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December 6, 2023
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Shopify Plus Agency in the UK: Is it Worth Trying or Giving a Shot?

Ecommerce businesses require strategic planning, impeccable design, seamless operations and exceptional customer experiences. Enter Shopify Plus UK agencies and Bezos, the all-in-one order fulfilment company. Combine both resources and unlock unprecedented growth and success in the UK online marketplace.

Shopify Plus agencies offer tailored solutions to eCommerce needs, from website design to marketing strategies, curating visually stunning and highly functional online stores that drive sales. Complementing their expertise, Bezos streamlines order fulfilment with cutting-edge technology and scalable solutions, ensuring efficient processing, inventory management and shipping.

Come along on this insightful journey as we explore the world of Shopify Plus UK agencies and why Bezos' role in eCommerce success is always emphasised. Let's go! 

Why Should I Engage a Shopify Plus UK Agency?

Standing out and thriving in the competitive eCommerce landscape demands more than building a run-of-the-mill store. To elevate your brand, capturing the target audience's attention and maximising your revenue potential is essential – areas where Shopify Plus partner agencies are game-changers. Find out other aspects these specialised companies can help you out with below. 

Unmatched Shopify Plus Expertise and Experience

Hands-on experience and deep domain knowledge are irreplaceable when growing a business. Shopify Plus partner agencies come in clutch here, having honed their skills and won over clients over the years. They intimately understand the intricacies of the Shopify Plus UK platform, enabling tailored solutions to every business goal. Shopify Plus agencies can help you reach the pinnacle of your eCommerce venture, guaranteeing different services, from bespoke development and international expansion to seamless migrations and complex functionality.

Customised Strategies for Optimal Growth

Another great reason to engage a Shopify Plus UK agency is its ability to customise client strategies and drive substantial growth. These agencies understand your brand's unique value proposition, objective and target audience. As such, they develop comprehensive eCommerce strategies in business, functional and technical areas. Whether you need an expert to optimise your website's user experience, streamline your operations or implement effective marketing tactics, these firms are your best bet!

Cutting-Edge Design and Development Capabilities

In the fast-paced digital realm, captivating design and seamless functionality are paramount. Therefore, there's a great need for Shopify Plus UK service companies boasting cutting-edge design and development capabilities. Their skilled designers and developers combine to breathe life into your brand's online presence. The result is visually stunning, user-friendly websites that make an impact on customers.

Ongoing Support and Optimisation

Launching a successful eCommerce store is only the beginning. Continuous optimisation is crucial to maintain your competitive edge and adapt to evolving market trends. Shopify Plus UK service brands support you endlessly to ensure a flawlessly designed, secure and growth-scalable website. The solutions include website management and performance optimisation, SEO, PPC, email marketing and other services. 

Considerations for Picking the Best Shopify Plus Agency in the UK

Various criteria matter when selecting the best Shopify Plus UK agencies. Assessing these factors will help you decide correctly and pick the ideal agency partner for your brand. Let's explore them.

  • Expertise and Experience: Look for agencies with a record of success in the eCommerce industry, specifically with Shopify Plus. Consider their experience handling projects similar to yours and check their portfolios and client testimonials to gauge their capabilities.
  • Service Scope: Assess the portfolio each agency offers and compare them. Do they provide comprehensive solutions covering web design, development, marketing and ongoing support? Ensure their service offerings align with your business goals and objectives.
  • Industry Knowledge: Seek agencies that thoroughly understand your industry, target audience and the latest trends in your niche. Their industry knowledge will be invaluable in crafting effective strategies for your business.
  • Customisation and Scalability: Your business is unique; your agency partner must recognise that. Test their ability to tailor solutions to meet your needs and their expertise in scaling eCommerce operations as your store grows.

Top 10 Shopify Plus Agencies in the UK

Selecting the best Shopify Plus UK agency demands considering numerous agencies, their expertise and their capabilities. This exercise can be tasking, so we've done the heavy lifting for you. Below is a compilation of the top 10 Shopify Plus UK agencies, owing to their exceptional services and perfect client relationships.

1. Eastside Co — Birmingham

Eastside Co has led the digital innovation waterfront with robust eCommerce solutions since its 2012 launch. The brand creates impeccable online experiences for customers, driving sustainable business growth.

Eastside Co's specialist team comprises developers, designers, experienced marketing strategists and eCommerce experts. Subsequently, the firm supplies comprehensive services, including website UX design and development, custom integrations and ongoing website management.

Eastside Co is skilled in multiple sectors, including fashion & accessories, beauty & skincare, lifestyle, health & wellness and consumer packaged goods. Its client roster includes renowned brands, such as Tropic Skincare and Spectrum Collections.

Shopify Plus Agent browsing through goods to upload

2. blubolt — Bath

blubolt stands out as a creative-first Shopify Plus agency with mastery in design and technical creativity. Established in 2006, the agency brings a unique blend of expertise to elevate brands and drive revenue. Little wonder it's lasted over seven years as a trusted Shopify Plus UK partner!

blubolt's industry specialities span a wide range, including fashion & accessories, food & beverage, gifts & collectables and health & wellness. Its services are holistic, from eCommerce strategy and website UX design to ongoing management, optimisation and wholesale/B2B solutions. 

