Warehouse and fulfilment services in the UK

December 6, 2023
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Warehouse and Fulfilment Services

The e-commerce landscape is very dynamic but unpredictable too. While some brands today may be downsizing due to the recession, others are witnessing significant growth owing to their impeccable service and product quality. ‘Why?’ you may ask. ‘What are they doing differently?’ While many factors may contribute to this disparity, we believe that consumer brands and online companies that match the latter description are affiliated with a cohesive and reliable warehouse and fulfilment centre. 


Are you a small or medium e-commerce brand seeking to create an impact in Europe and worldwide? Are you a growing online consumer brand needing quality 3PL services in the UK? Maybe you’re a UK drinks company that’s tired of the nightmare of incompetent fulfilment companies. At, we have the solution to your fulfilment dilemma, as there’s no better fulfilment service provider equipped to actualise all your professional dreams. 

At, we understand the emotional rollercoaster of running a successful business, especially in this economic and digital climate. We also understand that as a small or medium-sized business owner, you assume every job role and constantly overwhelm yourself. Therefore, having one less thing to worry about would be a dream come true. So, what better thing to take off your plate than order fulfilment, especially when there’s a competent provider within your proximity? 

What is a fulfilment centre?

A fulfilment centre or a warehouse and fulfilment service is a two-parter that encompasses several activities. Warehousing typically involves inventory storage, while fulfilment involves the other intricacies of fulfilling an order. Thus, a fulfilment service includes collecting, packing, and shipping merchandise from e-commerce brands to their respective customers. It also involves managing the delivery logistics of that order. 

Some traditional third-party logistics (3PL) providers offer either class of services, while others offer both. However, those that offer an integration of warehouse and fulfilment services in the UK are often selected over others. Who we are

Since the 2020 pandemic and the movement restrictions that forced citizens worldwide to remain confined to their homes, people have been shopping more online. Thus, online sales have skyrocketed. This shift in shopping patterns opened a gap in the market for online businesses, which require the services of credible and reliable order fulfilment centres. 

Due to this e-commerce surge, an equivalent saturation of available warehouse and fulfilment service providers currently exists. Thus, deciding which fulfilment logistics company to employ can be hard, especially as you’ll be deciding which provider can accommodate your budget, workload, ambition and specific requirements. However, at, our warehouse and fulfilment services are second to none. 

At Bezos.AI, we believe that warehouse and order fulfilment services represent the spine of every e-commerce business, whether private, public, corporate or white label. We believe that a sublime 3PL provider that offers quality service is a competitive advantage that all successful e-commerce brands need. Thus, for businesses in the e-commerce niche to scale up and expand regardless of the economy, they will need a fulfilment centre that’s dependable, efficient and resource-driven. They will need 

We are a full-service European warehouse and fulfilment service provider that caters to the logistics needs of e-commerce brands and online businesses within and outside the United Kingdom. We also cater to businesses seeking to expand into the UK and Europe markets from Australia, New Zealand, the US and Canada, as we’re a Tier-1 provider in these locations. is not an average 3PL provider. We are tech-advanced and deploy artificial intelligence techniques to fulfil and manage the logistics of orders effectively. We offer full transparency and visibility into the intricacies of an order’s fulfilment at every cycle stage, and we do all this at a fraction of our competitors’ prices. 

What we offer

Our warehouse and fulfilment offerings are cohesive, integrated and personalised to meet your company’s specific needs. We don’t employ a cookie-cutter approach, as we prefer all our clients to feel seen, heard and accommodated. Our warehouse and fulfilment offering includes everything from order collection to consumer delivery as we fulfil large B2B and B2C orders from diverse locations worldwide. 

Here’s what’s warehouse and fulfilment services entail;

Inventory reception: As an e-commerce company, online vendor or retailer, once a local or international consumer or corporation places an order for your product, it would need to be collected by a 3PL company like ours for its fulfilment to be initiated. Bezos simplifies this process for our B2B and B2C clients by providing opportunities to easily send their inventories to any of our 63 fulfilment centres within their proximity. 

These e-commerce businesses and retailers can also eliminate the middleman by shipping them directly from their suppliers to us. For added visibility, these companies can access information about their inventories in real time via the Bezos Seller Portal. This information includes the number and type of stock they have in our location-specific warehouses and fulfilment centres. 

