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Offering your customers green delivery in London

March 9, 2021
Ed Miles
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Our new cargo bike Last-mile delivery service will be launching in June allowing your customers to shop with the environment in mind.

Do your customers care about the environmental impact of the products they use and the businesses they buy from? 

Consumers care! Over the last decade, people have become ever more conscious of the drastic need to protect our environment. There has been a clear shift in consumer behaviour, people are often turning away from convenience and lower costs in the name of ethics and the environment. This has been shown in an IBM and National Retail Federation study found that 72% of consumers are willing to pay a premium for brands that are sustainable or environmentally responsible.

It’s not just one study either, according to Futerra, 88% of consumers want brands to help them to be more environmentally friendly, and 96% of people feel their actions, including buying ethically, can make a difference in the world.

The importance for your brand

Embracing sustainability and making it visible to your customers will boost both the long and short term value of your brand. 88% of consumers claim they will be more loyal to a company that supports social or environmental issues according to a Cone Communications CSR Study. Additionally, products with sustainability claims generally outperform the growth rate of total products in their respective categories, as found by a Nielsen study of fast-moving consumer goods. 

While for many companies improving the sustainability of your products is a lengthy and often expensive process, it is possible to demonstrate your environmental commitment by adopting green practices in other aspects of your business that are easier to control.

The new delivery service are launching a new green cargo bike delivery network in central London. The network uses e-assisted pedal bikes for the last mile delivery of orders from our London fulfilment centre to customers located in zones 1&2 (select postcodes).

This is a unique opportunity for e-commerce businesses to trial offering an environmentally friendly delivery option to their customers without any long term commitments or complicated setup. To be one of the first e-commerce businesses to try our new green delivery pilot click here. We think your customers will love it!

What’s the environmental benefit

Our green delivery network allows businesses to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint on the logistics side, but it's not just about carbon, using the emission-free last-mile service in cities such as London helps to support clean air initiatives and improve air quality in metropolitan areas.

Why cargo bikes?

We chose to use cargo bikes for the network as even factoring in rider food, electric vans produce almost 3x the amount of Co2 emissions over their lifetime. Manufacturing cargo bikes produces up to 94% less CO2 than an electric van. Additionally, bikes can complete jobs up to 50% faster than small vans during peak times. 

How it works

The service will initially be available from June for select postcodes in London zone 1 & 2, with plans to expand the network to other cities throughout the UK.

eCommerce sellers can try the service as a standalone option or as part of our entire fulfilment network by splitting stock between our warehouses.

The service is easy to set up and has no long term commitments, simply integrate the service with your Shopify account for free (or submit orders by CSV), and send some stock to the central London warehouse. If you already have stock in central London the riders can pick up products directly from you before delivering them.

Once you are set up your customers will see an option to choose green delivery at checkout. All the orders are fully tracked and next day delivery.

Want to be one of the first e-commerce businesses to try our new green delivery pilot?