What's more? blubolt has an impressive client portfolio featuring Teapigs, Robert Welch, Never Fully Dressed and Rave Coffee, so it has proven its ability to deliver award-winning designs and revenue-driving custom apps.

3. Kubix — Birmingham

Since it started ops in 2015, Kubix has had only one mission: never to stop growing – together. To ensure so, Kubix comprehensively offers Shopify Plus solutions, going beyond building beautiful stores. It prioritises understanding your brand, special needs and target market, helping you maximise Shopify's capabilities.

This unique approach must explain why the brand has partnered with thriving brands like Lisa Yang, Chickidee and Hoodrich. That way, Kubix could grow consistently and immediately solve obstacles – expected or not. Such a client list is prestigious, considering Kubix became a verified Shopify partner in 2022. 

Kubix's services include business strategy, email marketing, international expansion, ongoing website management, paid search, and website UX design and development. It can render all such services for stores present in home & interior, fashion & accessories, food & beverage, pets, lifestyle and more. 

4. Propeller — London

Propeller launched in 2001 and has subsequently built a reputation as a dedicated, multidisciplinary eCommerce service agency globally (and in the UK). Since 2019, the brand has transferred its experience to the Shopifyverse, where it's regularly developed engaging and interactive experiences.

The business is an expert in multiple industries, including food & beverage, fashion & accessories, health & wellness and consumer packaged goods. And with a service list containing recurrent website management, marketing strategy and online content creation, among others, you can bet that Propeller solves your problem no matter the niche. 

Accordingly, Propeller's client list is spread across various industries, with names like Boy Smells, MWELL, Mylands and Tivola appearing. Considering such a reputation, it's hard to dispute the brand's commitment to delivering turnkey solutions and assuring a flawless website experience.

5. Rainy City — Manchester

Founded in 2017, Rainy City is a top-notch Shopify Plus design, development and strategy agency with a customer roster featuring Lee Stafford, Imbue and Ogee. As a proactive partner, the firm prioritises long-term collaborations, executes high-tech projects creatively and emphasises tangible results. 

Courtesy of its client-centred approach, Rainy City is famous for building unique customer experiences tailored to every brand's growth and scaling needs. As such, it has continued to deliver exceptional solutions and help businesses thrive in the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape.

Rainy City's industry specialities range from health & wellness and beauty & skincare to fashion & accessories and home & interiors. The services it offers, meanwhile, include website UX design and development, website audit and optimisation strategy, migration, conversion optimisation, custom integrations, eCommerce strategy and international expansion.

6. Smart Cookie Design (SCD) — London

Supporting businesses of all sizes and through all growth stages has remained SCD's passion since the specialist Shopify agency launched in 2010. And to deliver results, the brand builds to precise client specs, employing a personalised touch per project so clients never feel like a ticket number. 

Smart Cookie Design majors in different eCommerce areas like home & interiors, beauty & skincare and fashion & accessories. Whether or not your store is based in these industries, SCD offers migration, wholesale/B2B solutions, ongoing website management and quick launch kits.

The brand is also well-equipped to handle your respective eCommerce challenges, and you can verify this fact with its star-studded clientele containing RNLI, Crownbrush, Diabetes UK and Breast Cancer Care, thanks to its attentive customer-centric approach!

7. Statement — Leeds

Established in 2008, Statement has emerged as a choice Shopify Plus UK partner agency. And with a roster including Hotel Chocolat, Slendertone, NEOM Organics, Pink Boutique and Taylors of Harrogate, it's hard to fault the firm.

Statement showcases its expertise in various projects, from platforming and new builds to global expansion and complex functionality. Its dedicated team offers ongoing optimisation, PPC, SEO and PR services, all aimed at helping you achieve sustained growth in the UK eCommerce wilderness.

Other services from the client are website UX design and development, ongoing website management, website audit and optimisation strategy, and wholesale/B2B solution development. Statement has created various innovative solutions, such as quick launch kits and checkout upgrade options.

8. Swanky — Exeter

Swanky is a full-service eCommerce agency specialising in designing, building and growing top-tier Shopify Plus UK solutions since 2010. With experience worth over a decade, Swanky's 70+ strong team of award-winning specialists guarantee eCommerce strategies that'll help clients maximise growth and revenue.

The partner agency is skilled in different services, from migrations, web design and bespoke development to optimisation, subscriptions and digital marketing. These solutions are dischargeable across various industries, including food & beverage, pets, health & wellness and jewellery.

Having worked with prominent brands like HelloFresh, YuMOVE, Huel and Saddleback, Swanky's track record is proven in executing complex and exciting projects. So there are no doubts over the agency's ability to consistently deliver futuristic, high-end results.

9. Underwaterpistol — London

Underwaterpistol launched in 2001 and has worked tirelessly to create best-in-class user experiences across multiple industries. They range from art & photography and fashion & accessories to beauty & skincare and home & interiors.

