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December 6, 2023

Shopify Deliveries in the UK

With the UK’s increasingly dynamic eCommerce landscape, a business is only as good as its delivery service. As a solopreneur, your ability to deliver products efficiently and reliably is the backbone of your success. 

The UK eCommerce market is exceedingly competitive, with a staggering $143 billion in sales in 2022 and future projections indicating continued growth. Shopify is one of the more popular outlets for these UK eCommerce sellers, with over 22,000 UK-registered Shopify stores. 

As more entrepreneurs embrace eCommerce, finding innovative solutions to optimise delivery processes has become imperative and somewhat difficult if you don’t know where to look. Efficient delivery logistics is not just a matter of convenience. It significantly impacts your customers' satisfaction and business growth. 

To prove this premise, in a 2023 Statista survey, 80% of UK consumers consider the speed of delivery to be a crucial factor in their online shopping experience. From this survey, 67% of consumers said they would abandon their shopping carts if the delivery options were unsatisfactory. 

So, not only do eCommerce businesses on Shopify need swift courier services, they need multiple delivery options too. Luckily,, a full-service fulfilment provider, ticks all these boxes. provides the comprehensive logistics solutions that UK Shopify sellers need. By leveraging advanced technology and harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, can offer an inclusive suite of tools and solutions tailored to UK Shopify sellers.

With, businesses gain access to a range of features designed to streamline the fulfilment processes for your Shopify store. Our integrated order management system allows sellers to track, manage and process orders efficiently, reducing manual effort and minimising errors. 

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Shopify UK Delivery with

At, we offer revolutionary fulfilment of Shopify orders in the UK. Here are a few of the perks you get with us:

1. Multi-channel integration

Shopify might be the industry’s giant, but eCommerce businesses sell on other platforms to maximise sales and expand their reach. At Bezos, we understand the need for Shopify UK sellers to unify their fulfilment process across multiple sales channels, hence our multi-channel integration. 

With Bezos, you can manage all orders from various sales channels through a single account. This eliminates the need to navigate multiple platforms and systems, and you can reduce errors and save valuable time. By simplifying multi-channel selling, revolutionises eCommerce fulfilment, enabling Shopify UK sellers to scale their businesses effortlessly and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

2. 10+ delivery options

The cart abandonment rate in e-commerce is more than 70%. About half of that is because consumers can not find the right delivery options. Providing as many delivery options as possible, reduces your cart abandonment rate and thus increases your sales. Your Shopify business needs a fulfilment provider with multiple delivery options. offers over ten delivery options ranging from same-day delivery to next-day delivery, green delivery (zero-emissions), standard, expedited and many more. This way, we’re equipped to deliver your Shopify orders in your customers’ preferred manner. 

3. Warehouses across the world

With 63 fulfilment centres and warehouses in 17 countries, UK Shopify businesses can fulfil internationally with Bezos. With this service, you can receive orders on your Shopify store from anywhere worldwide and trust us to handle the fulfilment process. 

These warehouses are strategically located in key regions, including the UK and EU, to ensure quick and cost-effective delivery for customers. By leveraging's international warehouses, you can expand your global presence, streamline cross-border shipping and enhance the overall customer experience.

4. Multiple product compatibility

One of the remarkable aspects of running a Shopify store is offering a wide range of products, from food and supplements to heavy, bulky furniture. At Bezos, we recognise the unique requirements of each product and specialise in providing customised fulfilment solutions for Shopify UK sellers.

At, we can handle every type of product. From consumer electronics that need to be stored away from sunlight to heavy and bulky to fragile products that require careful packaging, we manage every order with precision and attention to detail.

We don’t stop here. From incorporating personalised labels to inserting branding materials or marketing inserts, we can customise the order’s packaging to align with your brand identity and enhance the unboxing experience for customers. This level of customisation adds a professional touch and helps reinforce your brand presence while establishing a memorable impression.

5. Streamlines your business operations

We understand that administrative tasks can be time-consuming and distract you from scaling your business. With our top-tier technology, we automate your orders and handle all the necessary functions, freeing up your time and ensuring efficient operations. From order processing to inventory management and everything in between, covers it all, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

By leveraging advanced automation tools, we optimise the entire order fulfilment process, eliminating manual errors and streamlining workflows. This saves time and ensures that orders are processed accurately and efficiently, enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing potential bottlenecks.
Trust to streamline your business processes and free yourself up to focus on strategic growth. Get a free quote now!

Why Choose for Your Shopify Fulfilment?

By integrating into your Shopify stores, you can unlock the following benefits:

1. Enhanced customer experience rating

Integrating into your Shopify store can significantly improve your customer experience. Our services, like real-time delivery updates and tracking information, empower customers to stay informed about their orders, promoting transparency and satisfaction. We ensure efficient fulfilment processes, fast and accurate order processing, timely delivery, swift returns and reliable customer support. This seamless experience fosters consumer loyalty and boosts your brand reputation.

2. Improved operational efficiency

Our advanced technology and logistics expertise streamlines your fulfilment operations, improving overall efficiency. With automated order processing, inventory management and shipping logistics, we eliminate manual errors, reduce processing time and enhance order accuracy. This allows you to deliver orders more quickly and efficiently, enabling you to focus on other essential aspects of your business.

3. Reduced operational costs 

You can effectively reduce your operational costs for your UK Shopify business by leveraging Bezos' fulfilment services. Bezos is your operations team! Our competitive shipping rates, consolidated packaging and efficient order management help minimise shipping expenses. Our logistics and inventory management expertise also prevent overstocking and reduce inventory holding costs. These cost-saving measures contribute to improved profitability and sustainable growth for your Shopify store.

4. Scale your business

As a Shopify seller in the UK, scaling your business is crucial for long-term success. We provide the reach and potential you need to grow your eCommerce venture. With our robust infrastructure, extensive fulfilment network and streamlined processes, we can handle increasing order volumes and accommodate the expansion of your product offerings. This scalability empowers you to tap into new markets, reach a broader customer base and attain growth.

Partnering with for Your Shopify Delivery Needs presents a game-changing solution for Shopify UK sellers seeking to revolutionise their eCommerce fulfilment processes. With seamless integration, streamlined operations and efficient delivery, businesses can enhance their customer experience, improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and scale their operations. By entrusting their fulfilment needs to, Shopify sellers in the UK can focus on core business activities, confident that their orders are handled with the utmost care and professionalism. 

You can embrace's cutting-edge technology and logistics expertise to open doors to new possibilities and enable your business to thrive in the competitive eCommerce landscape and deliver exceptional customer value. With as your strategic partner, you can transform your Shopify UK delivery into a seamless and remarkable experience that sets you apart.


How do I add shipping to Shopify?

Adding a delivery service or fulfilment provider on Shopify is easy. All you need to do is go to your admin dashboard and add the preferred courier. For instance, adding a full-service fulfilment provider like would go like this: 

1. On your Shopify admin dashboard, open the menu option and go to settings.

2. Under settings, choose the “shipping and delivery” option.

3. Next, go to “custom order fulfilment” and select “add a fulfilment service provider”.

4. Enter our name – – and also our email address. Then save.

Does Shopify have a delivery service?

The eCommerce platform, Shopify, has an in-house delivery service called Shopify Shipping. 

How long does Shopify take to pay UK sellers?

It could take one to three working days for Shopify to release payments to their merchants for sold orders. However, this range is for merchants that use Shop Pay Installments.

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