sales channels and marketplaces, including eBay, Amazon, WooCommerce, Shopify, Etsy, etc. DTC brands can view and manage their order fulfilment logistics through these API integrations as it reflects on their Bezos seller channels. Thus, simplifying another fulfilment-related responsibility for brands. 

  • AI solutions

Aside from skilled labour and innovative machinery, Bezos offers its advanced AI-integrated fulfilment solutions to help optimise your brand’s growth expectations. These sophisticated solutions streamline the logistics behind DTC order fulfilment. They also slice the fulfilment time by over 90% compared to in-house fulfilment models. 

  • Customer support

Our customer service and support ratings are through the roof. All DTC and eCommerce clients are assigned a personal account manager upon registration. This manager works tirelessly to answer all enquiries and point you in the best direction for you and your brand while managing all your account details. You should send all complaints to this manager, and we will effect a response or resolution in as little as two hours. Speak to our experts now!

  • Cost efficiency offers transparent pricing with no hidden fees or integration charges on all subscriptions. We do not coerce or trick our clients into yearly subscription plans. They can cancel anytime they please. Our pricing is more affordable than traditional 3PL providers, which is unheard of, considering our robust offerings, innovative software and tech-enabled solutions. We can help you save £1 to £2 on the fulfilment of every order and flatline your overhead costs. Start saving now!

  • Flexible delivery options

With over ten personalised delivery options like Green Delivery, Same Day Delivery, Free Next Day Delivery, Standard Delivery, etc., we can give your customers their preferred delivery service. 

The best part about choosing as your DTC fulfilment vendor is that what makes us great makes you greater. With our swift deliveries and world-class services, your brand’s customers will receive better shopping experiences that motivate their constant patronage, earning you their loyalty. Get your free quote now!

As a direct-to-consumer small and medium-sized brand that’s expanding into new countries or in need of a new fulfilment provider, is all you need to unlock your company’s elevation. From sophisticated solutions that help you scale to the flexibility and inclusivity it offers, will deliver success to your brand’s doorstep. 


What does DTC mean in logistics?

DTC or D2C is an acronym that stands for Direct-to-Consumer.

What is DTC vs B2B

DTC and B2B are eCommerce business models. DTC is a business that offers its products and services directly to its final consumers without middlemen like wholesalers and retailers. B2B, on the other hand, is a business that offers its products and services to other businesses. 

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