The agency uses memorable design to bring brand stories to life, crafting conversion-driving stores that consumers will love. It also improves businesses' digital marketing strategies to help them grow and succeed. Ad creative, brand strategy and brand identity, and content strategy and creation are other areas where Underwaterpistol can help. 

Underwaterpistol has become a trusted partner in the Shopify Plus ecosystem since becoming a Shopify Plus Agency in 2016, thanks to a storied history of clients featuring Great Little Trading Company, Brew Tea Co, The Couture Club and Abbott Lyon!

10. Velstar — Liverpool

Velstar is a prominent Shopify Plus agency that has been instrumental in helping direct-to-consumer brands scale their businesses since 2016. And having successfully worked with Avon, French Connection, Comet and Castore, Velstar's expertise is hard to beat. 

Although specialising in the fashion & accessories, sports & equipment and beauty & skincare industries, Velstar goes beyond building eCommerce stores. As a growth marketer, it also commits to driving high-quality traffic to clients' stores and transforming that traffic into long-term, repeat customers and recurring revenue.

Velstar's comprehensive services include website UX design and development, eCommerce strategy, custom integrations, onsite SEO, paid search, quick launch kits, migration, and website audit and optimisation strategy. The list is endless!

What Role Does Bezos Play in Your Shopify Plus UK Store Success?

Efficient and reliable order fulfilment is the cornerstone of customer satisfaction and business success in the dynamic eCommerce world. It streamlines your ops and improves shoppers' experiences, igniting and sustaining growth. 

Fortunately, Bezos is the ideal partner for your eCommerce fulfilment needs. We are unquestionably committed, technologically superior and customer-based in our approach, so our fulfilment solutions exceed expectations. See below why we remain the best order fulfilment company for your Shopify Plus UK operations.

Unparalleled Fulfilment Expertise and Scalable Solutions

Thanks to years of experience in the eCommerce fulfilment landscape, Bezos is remarkably skilled in efficiently managing the entire order fulfilment process. We understand the intricate nuances of warehousing, inventory management, order processing and shipping. 

Our fulfilment experts work closely with you to develop tailored solutions catering to your business requirements. As such, our solutions seamlessly adapt to your evolving needs, ensuring rapid local or international growth, whether you're a small startup or an established enterprise.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Seamless Integration

At Bezos, we use advanced technology to revolutionise how we fulfil your eCommerce orders. Our advanced order management system and fulfilment software integrate smoothly with your marketplaces and shopping carts, allowing real-time inventory tracking, automated order processing and efficient shipping management. 

This seamless integration grants you complete visibility and control over your fulfilment operations, enabling data-driven decisions, optimised inventory levels and improved order accuracy. Consequently, it's easier to focus on growing your business while we handle order fulfilment intricacies perfectly.

Fast and Reliable Shipping Services

Bezos understands that fast and reliable shipping is a crucial differentiator for eCommerce businesses in this instant gratification era. So we guarantee timely delivery always, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

We have established strong partnerships with leading shipping carriers worldwide, ensuring diversified and affordable shipping options. Similarly, we fulfil your orders from the nearest fulfilment centre to minimise shipping time and costs, thanks to our strategic distribution network and commitment to speed and dependability.

Exceptional Customer Support and Transparency

Recognising that customer support is invaluable to successful partnerships, our expert customer care representatives work round the clock to address your concerns or queries. We practise open communication, updating you on order status, inventory levels and performance metrics in real time. 

Transparency is another of our core features, and we encourage it via our comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities. With these resources, you gain valuable insights into your fulfilment operations, helping you to make informed decisions and optimise your eCommerce business.

Wrap Up

Top Shopify Plus UK agencies possess specialised knowledge to design, develop and optimise exceptional online stores on the powerful Shopify Plus platform. Their services cover various eCommerce aspects, from UX design and marketing strategies to migration and ad creativity – that, too, in any industry, whether art & photography, fashion & accessories or food & beverage. 

Consider integrating Bezos as your order fulfilment partner to improve your eCommerce operations further. We offer seamless order processing, inventory management and efficient shipping solutions, helping Shopify brands deliver exceptional customer experiences.

As such, a business combining Shopify Plus UK agency expertise with Bezos' fulfilment prowess reaches new growth, scalability and customer satisfaction levels. Contact us now!


What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is an advanced eCommerce platform designed for high-growth, high-volume businesses. It offers robust and scalable features to support large online stores, enabling stores to customise their online presence, optimise performance and handle increased customer demands.

Why engage a Shopify Plus UK agency?

Hiring a Shopify Plus UK agency benefits your eCommerce business in various ways. These companies fully understand the platform and leverage its capabilities to create visually stunning, user-friendly websites tailored to your brand. They are proficient in design, development, marketing and strategy, which ensures your store stands out and attracts customers.

What services do Shopify Plus UK agencies provide?

Shopify Plus UK agencies offer different services to support your eCommerce journey. They include website design and development, UX optimisation, marketing strategy, SEO, migration assistance, international expansion support, ongoing website management and more.

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