Launched UK & EU: Reduced shipping cost, enabled next day delivery

Reduction in Shipping Costs
Reduction in Shipping Time
Local Ops Headcount

The Problem

Sweet Pea had a large customer base in the UK and EU but they were getting lots of complaints about long shipping times, cost, and customers having  to pay import duties. They needed fast response times from a service provider and resolution time for order status as their customer service team is based in Australia.

The Solution enabled Sweet Pea to launch in the UK & other markets with 1-platform.’s flexible contact, e.g. no minimum order volume, enabled a quick start without overpaying thus helping Sweet Pea to reduce costs.’s technology gives full visibility real-time of each order enabling them to provide amazing customer service from Australia.

The results

Local fulfilment allowed them to reduce their shipping costs by 80%

Next day delivery options allowed them to reduce shipping times by 90%, from 10+ days to 1 day

Super fast launch (within weeks) and no need for a local operations team


Sweet Pea Machine Embroidery is an embroidery lovers one stop shop. They have thousands of machine embroidery designs perfect for all hoops and embroidery machines, as well as fabrics and tools.

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