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UK Pricing for Shopify - Bezos

December 6, 2023
18 min read

Shopify UK Pricing

Starting an online business is quite tasking. There’s so much to consider, from the platform you will host your store on to the fulfilment provider you will use. Making all these decisions can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t have all the facts. 

Shopify is an international eCommerce platform with over 1.75 million merchants. With its breadth of features, comprehensive offering and extensive reach, it’s expected that you consider Shopify for your eCommerce business. However, while Shopify is one of the more successful platforms, its subscription plans and pricing cannot be ignored. 

The pricing of any eCommerce platform can be a dealbreaker for many merchants, and with Shopify, it’s no different. Shopify might have set the standard by catering to the needs of eCommerce stores of various sizes. Still, if its pricing is unfavourable for your business, it’s not worth considering. 

Luckily, we’re here to divulge everything concerning Shopify’s UK pricing so you can make an informed decision. But first, let’s highlight some of the pros and cons of using Shopify as a whole.

Pros and Cons of Using Shopify

Shopify has been termed the king of eCommerce because of its broad selection of quality sales features, including everything from customer segmentation to marketing automation, eCommerce automation and many more. This platform offers fraud analyses, currency conversions, international market management and other features. 

Despite these robust offerings, there are still downsides to using Shopify, and if you’re considering it as your eCommerce platform, you should be aware of them. Here are the Shopify pros and cons you need to know. 


  • It has amazing multi-channel integrations, allowing sellers and merchants to sell their products from multiple platforms, including social media.
  • Shopify has incredible sales features that cater to all levels of businesses and their capacities.
  • It provides exceptional support for merchants in challenging areas like analytics, reports, accounting, inventory, etc.
  • Its drag-and-drop design templates allow anyone to design their website or customise it as little or as much as they want.
  • It offers numerous currency exchanges for sellers in countries outside the US, whether it’s to bill or pay for items. 


  • Although it offers a free trial, it is not the best for starters. 
  • Sellers encounter transaction fees and extra charges when they use a third-party payment gateway.
  • The trial period is limited. 
  • It has restrictive design flexibility.

Despite these cons, Shopify is a fully optimised and easily scalable eCommerce website for all store types. Now, we can move on to Shopify plans and pricing. 

Shopify Plans

To understand Shopify’s UK pricing, we must first explore its subscription plans. This way, you’ll know the features you’re paying for. 

1. Shopify Starter

At £5 per month, the Shopify Starter plan is the platform’s cheapest subscription. This plan allows sellers to create their online store in minutes and share it on their social media pages. The Starter plan comes with a shareable product link and the ability to share instant messages via email or on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. 

While it is a great selling point for small business owners, you need an active social media account to enjoy all the benefits. Apart from the £5 monthly subscription fee, Shopify Starter merchants are charged a 5% transaction fee when they use Shopify Payments to receive payments from third-party payment providers like PayPal. Credit rates of 5% + 25p still apply for payments made with credit cards. 

Here are the pros and cons of Shopify’s Starter plan at a glance:


  • £5 monthly subscription fee. 
  • Skips the lengthy description and lists products directly for sale on your channel.
  • It’s a great way to test a sales idea. 
  • Links your landing page directly to your social media page.
  • Affordable access to unlimited products listing.
  • Allows users to create a landing page in minutes using Linkpop.
  • Easy-to-use order management dashboard.
  • Provides real-time performance analytics of your business.
  • Excellent customer support. 


  • It is unsuitable for expensive items, jewellery or medical supplies.
  • Transaction fees of 5% for all third-party payment providers and 5% + 25p for online credit card rates.

2. Shopify Basic

At £25 a month (billed monthly) or £19 per month (billed annually), Shopify Basic is the platform’s most popular plan, and it’s perfect for businesses that exceed the capacity of social media sales. 

With this plan, sellers can create their eCommerce websites with the simple-to-use drag-and-drop builder and customise their page to suit their products or target audience. Shopify Basic gives businesses everything they need to create stores, ship products and receive payments. It is best for small-scale sellers, startups and clothing stores looking to add professionalism to their online business.



