Bezos Case Study:


Using Bezos to improve unit economics and provide custom packaging to their social media influencers

The Company

Tenzing creates unique sustainable plant-based, low-calorie, energy drinks. Their mission is to produce a superior product that has little to no environmental impact. Tenzing’s recipe is inspired by the natural energy producing ingredients that the Himalayan Sherpas have been using for centuries. Headquartered in the UK, Tenzing sought out to find a fulfilment partner for their Shopify storefront. When they approached Bezos, most of their order processing was done through excel sheets. With the popularity of their drink growing, Tenzing knew that they needed a long term solution for their fulfilment needs in order to keep up with demand.

The Problem

When Tenzing approached Bezos, they were looking for a solution that would support their efforts to grow their (Direct-to-Consumer)DTC e-commerce division. Up until this point, they had been surviving off excel documents to manage their fulfilment efforts. Needless to say, Tenzing needed a more scalable solution that would not only support larger order volumes, but would also help them improve their unit economics. When looking for the right partner, Tenzing also had to consider their needs around packaging. The Grocery/Drinks category has strict packaging regulations, but they also needed the flexibility for custom packaging so they could continue to deliver well thought out kits for their social media influencers.

The Solution

Bezos’ robust service offering checked off all of Tenzing’s requirements in a fulfilment partner. Through a direct integration with their Shopify store, Bezos provides near-time synchronisation on inventory and stock from their warehouse all the way through to Tenzing’s Shopify backend. Through Bezos’ advanced machine learning, they were also able to transition into a fulfilment system that provides considerable cost savings for an overall improvement on their unit economics. Bezos also offers the flexibility they need in packaging. All normal shipments are packaged to the set standard necessary for the product category, and upon request, Bezos will do customised packaging and ship directly to Tenzing’s social media influencers.

The results

After 6 months of working together, Tenzing has been able to successfully scale their ecommerce business knowing that fulfilment will no longer be the bottleneck to their growth.

  • Since switching to Bezos Tenzing’s unit economics have improved by 33%
  • Through Bezos’ direct integration with Shopify, and their dedicated Bezos account manager, Tenzing is saving an estimated 8+ hours a week.  Time that was previously spent keeping up with their orders.
  • After switching to Bezos, Tenzing has been able to grow their e-commerce business 3X over a 6 month period comfortably.  This growth has come with an improvement in their overall operating costs.
  • Custom packaging solutions offered by Bezos enabled Tenzing to fulfil customer demand, and maintain their strong relationships with their social media influencers.


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