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Shopify UK Costs: Pricing, Plans and Fees Explained

December 6, 2023
18 min read

Calculating Shopify UK Costs: Monthly Subs, Transaction Fees, Customisation & Integration

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Since it launched in 2006, Shopify has steadily raised the bar for eCommerce store services. The platform has pioneered several innovative solutions and improved pre-existing functionalities. Seventeen years on, and it's the name on everyone’s lips, with online businesses across the globe, the UK included, willing to pay a premium to enjoy the company's packages. But how far should you be ready to go? 

Our experts at Bezos answer you via this article on the total Shopify UK costs of running a store, covering transparent expenses like subscription plans and transaction fees and extended charges like app integration and customisation. We also suggest the best solutions for any obstacles you may face. For example, our logistics solutions ensure you'll always satisfy customers. But don't take our word for it; come along, and let's see!  

Why Should You Care about Shopify UK’s Cost Structure?

There are various reasons to evaluate the total costs of using Shopify in the UK. We'll start by highlighting a few:

Making Informed Financial Decisions

Understanding Shopify UK's cost structure and its competitors' charges helps you decide smartly on your budget and financial commitments. You can accurately plan expenditures by knowing the specific costs associated with each platform. 

Aligning with Business Goals and Strategies

By comprehending its cost structure, entrepreneurs can decide if Shopify aligns with their business goals. They can also determine if Shopify UK pricing plans, transaction fees and additional costs suit their brand in the long term. 

Comparing Platform Value and ROI

When you determine Shopify's costs, you'll understand the platform's value and how it compares to others. Similarly, knowing how much you put in will help you calculate your return on investment (ROI).

Budgeting and Cost Control

Entrepreneurs can allocate funds appropriately by having a clear breakdown of Shopify costs and ensuring sufficient resources for marketing, stock management, logistics and other critical online store aspects. Subsequently, you can create a budget you can stick with, allowing you to control costs.

Avoiding Surprises and Hidden Costs

Launching a Shopify UK store entails numerous costs beyond the basic subscription plans. Additional expenses, such as transaction fees, app integrations and customisation, can add up quickly. To avoid finding yourself in financial emergencies, knowing everything cost-relevant beforehand is necessary.

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Basic Shopify UK Costs: What Are They?

When venturing into eCommerce, comprehending the basic costs is vital. However, Shopify UK's basic costs are more than its subscription plans, with transaction fees and additional charges required, too. Here are the different costs and their significance:

Monthly Subscription Plans

Subscriptions are the amounts you pay to key into the Shopify service. The fee is paid monthly, and its exact cost depends on the plan you select. Let's explore these plans together to determine which suits your business aspirations best:

  • Starter

Would you only sell your products on social media or messaging platforms? Shopify Starter, priced at just £5 per month, is your ideal package. Beginners to Shopify UK will appreciate the plan because it demands minor expertise and is affordable. 

  • Basic Shopify

Costing only £25 every month, Basic Shopify is the go-to package for small-scale businesses entering the digital arena. With Basic, you can create an intuitive online store, list products endlessly and advertise across multiple channels. Are you worried about technicalities? This plan guarantees 24/7 customer support, so there's always a professional ready to help.

  • Shopify

Ready to upgrade your online store? The solution is the Shopify plan. This package has advanced features, such as professional reporting, five staff accounts and gift card designing. You can recover lost sales from abandoned carts and improve your relationship with customers via automated reminders. The Shopify plan costs £65 per month. 

  • Advanced Shopify

For businesses experiencing rapid growth and demanding advanced functionalities, Advanced Shopify — at £344 monthly— is the ultimate solution. The plan is designed to accommodate high-volume merchants with complex needs. It allows advanced report building, so you can dive deep into customer data and uncover valuable insights to fuel your Shopify UK store's strategies.

  • Shopify Plus

Starting at £2,000 every month, Shopify Plus may be less than ideal for the average store owner. But for enterprises pursuing endless scalability and customisation, no other plan comes close. The solution is enterprise-based, providing exclusive APIs, dedicated account management and sophisticated customisation options, among other features. Shopify Plus is unarguably the best fit for ambitious enterprises.

Transaction Fees

Shopify offers an in-house payment gateway called "Shopify Payments" that seamlessly accepts various payment methods. You can also integrate third-party payment solutions like PayPal and Klarna into your store.

If you take this alternative, Shopify collects transaction fees. This charge applies to every transaction done via a third-party merchant. What's more? They vary according to your subscription plan:

  • Basic: 2%
  • Standard: 1.0%
  • Advanced: 0.5%.