  • Track and manage your product order and customer information from the Shopify admin page.
  • You can get your first three months at £1 a month. 
  • Allows you to post products, sell, manage order fulfilment and take payment from a user-friendly dashboard.
  • Two staff accounts and access to 1,000 inventory locations, 
  • Ability to print your shipping labels and monitor packages out for delivery. 
  • Ability to expand into international markets to boost growth and revenue. 



  • No eCommerce automations.
  • Credit card rates of 2% + 25p for online transactions and 1.7% for in-person purchases. 
  • Better for businesses with low monthly sales volume. 
  • 2% transaction fees via third-party payment providers. 
  • Online international card rates: 3.1% + 25p. 

3. Shopify

Shopify’s mid-tiered plan costs merchants £65 a month or £49 per month (billed annually) to operate and maintain. The Shopify plan has way more reporting tools than the Basic plan, as it offers granular details on sales trends, customer behaviours and tax. 

With this plan, sellers can create country-specific domains to optimise international SEO. Hence, it’s the ideal plan for businesses that seek international clientele. The credit card rates and transaction fees are also lower on this plan. 


  • Ability to sell across different platforms with social media channel integrations.
  • Cohesive professional reports and unlimited storage.
  • Comes with hosting and an SSL certificate.
  • Unique workflow and automation features that tackle all the hard work.
  • Best Shopify plan for a small team of at least five.
  • Lower credit card rates of 1.7% + 25p for online, 1.6% for in-person. 
  • Lower transaction fees of 1%. 


  • There are no taxes or duty features, so merchants can’t see how much they incur. 

4. Advanced Shopify

The Advanced Shopify plan costs £344 or £259 a month (billed annually) to access, operate and maintain. This plan is best for large stores with huge clientele and an international presence as it grants merchants 15 staff accounts, features advanced reporting tools and even lower credit card rates and transaction fees. It also features a custom report builder for merchants to create reports from scratch. 

One major pro the Advanced plan offers is that it includes third-party calculated shipping rates. Hence, with this plan, you can integrate your Shopify store with a third-party fulfilment service like and access our current fulfilment and shipping rates. With advanced analytics and international reports, you can track your products and revenue with the Advanced Shopify plan. 



  • Lowest transaction fees at 0.5%.
  • Lowest credit card rates at 1.5% + 25p for online purchases and 1.5% for in-person purchases. 
  • Merchants get a 25% discount if they pay yearly. 
  • Ability to define your product pricing for a group or specific item according to the market/country.
  • Most advanced customisable report building.


  • An expensive plan.
  • Not suitable for startups or beginners.

5. Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is the perfect plan for eCommerce businesses with millions in yearly revenue. At £2,000 a month, Shopify Plus is the comprehensive solution for high-volume businesses. This plan allows merchants to run stores on multiple domains, and it is full of fascinating features to help you manage your workflow anywhere in the world. There are over 28,000 Shopify Plus domains and about 19,000 merchants using Shopify Plus. Hence, some could say this plan is for the top 1%. 

General Overview of Shopify UK Pricing

Here are all five Shopify UK plans at a glance:

Shopify planUK price (£)Best forTransaction feesCredit card feesBest features
Shopify Starter£5 per monthSocial media vendors5% with Shopify PaymentsNo credit card requiredAccess to URL, product management and product pages 
Basic£25 per month or £19/month billed annually Startups and small online stores2% 2% + 25p (online)
1.7% (in person)
2 staff accounts and unlimited products
Shopify£65/month or £49/month (billed annually)Growing eCommerce businesses 1%1.7% + 25p (online)
1.6% (in person)
5 staff accounts, more reporting tools, country-specific domains
Advanced £344/month or £259/month (billed annually)International sellers0.5%1.5% + 25p (online)
1.5% (in person)
15 staff accounts, 3PL shipping rates, advanced reporting and import tax calculations 
Shopify Plus$2,000/month High-volume businesses0.15%N/AMerchants can run stores on multiple domains, swift checkouts 

Shopify Billing Cycles 

Shopify billing cycles are month to month or annually. If you opt for the annual billing cycle, you get discounts on tariffs and payments. 

Shopify has no set-up fees, and users can cancel their subscriptions anytime without a refund. Additionally, you can upgrade or downgrade to any Shopify plan but cannot go down to the Shopify Starter plan.