Order storage: Once we receive your inventory, it will be counted, disinfected, inspected, organised, filed and securely stored with a reference number in our fulfilment centre. Depending on the delivery priority, these orders could be scheduled for short or longer-term storage. 

Order processing: Bezos’ order processing begins once the inventory is in our custody. Our AI-driven order management software offers transparency into all order fulfilment processes. We integrate Seller’s Portal with our clients’ sales channels, giving them full visibility of their order’s processing. 

Order picking: Our order picking stage is straightforward. Our integrated software gives us information on the orders due for dispatch. With this info, we use our automated machinery to initiate their careful retrieval from storage. 

Order packing: Bezos’ warehouse and fulfilment services include order packing and packaging. Although the order comes packed from the supplier or retail company, we repackage them for a better unboxing experience and safety during dispatch. 

Shipping: Once every box has been checked, our client’s inventory is shipped from our fulfilment centre to the receiving customer via our carriers and transportation channels. The entire shipping process is seamless as Bezos ships globally and is ideal for companies trying to expand. 

Tracking: Bezos is an innovative fulfilment company that prioritises transparency so much that it offers clients a portal to track their order fulfilment end-to-end. Through this seller portal, which clients can access once they create their Bezos account, online businesses, retailers, and B2B and B2C companies can receive real-time updates about their orders at all fulfilment stages. 

The Bezos seller portal is integrated with diverse sales channels like Amazon, Shopify, eBay, etc. Thus e-commerce companies that utilise these sales channels can view their orders as they come in through Bezos’ seller portal.

However, all information, including a tracking number and delivery status, will be synced back on the sales channels for consumers to view. Thus, Bezos offers e-commerce businesses a cohesive and integrated platform through which they can fulfil and manage customer orders. 


Dispatch/Delivery: Bezos will dispatch and deliver the order to the customer through the local carriers. This change will reflect in the seller portal, which is easily navigable with an interactive design and a great user experience. 

Order Returns: Bezos’ warehouse and fulfilment services also involve order returns. When a consumer ships an item for an exchange or refund, it will be reflected on the Bezos seller portal. In this case, information on the returned product, including the product type, return number, order number, quantity, consumer location and, of course, the return reason, will be reflected on the portal. 

Do you need us?

There are various types of order fulfilment models, and the type you need depends on your business and its operations. 

Some startups just getting their feet wet in e-commerce may prefer to fulfil all orders themselves. So, they may choose an in-house fulfilment model. This is great as they can save a lot in overhead costs. However, they may likely spend too much valuable time fulfilling these orders on their own. 

Now, these startups can choose the dropshipping model route and save money by eliminating the intermediary. However, they may lose control of their order fulfilment and inventory management and be at the mercy of the dropshipper. This route also takes more time as shipments might be delayed. 

E-commerce companies, especially those seeking to expand into new terrains and countries, would greatly benefit from the third-party logistics (3PL) model. This model entails outsourcing all their daily, monthly and yearly order fulfilment operations to a 3PL company like Bezos. This saves them so much money in the long run and gives them peace of mind, knowing their international orders are in capable hands, especially as they’ll be able to view the fulfilment of their orders with our first-class technology. 

Hence, if you’re a retail brand seeking an automated 3PL service to facilitate your brand’s expansion, Bezos is your one-stop shop. We cater to brands in diverse niches, from food and drink to lifestyle, wellness and fashion, helping them scale and grow organically and sustainably. So, what are you waiting for? Get your free Bezos quote and start saving now!

How to get started

Getting started on Bezos is so smooth and easy that it’s narrowed down to four easy steps:

Get Started with Bezos Fulfilment Network in the UK, Europe and USA

Step 1: Create your account

To access the best warehouse and fulfilment services we offer, all e-Commerce clients need to create an account with us. You’ll need to fill in some information on a simple template. Some of the required information includes the product’s information and, of course, images. 

Step 2: Ship your inventory

Once your account is up, you can ship your inventory to any of our 63 fulfilment centres in 17 countries, preferably one closest to the recipient’s address. You can also ship your inventory directly from your supplier to us. 