Evaluating the transaction fee structure is vital to optimising your profit margins and choosing the ideal payment channels for your brand.

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Additional Costs to Consider

To fully understand Shopify UK costs, it's essential to consider the additional expenses that can improve your store's functionality and aesthetics. Let's explore these costs and the value they bring to your eCommerce venture:

  • Domain Name

When setting up your Shopify UK online store, you can purchase a custom domain directly through the platform or connect an existing domain. Shopify offers domain registration services with pricing starting at £7 annually. Choose from different extensions, including .com,, .net and others, for a memorable and professional online presence.

  • App Integrations

Shopify's App Store is where you can find countless apps and integrations to upgrade your store's functionality. Explore various categories, from marketing automation and inventory management to customer support and order fulfilment. 

Many apps are free or affordable, so you can easily add features that fit your business needs. You can optimise your domain's SEO, connect with popular email marketing platforms, streamline social media engagement, and improve order delivery and tracking through app integrations.

  • Themes and Customisations

The Shopify Theme Store is home to thousands of eye-catching themes. Premium prices start around £100, but you can explore free themes too. 

Themes are the basis for your store's branding, so it's recommended you tailor your theme to show what your brand is truly about. Customisations involve colour schemes, fonts, layouts, headings and more. If these tweaks seem challenging, professional Shopify experts are only one request away.

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Extra Features and Add-ons

To enhance your store's user experience and performance, Shopify offers extra features for a cost. 

These add-ons include:

  • Shopify POS: Integrate your online and offline sales channels with a point-of-sale system for physical retail locations.
  • Shopify Email: Create and send professional marketing campaigns directly from Shopify Admin.
  • Gift Cards: Allow customers to buy and redeem digital or physical gift cards in your store, promoting customer loyalty and sales.
  • Shopify Capital: Explore funding options for your business, including merchant cash advances and loans, to support your growth and expansion plans.

Exploring Shopify UK Hidden Costs: Unveiling the Unseen Investments

Beyond the Shopify UK cost catalogue, we advise investing in specific strategies and solutions to upgrade your brand's status. Your business will be above most Shopify stores because only some delve into the industry secrets we'll unveil below. Come along!

Development and Design Expenses

Creating an aesthetic and user-driven Shopify UK store attracts and retains customers. However, doing so entails certain expenses you should factor into your budget:

  • Hiring a Shopify Expert: If you lack the technical expertise or time to design and set up your store, it's time to hire a Shopify expert. They optimise your store's design, functionality and user experience, ensuring a polished and professional online presence.
  • Custom Theme Development: You may engage a web designer for a bespoke design if you prefer a unique look for your brand. The outcome is a look that aligns perfectly with your brand identity and wins over shoppers.
  • Ongoing Maintenance: Regular updates, bug fixes and security measures are crucial to keep your store running smoothly. So whether you're outsourcing to a developer or handling the process yourself, this investment is ongoing and deserves budget consideration.

Marketing and Advertising Budget

To stand out in the competitive eCommerce landscape, allocating a budget for marketing and advertising is essential. Shopify offers various built-in and third-party tools to help you promote your store and drive targeted traffic:

  • SEO Optimisation: Optimising your store for search engines is crucial for attracting organic traffic. Investing in SEO strategies, such as keyword research, on-page optimisation and content marketing, enhances your store's visibility and organic rankings.
  • Paid Advertising: While organic traffic is invaluable, paid advertising significantly boosts your brand's visibility. Platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads offer robust targeting options to reach your desired audience.
  • Social Media Marketing: Engaging your audience via social media is a cost-effective marketing strategy. Invest in content creation, community management and influencer collaborations to fully leverage the power of social media.

Inventory Management and Fulfilment

Regardless of how much you invest in branding, your product is the ultimate metric customers will judge your store on. Can you meet customers' demands when it comes to stocking and delivery? Failing to allocate resources to managing and fulfilling products is a sure precedent for failure. Fortunately, there are multiple solutions to invest in on the Shopify dashboard, including:

Shopify's Inventory Management Features

Shopify offers different built-in tools to help you manage inventory, track stock levels and set up product variants. However, depending on the complexity of your business and inventory management needs, you may need to explore additional apps or integrations that provide advanced inventory management functionalities.

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Third-Party Apps and Integrations

Shopify's extensive app ecosystem houses third-party apps and integrations that'll improve your stock management and fulfilment processes. These apps automate tasks, sync inventory across multiple channels and streamline order processing. Additional investments may arise when evaluating and selecting the right apps for your challenges.