Below are the billing cycles for the premium Shopify plans:


 Basic Shopify

  • Monthly: £25 per month.
  • Per annum: £19 per month, paid in advance.
  • If you pay every two years, the fee is £17 per month, paid in advance.
  • If you pay every three years, the fee is £15 per month, paid in advance.



  • Monthly: £65 per month.
  • Per annum: £49 per month, paid in advance.
  • If you pay every two years, the fee is £46 per month, paid in advance.
  • If you pay every three years, the fee is £41 per month, paid in advance.


Shopify Advanced

  • Monthly: £344 per month.
  • Per annum: £259 per month, paid in advance.
  • If you pay every two years, the fee is £176 per month, paid in advance.
  • If you pay every three years, the fee is £154 per month, paid in advance.


Choosing a longer billing cycle reduces your monthly cost and helps you save more over time. We, however, recommend that you think thoroughly before choosing a plan.

Hosting and domains 

Domains and web hosting are other things you pay for on Shopify. Each Shopify plan except the Starter package comes with web hosting, but you need a domain before you can host. Purchasing a domain name is compulsory for merchants on any plan. Merchants can buy one via the Shopify website with many benefits or use a third-party service provider. Remember that everything you need to manage and host your domain is included in the chosen plan.


Fulfilment for Shopify Stores -

With over two million daily active users, Shopify is a gold mine for eCommerce businesses, especially because of its global reach. With this reach, there is fierce competition. This is why having a successful Shopify store requires more than a great product. You need an amazing fulfilment provider, and you’ve come to the right place. 

A sublime fulfilment provider like will help you access and maintain an international client base while strengthening consumer loyalty in different countries. Luckily, Shopify permits merchants to partner with 3PLs like us, and you can do this on your Shopify accounts tab. has a lot of Shopify-centred services that’ll help your eCommerce business scale. These services include: 

  • Inventory reception
  • Inventory processing
  • Order shipping
  • Order tracking
  • Returns solutions.

With advanced AI integrations, 63 fulfilment centres in 17 countries, a dedicated courier service and responsive account managers, is the Shopify fulfilment company you need. Our services also apply to other eCommerce platforms like Amazon, WooCommerce and 55 others. 

Here’s how you get started with us:

Shopify order fulfilment with Bezos

Step 1: Register

To access the best of our Shopify fulfilment services, sellers must register and create an account with us. Sellers should also activate Bezos as their preferred fulfilment provider via the Shopify admin tab. They can do this by:

  • Going to settings and selecting ‘shipping and delivery’.
  • Selecting ‘add fulfilment service’ in the ‘custom order fulfilment’ section. 
  • Typing and our email address in the form that appears.

Once activated, you can create your account with us by filling in some basic information on a simple template, and you’ll be good to go. 

Step 2: Send your inventory

Once your account is up, you can send or ship your Shopify inventory to any of our 63 fulfilment centres in 17 countries. Since this is Shopify UK, any of our UK fulfilment centres, preferably one closest to your recipient’s address, will work. You can also ship your inventory directly from your supplier to us. 

Step 3: Integrate your sales channel

To make the job easier for you and to reduce the overhead costs of shipping, you can integrate your Shopify accounts with your Bezos Seller Portal. This way, once an order is placed on your Shopify account, it reflects on our platform, and we can get to its fulfilment ASAP. 

Step 4: Go live!

Once we receive your stock, we can initiate its fulfilment pronto. It can take as little as 72 hours for new accounts to be up and running. 


Is there a free plan on Shopify?

Shopify offers no free plan, but there’s a 14-day free trial for first-timers to learn the ropes. Although different from the competitors, Shopify will not charge any money or ask for your payment details until the trial period elapses. During the trial period, users can test the features relating to their storefront.  

What is the best Shopify UK pricing plan for you?

It depends on a lot of factors. Shopify has ample resources on its website to educate users. However, determining the size of your products, goals, needs and current monthly revenue will help you select the best Shopify UK plan. If you cannot decide, we recommend starting with the Shopify Starter plan before upgrading to the Shopify Basic plan.

Is Shopify available in the UK?

The revered eCommerce platform is available in the UK and Europe. However, currency conversions apply.

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