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The Green Delivery Experience - Receiving Kib's Teas by Cargo-bike

September 14, 2021
Ed Miles
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The planet-positive herbal tea brand ‘Kib’ have a mission to satisfy the world with delicious teas in a sustainable and environmentally focused way. Staying true to this mission they are now offering green next-day delivery through Not only does a green delivery option support their commitment to the planet but also enables them to keep up with consumers' growing environmental consciousness that is seen reflected in their shopping habits. 88% of consumers claim they will be more loyal to a company that supports social or environmental issues, and 72% of consumers are willing to pay a premium for brands that are sustainable or environmentally responsible.

The Bezos green delivery service provides next day delivery by cargo-bike to customers within central London. Customers who choose green delivery at checkout will reduce the CO2 emissions of delivery by as much as 94% compared to an electric van and get their order faster! Additionally, the program is helping to combat problems with air pollution and traffic congestion in central London.

Kib’s planet-positive and flavour-forward herbal teas have a strong focus on circularity from how their herbs are grown all the way to their packaging. For the latter, the materials they use are renewable so that they can keep circulating instead of going to landfill. Adding a sustainable delivery option to their website was the next step in helping to complete Kib’s planet-positive circle.

The purchase experience

Choosing ‘Green Delivery’ is a seamless checkout experience with the service directly integrated into their Shopify stores checkout. After selecting your products and filling in your shipping address, customers based in central London will be able to choose the next-day environmentally friendly shipping method.

After completing your purchase you will receive an order confirmation email from Kib followed by an email from confirming the delivery and providing a tracking number. 

Receiving a delivery

While you wait the team at the warehouse will be carefully preparing your order.

Once your order is on route you will receive a confirmation text with an eta and an email from Kib tea - the delivery will then be with you as little as 15 minutes later!

The tracking link will show you when your order is dispatched and you can track the delivery bike in real-time all the way to your door, this way unlike a standard delivery you know exactly when it will arrive.


The Kib teas come packaged in an FSC cardboard box with recyclable paper filler to keep your order safe during transit while staying true to the eco-friendly experience.

The only thing left to do is sit back and enjoy your cup of sustainable tea with the satisfaction of knowing that despite receiving it with next day delivery there was up to 94% less CO2 emissions released even compared to an electric van. Not to mention the other pollutants and congestion issues caused by delivery vans. 

The green delivery program launched in central London and plans to expand the offering to other major cities throughout the UK helping to reduce air and noise pollution as well as congestion in these metropolitan areas.

Could your customers be interested in green delivery? Get in touch to see how could help your business fulfil your products sustainably!

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