Warehousing and Order Fulfilment

As your business grows, consider outsourcing warehousing and fulfilment to a third-party logistics (3PL) provider like Bezos, a leading order fulfilment company in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Partnering with Bezos grants access to multiple warehouses across continents and a streamlined order fulfilment process.

Why Bezos Is the Best Solution for Your Shopify UK Fulfilment Needs

Fulfilling your orders as and when due is compulsory to succeed in UK eCommerce. Clients don't care about your visual appeal or stocked shelves if you can't get their orders to them at the right time and price. Fortunately, with Bezos, you can enjoy several other benefits, such as:


Bezos competently handles various business sizes, accommodating your growth trajectory. We have the infrastructure and capabilities to scale alongside your business, whether you're fulfilling hundreds or thousands of orders monthly.

Streamlined Operations

Optimise operations and focus on your business's core aspects with Bezos at the helm of warehousing and fulfilment affairs, thanks to our numerous solutions spanning receiving, storing and shipping products on your behalf.

Global Reach

Bezos is your best global fulfilment solution if you're expanding internationally or targeting customers outside the UK. With strategically located warehouses, we efficiently distribute your products to customers worldwide, reducing shipping costs and transit times.

Advanced Technology

Bezos incorporates advanced technology and vibrant fulfilment software to optimise stocking and order processing. Our systems integrate seamlessly with Shopify, allowing real-time inventory updates and order synchronisation.

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Cost Savings

Outsourcing to Bezos eliminates the high costs of establishing and managing your in-house fulfilment infrastructure. With Bezos, you can avoid countless expenses involving warehouse space, staffing, equipment and fulfilment software.

Expert Support

Bezos connects you with fulfilment experts who understand the intricacies of order fulfilment. Our support is personalised, so we meet specific requirements and address any challenges arising during and after the engagement.

Tips for Cost Optimisation on Shopify

Shopify costs seem endless. Although we advise factoring each into your budget, we also advocate for optimised spending. Luckily, we have specific recommendations that'll help you to minimise costs and maximise investment returns. 

They are as follows:

Choosing the Right Plan

The first step towards Shopify UK cost optimisation is selecting the most suitable pricing plan for your business needs. Consider each plan's features and capabilities – Starter, Basic Shopify, Shopify and Advanced Shopify – and assess how they align with your requirements. 

Choosing a program that offers the right balance of features and pricing prevents paying for functionalities you don't need and, ultimately, optimises your costs.

Optimising Performance and Speed

Website performance and loading speed directly impact user experience and conversion rates. A slow-loading website can prompt higher bounce rates and missed sales opportunities. To optimise performance, utilise Shopify's built-in features, particularly content delivery network (CDN) and image optimisation. 

You may also want a lightweight, responsive theme that enhances speed and efficiency. It's also necessary to regularly monitor your website's performance using tools like Google PageSpeed Insights and make vital changes to ensure a smooth and fast browsing experience for shoppers.

Streamlining Operations and Automation

Efficiently managing your eCommerce operations impacts your bottom line. Fortunately, it's easy to implement Shopify's automation capabilities, ensuring streamlined workflows and task resolution. 

Organise automated email marketing campaigns, order fulfilment processes, inventory management and customer support systems. The result? An operating system that saves time, minimises human errors and lowers costs.

Regularly Reviewing and Eliminating Unused Apps

It's common to accumulate various apps and integrations on your Shopify store over time. However, unused or underutilised apps can contribute to unnecessary costs. Therefore, you must regularly review the apps installed on your store to ascertain their effectiveness and value. 

Remove any apps deemed surplus or contributing no benefits. This approach will keep your app ecosystem lean and result-oriented, cutting avoidable costs and ensuring positive ROI margins.


Running a profitable online Shopify UK store requires comprehending the various elements contributing to your expenses. You must delve into price structure intricacies, hidden costs and additional customisation expenses to budget comfortably and avoid emergency spending. 

Ready to launch your Shopify store in the UK? It'll take no time to set up shop and start selling! Plan figures and stick to the best solutions for challenges. For this endeavour, look towards Bezos and its unrivalled array of cutting-edge order fulfilment capabilities! Contact us today to fulfil customer orders seamlessly at all times! 


Can I change my Shopify pricing plan?

Yes, you can easily change your Shopify UK subscription plan anytime. Your new pricing plan will be prorated based on the remaining days in your billing cycle.

Are there any hidden transaction fees on Shopify?

Shopify doesn't charge any hidden fees on orders processed through Shopify Payments. However, if you use a third-party payment gateway, transaction fees apply.

Can I use my domain name with Shopify?

Yes, Shopify lets you use your domain name for your online store. You can purchase a new domain through Shopify or connect an existing domain you own.

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