Fulfilment Services for Shopify

December 6, 2023
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Fulfilment Services for Shopify eCommerce Brands

Being an eCommerce brand means selling products or services to other businesses (B2B) or direct to consumers (DTC) over the internet. Regardless of your eCommerce business, you will require some order fulfilment service, especially if your brand is hosted on the Shopify marketplace. 

With 2.1 million daily active users, Shopify is a gold mine for eCommerce brands because of its reach and potential. However, having a successful store in this marketplace requires more than an amazing product or service. You also need a sublime logistics operator or order fulfilment service to help you access and maintain an extensive client base. You need a Shopify fulfilment company that’ll strengthen customer loyalty in different countries. 

Essentially, you need Luckily, the eCommerce giant (Shopify) permits brands to automate their order fulfilment by partnering with exceptional third-party logistics providers like us.

Stick around to learn more about our unique fulfilment services for UK Shopify brands. 

UK Shopify fulfilment options

With self-fulfilling, contactless delivery, 3PL (third-party logistics) and dropshipping as plausible order fulfilment models, choosing the right one depends on your business’ workload, professional goals, finances and experience. For instance, a startup Shopify brand with a few daily orders and limited disposable income would ideally fulfil all orders themselves. However, a small to medium-sized Shopify business with over 30 daily orders from diverse countries would opt for a fulfilment service provider (3PL) because it makes the most sense financially. 

A Shopify fulfilment company would help reduce the logistics expenditure of its client while increasing its profits and ensuring efficiency. Such a provider would ultimately make the Shopify company scale and expand its reach worldwide. However, while these are the ideal outcomes of going the 3PL route, not all fulfilment companies guarantee such results, and this is where’s Shopify fulfilment services come in. is the leading fulfilment solutions provider guaranteed to absolve your Shopify brand of the pressures and inconveniences of its logistics operations. Available in 17 countries worldwide,’s offerings are second to none. Our services are designed to redefine one’s fulfilment experience and elevate your customer service ratings. 

How we fulfil your Shopify orders

Many fast-growing Shopify stores choose as their fulfilment partner for our comprehensive service offerings. We are known for transforming a labour-intensive task into a competitive advantage for Shopify brands, and here’s what we offer:

  • Inventory reception

Once you activate as your Shopify fulfilment service and send a fulfilment request, our world-class services commence. First, we will receive the order inventory directly from you, your manufacturer or supplier in any of our 63 fulfilment centres in 17 countries, preferably the one closest to the customer. We can also go the extra mile by picking up the order from your supplier to eliminate the intermediary fees. It’s worth noting that is equipped to handle massive order volumes, as our average Shopify partner ships over a thousand orders with us. Speak to our experts now!

  • Inventory processing’s inventory processing service preps the received inventory to ensure its sale within 48 hours. It begins like this: once we pick your inventory, we perform a series of activities to ensure its proper storage. These activities include counting, inspecting and disinfecting the inventory. Next, we will register the inventory before packaging it for delivery. This is where we’ll attach delivery notes and labelling before assigning a reference number for easy retrieval. Our custom packaging services will give your customers an enjoyable unboxing experience, elevating your customer service.’s inventory processing solutions also include warehousing, which involves order storage for short or long intervals. 

  • Order shipping

Shipping is a crucial step in fulfilling a Shopify order. We will ship all orders depending on their priority. These orders go out from one of our 63 fulfilment facilities in 17 countries, and we ensure swift delivery irrespective of your customer’s zip code. Bezos ships worldwide and permits sellers to integrate their Shopify stores directly with the Bezos shipping checkout, facilitating prompt deliveries for their customers. Also, with over ten delivery options, same-day dispatch and a late cut-off time of midnight, your Shopify customers will receive their orders in no time. 

  • Order tracking

As an order fulfilment company for Shopify sellers, Bezos offers innovative solutions that place such sellers in the driver’s seat. One of these solutions is order tracking. With our sophisticated AI technologies, Bezos offers its clients full visibility into their order fulfilment through the Bezos Seller Portal. Shopify brands can access information concerning their inventory, storage and deliveries and receive live updates about everything from their tracking number to dispatch and delivery metrics, warehouse status, inventory and stock information, reports, etc.

  • Returns solutions

Our returns solutions are customisable and robust to accommodate the needs of your various consumers and boost their loyalty. Once a customer initiates a return, Bezos swings into action to ensure the customer is satisfied with the proposed resolution (whether a refund or an exchange). We also document and update all information concerning the return, such as the product ID and its return number, quantity, consumer location and even the return reason. These will all be reflected on the Bezos Seller Portal. 