Step 3: Integrate your sales channel

To make the job easier for you and to reduce the overhead costs of shipping, you can integrate your Shopify, Amazon, eBay or WooCommerce accounts with your Bezos seller portal. This way, once an order is placed on your channel, it reflects on ours, and we can get to its fulfilment pronto. Bezos supports integrations from 57 sales channels and marketplaces. We cater to each thoroughly and independently. 

Step 4: Go live!

Once we receive your stock, we can initiate its fulfilment. Thus, you can cross off order fulfilment from your checklist as our automated systems, AI-driven software and skilled employees will handle the rest. 

N/B: Online businesses can get up and running on Bezos in as little as 72 hours after creating their accounts. 

Our competitive edge ranks well above its peers in the 3PL niche. Our competitive advantage is transferable to the e-commerce businesses we serve, and it includes the following:

  • Time Efficiency order fulfilment solutions help online vendors manage their time more efficiently, slicing time spent on e-commerce logistics by over 90%. We’re so fast and responsive that clients only need to spend six hours a month dealing with customer enquiries and managing their fulfilment logistics. 

  • Cost Efficiency

Take it from one of our many e-commerce clients, BikeFinder, who saved over 80% of costs by fulfilling their orders with our UK fulfilment services. will not only help you expand your reach to other shores, but we’ll save you a ton. We’re a cost-effective, fulfilment-as-a-service provider that’s data-driven and automated. We won’t charge you a 15% commission like other fulfilment companies. We’re committed to offering world-class fulfilment services at a fraction of the price. Get your free quote now!

  • Advanced Technology

Bezos isn’t just an AI-enabled UK fulfilment centre; we’re equipped with sophisticated technologies that we constantly update to match the fast-paced e-commerce industry. With these advanced AI technologies, we identify and resolve vulnerabilities within the shipping channels before they manifest as problems to you or the consumer. 

  • Customer Support

Bezos offers impeccable customer support. Once you register as an e-commerce business with Bezos, you will be assigned a personal account manager to handle all your account details. You can wire all complaints and enquiries to your manager 24/7 and expect a resolution in as little as two hours. 

  • Full Transparency

As previously mentioned, equips clients with a real-time personalised inventory dashboard. Here they will receive updates concerning their orders, fulfilment status, stock levels, delivery status and order returns. It’s like having a tracker on your inventory and never losing sight of it until it reaches the final consumer. 

Speaking of transparency, has no hidden fees or integration costs. Clients only pay for their monthly subscriptions and can cancel anytime – there are not obligated to subscribe to long-term contracts. 

  • Business Expansion
Bezos Fulfilment Network Locations

Not many warehouse and fulfilment centres offer their clients business expansion opportunities, but here we are. allows you to break barriers and claim new territories with your e-commerce business by utilising our fulfilment services in 17 countries worldwide. By partnering with us, our swift order fulfilment can reflect positively on your company’s customer service and increase your sales and ratings worldwide. 

  • 10+ Delivery Options

Almost half of online shoppers neglect their carts due to unfavourable delivery options. With our diverse delivery options, customers can receive their orders via their preferred service. Thus, partnering with us is the smart business decision for a massive turnover. These delivery options include but are not limited to:

  • Next day delivery 
  • Green delivery (Carbon neutral shipping)
  • Same day delivery
  • Standard delivery
  • Free next-day delivery, etc.


Fulfilment services can either make or break your online business, and it’s always best to go with a professional and experienced 3PL provider. However, few such providers can help your business scale and expand into other countries as efficiently as 

We are a highly-rated fulfilment solutions provider with fully-integrated services and AI technologies. Our services offer stellar features like sales channel and API integrations, automated exception notifications and much more.

With Bezos, you can save almost 80% of your fulfilment costs, grow your online business and increase your sales in a single subscription. Give your customers access to fast, flexible and reliable deliveries with Get your free quote now! 


How much do fulfilment centres charge in the UK?

The prices differ depending on the logistics provider. However, it can cost 10p to receive an item and anywhere from 5p to £11 to store the item, depending on its size and weight. 

How does warehousing differ from fulfilment?

Warehousing involves storing the inventory, while fulfilment entails getting the order to its final destination. 

What’s the best warehouse and fulfilment centre in Europe?

With Bezos’s advanced features and service offerings, it’s undoubtedly Europe’s best warehouse and fulfilment company. Others cannot compete where they don’t compare.

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