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December 6, 2023
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Shopify UK Dropshipping

Shopify dropshipping is a business model that allows you to start an eCommerce business with low risk. The way eCommerce businesses were previously run required the seller to buy and keep stock of the products they sell. But over the years, eCommerce has progressed to a point where this is no longer necessary.


With a functional website or online store, access to a manufacturer or supplier, and customers willing to buy from you, you can run a successful eCommerce business without physical storage or a warehouse. And with your Shopify store, you can easily practise this model too and reap its many benefits. Whether you’re new to selling online or you’ve been in business for a while, this is a model you can take advantage of.


What Is Shopify Dropshipping?

Shopify dropshipping is a business model that makes it possible for you to sell physical products without needing physical stock of these goods.


This is how it works.

You find a trusted supplier of a product you’re interested in selling, then list it on your Shopify store. When customers see it and place an order, you order for that item from the supplier. Then delivery will be made straight from the supplier or manufacturer to the buyer. You’re only just the middleman in this case, with no hold of these products.

It is a great business model because it saves you time and costs on storing and shipping products. This way, you can focus on other important things like growing your store, attracting more customers and maintaining good customer service.

For a Shopify dropshipping business to work, you’d need three key elements:

  • A well-built Shopify store
  • A reliable manufacturer/supplier
  • A reliable fulfilment provider.

Assuming you have the first two things checked off, finding a reliable fulfilment provider for your Shopify dropshipping business isn’t difficult, if you know where to look. 

As a dropshipper, you’re basically a middleman, so you need everything done for you. You’d need a full-service fulfilment provider to pick up the order from the supplier, process the inventory, store it in the warehouse, pack it up for dispatch, dispatch it and possibly handle returns too. You also need to be in control of all these operations. 

So, what fulfilment company can give you access to these services but with full remote control and total visibility? Only one comes to mind,

Shopify UK Dropshipping with 

While the benefits of dropshipping abound, there’s also a major problem of ensuring safe and timely deliveries of goods to customers.


Because you’re not in charge of packaging and shipping your orders, you’re likely to encounter issues with the way suppliers may handle them, wrong orders and even the time they get delivered. This makes it difficult to make promises and guarantees to your customers, especially those who require urgent deliveries.

This is the reason many businesses are still adverse to dropshipping because a customer’s negative experience with delivery can affect the integrity and reputation of your brand. But it doesn’t have to be so when you have a reliable and trustworthy Shopify dropshipping partner whose responsibility is your business’ success. is a full-service fulfilment solution that covers all your logistical needs. Aside from our 63 fulfilment centres in 17 countries that help businesses process their orders, we also provide technologically-backed and efficient dropshipping services. This means we not only handle the fulfilment of your Shopify orders, but we also give you full visibility and real-time tracking data so you can monitor delivery progress.’s Shopify UK Dropshipping Offerings

While choosing a dropshipping option for your store, you should have expectations regarding potential providers. At Bezos, we act as your representatives, efficiently handling the logistics part of your business so you can stay focused on the other parts.

We provide several important benefits and services that make us the best Shopify dropshipping fulfilment provider in the UK. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. Order tracking

Our AI-enabled solutions give customers insight and data that help them better manage and track all orders processed. Once integrated with us, several features on your Bezos dashboard make dropshipping a smoother and more relaxed experience for you and your customers.

You can view things like transit errors, completed orders and returned orders while tracking the fulfilment status. At the start of each order’s fulfilment, you’re provided with a tracking number and SKU so you can monitor its progress and relay this to your customers. Bezos works with you from the start to the completion of an order, and we provide transparency too.

2. Cost efficiency

One of the major reasons we stand out is because of our competitive prices that specifically target small and medium e-commerce businesses. Access to efficient dropshipping fulfilment is typically above what these types of businesses can afford, so our goal is to change that. To get started, you can speak to our experts and get a quote.