Why Bezos? (benefits & competitive advantage)

As an AI-enabled fulfilment solutions provider that caters to Shopify companies worldwide, there are countless reasons why you should go with our Shopify fulfilment services. The benefits and competitive advantage we offer supersede anything our peers are offering. Here’s why is your brand’s best UK Shopify fulfilment provider. 

Customised services

At Bezos, we treat every Shopify seller uniquely. We don’t follow a templated approach and try our best to accommodate each seller’s unique requirements, from order volume to delivery preferences, packaging requests and much more. Thus, our solutions are tailored to the needs of each Shopify brand. As proof of our flexibility, we do not impose the minimum order volume protocol that other providers do. 

Global shipping is a Shopify fulfilment company that can facilitate your brand’s scalability and expansion into different countries. With our global shipping facilities and 63 fulfilment centres in 17 countries worldwide, we help your brand access, serve and maintain loyal customers within and outside Europe. Thus, by partnering with us, your brand can go from local to international in as little as three months. For more information, speak to our experts now!

Visibility and seamless integrations

The increased visibility and transparency we offer are reasons enough to choose us as your Shopify fulfilment provider. Bezos’ Seller Portal integrates seamlessly with sales channels like Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, eBay, Amazon and 52 others. With these API integrations, Shopify sellers can easily view and manage everything about their order fulfilment logistics. These sellers will constantly remain in the know as they can access information about their warehoused stocks, fulfilled orders, returned orders and so much more from their mobile devices. 

AI fulfilment solutions

Bezos is known for its innovative solutions built on advanced AI and machine learning software. These solutions simplify and automate order fulfilment for Shopify sellers and consequently exceed their growth expectations. These sophisticated solutions enhance fulfilment efficiency, which reflects positively on the Shopify brand, yielding loyalty from customers. 

Cost efficiency

With our transparent pricing featuring no hidden fees or integration charges, Bezos is one of the most affordable Shopify fulfilment companies you’ll come across in Europe. Our low prices are unheard of, considering the robust services and tech-enabled solutions we offer. We can help you save anywhere from £1 to £2 on every order’s fulfilment and reduce overhead costs. Start saving now!

Customer support

Bezos is highly rated in the UK and Europe because of our unmatched customer service. Once is activated as your Shopify fulfilment service, you will be assigned a personal account manager whose duty includes answering all your enquiries and managing your account details. Thus, with Bezos, you have a dedicated professional who caters to your every need. What are you waiting for? Speak to our experts now! 

Start fulfilling with Bezos (How to begin)

Bezos is here for you when you outgrow your manual fulfilment capabilities and need to experience what success feels like. Follow these four simple steps to make this your brand’s reality. 

Step 1: Create your account

To access the best warehouse and fulfilment services we offer, all Shopify sellers need to create an account with us. But first, they’ll need to activate Bezos as their fulfilment service via the Shopify admin tab. To do this: 

  • Go to settings and select ‘shipping and delivery’.
  • Select ‘add fulfilment service’ in the ‘custom order fulfilment’ section. 
  • Type and our email address in the form that appears.

Once activated, you can create your account with us by filling in some basic information on a simple template, and you’ll be good to go. 

Step 2: Ship your inventory

Once your account is up, you can ship your Shopify inventory to any of our 63 fulfilment centres in 17 countries, preferably one closest to the recipient’s address. You can also ship your inventory directly from your supplier to us. 

Step 3: Integrate your sales channel

To make the job easier for you and to reduce the overhead costs of shipping, you can integrate your Shopify, Amazon, eBay or WooCommerce accounts with your Bezos Seller Portal. This way, once an order is placed on your Shopify account, it reflects on our platform, and we can get to its fulfilment pronto. 

Step 4: Go live!

Once we receive your stock, we can initiate its fulfilment in little time. It can be as quick as 72 hours for new accounts to be up and running. 


What fulfilment service does Shopify support?

Several fulfilment services, such as Bezos, Amazon and Shipwire, can integrate with Shopify accounts. 

Does Shopify have a fulfilment centre?

No, but it does have a network of fulfilment companies. Shopify created the Shopify Fulfilment Network in 2019 to outsource order fulfilment to renowned 3PLs. 

What are the most profitable niches on Shopify?

The most profitable Shopify niches include digital, home and garden products, pet accessories and fitness products.

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