3. Customer service


At Bezos, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. We are highly rated in the UK and EU for exceptional service delivery. We also currently have an average ticket response time of two hours. But the best part is that every dropshipper gets a dedicated account manager that will onboard you and offer timely assistance with every need you may have with us.


4. Customisable services 

Sometimes you may get custom orders that request packages of several items as well as add-ons like a gift note. Because of how busy suppliers are and the large number of orders they deal with, this isn’t a service you can expect from a large majority of them. However, with Bezos, you can request this as a part of your order’s fulfilment. Ideally, we strive to make each consumer’s unboxing experience social media worthy. This way, your business gets more online visibility and consumer loyalty. Request a free quote to get this service. 

5. Global shipping 

With Bezos as your dropshipping fulfilment provider, international deliveries and expansion are a possibility for you because, regardless of where your customers are, we can ship to them. With 63 fulfilment centres in 17 countries and partnerships with reputable carriers, global domination for your Shopify dropshipping business is in view. You don’t even need to find a supplier closest to the customer; we can deliver to the most remote areas.

6. Multiple delivery options

Statistics show that half of online shoppers abandon their carts because of unsatisfactory delivery options. That’s why we’ve made it possible for Shopify dropshippers in the UK to give their customers a choice in when and how they want their orders delivered. With next-day delivery, same-day delivery, green delivery (carbon-neutral delivery) and several other delivery options, your customers will get their orders in their preferred time and manner. 

How to Setup Bezos for Shopify Dropshipping

Once you’re ready to get started with Bezos as your Shopify dropshipping fulfilment provider, these are the steps to take:


Step 1: Create a Bezos account

This is as simple as requesting an account via the website. You’ll be asked to input some standard details like company name and order volume. It’s all part of the procedure. 

Step 2: Make Bezos your fulfilment provider

To access our unmatchable offerings, you’ll need to activate Bezos as your Shopify dropshipping fulfilment provider. You can do this via the following steps: 

  • On your Shopify admin dashboard, open the menu option and go to settings.
  • Under settings, choose the “shipping and delivery” option.
  • Next, go to “custom order fulfilment” and select ‘add a fulfilment service provider’.
  • Enter our name – – and also our email address. Then save.


Now you have Bezos as your recognised shipping provider. You’ll have access to the Bezos Seller Portal, where you can track your inventory at all fulfilment stages. 

Step 3: Ship your inventory

Once your Bezos Seller account is up, which can take about 72 hours, you can ship your inventory to any of our 63 fulfilment centres. You can also ship directly from your supplier to eliminate the middleman. 

Step 4: Go live

Now that you’re all set up, all that’s left to do is to start receiving orders while you enjoy a seamless experience and partnership with Bezos as your Shopify dropshipping provider.

Why You Should Dropship on Shopify

While Shopify controls 32% of the eCommerce platform market, a growing number of its merchants (7.77%, according to Statista) use this dropshipping model. Shopify also provides its sellers with several dropshipping apps available for download and use on the platform.

Support isn’t the only benefit you enjoy from dropshipping on Shopify. There’s also the fact that this model makes it easy for you to start a business with low capital investment. Once you create a Shopify account and set up your store, all that’s left to do is input the products you want to dropship on Shopify. Then start getting orders.

This gives you room to test out various products if you aren’t sure of what exactly to sell. It also saves you the cost of purchasing inventory and managing storage, that’s typically a part of selling products. When you dropship on Shopify, you have no need for stock purchasing because your supply of goods here equals the demand from customers. This way you’re able to make more profits from your store.


Can I dropship on Shopify in the UK?

Certainly. All you need to do is create an account and set up your Shopify store. You’ll also need to find your niche and choose the best suppliers for your business to scale. 

Is dropshipping legal in the UK?

Yes, dropshipping is a legal business model in the UK. Yes, you’ll have to register said business as well. 

Do dropshippers pay taxes in the UK?

Ideally, all registered businesses are supposed to pay taxes. This includes registered online businesses and dropshippers too. So yes, UK dropshipping businesses are required to pay taxes.

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