Ecommerce Order Fulfilment for Cosmetics Businesses

December 6, 2023
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The cosmetics industry, which encompasses skincare, haircare, makeup, perfumes, deodorants, personal care items, toiletries and oral cosmetics, is estimated at $571.10 billion by Statista. This industry is incredibly profitable as the demand for youth and beauty keeps overthrowing itself, which is why thousands of new eCommerce cosmetic brands emerge monthly. 

With this saturation of cosmetic brands in the market, it takes something unique to beat the competition and scale your business. The best business strategies for eCommerce brands often involve robust and reliable order fulfilment partners. Why? Well, it’s quite simple. An efficient fulfilment partner will ensure an amazing shopping experience for your clients, fortifying their continued interest in your company. 

The service quality of your chosen eCommerce fulfilment provider reflects on your company. An impeccable fulfilment partner will instigate business growth, offering benefits like a pleasing unboxing experience, prompt deliveries and guaranteed satisfaction. 

At the same time, a sub-par fulfilment provider will drive your current clientele away. So, choosing the best cosmetics fulfilment provider is critical to your business’ success, and with Bezos, your cosmetics brand gets a logistics facelift. 

What is eCommerce cosmetics fulfilment?

Cosmetics fulfilment involves picking, packing, warehousing, shipping and delivering cosmetics products. These products are often labelled fragile, and fulfilling such orders means moving them through multiple logistics stages until they reach their final consumers. 

For cosmetics businesses, there’s a chance that some of the products may get damaged or deformed at any fulfilment stage. It’s one of the risks such businesses incur. 

However, your cosmetics brand will likely experience more product damage at different supply chain stages with a traditional fulfilment company. Thus, costing your brand financially and otherwise. This is why choosing a provider that automates some fulfilment processes is the only logical course of action. This way, you mitigate the risks of damages. 

What we offer

Bezos is a full-service eCommerce fulfilment provider with robust and customisable offerings. Our offerings for eCommerce brands in the cosmetics niche are comprehensive to meet the specific needs of diverse businesses. 

At Bezos, we prefer all our clients to feel prioritised and accommodated. We’ll help you transform a previously laborious task into a competitive advantage for your B2B, B2C or D2C cosmetics brand. Here’s what we offer to make that a reality:

1. Inventory reception/picking

As an eCommerce cosmetics brand, vendor or retailer, once a consumer places an order for a cosmetic product like perfume, skincare cream, shampoo, etc., via your website or sales channel, the item would need to be collected by a 3PL company for its fulfilment to be initiated. 

To accommodate clients of different budgets and service preferences, Bezos offers three inventory collection methods. You could:

  • Send your cosmetics inventory to any of our 63 fulfilment centres worldwide via another courier service.
  • Send your cosmetics inventory from your manufacturer or supplier to us.

Or, we could:

  • Pick up your cosmetics inventory from a designated location. 

The second and third methods eliminate the intermediaries, saving you a lot in logistics fees. If you choose the third method, Bezos will pick up your inventory from you or your manufacturer and prepare it for shipping. Before shipping, we ensure the cosmetics inventory is segregated according to type and packaging. This ensures that all cosmetic products remain pristine, reducing the risks of damage-instigated returns. 

2. Inventory storage

Being a full-service fulfilment provider means we can handle all logistics stages, including warehousing and storage. Bezos has global fulfilment centres that can safely store different cosmetic products. 

Once these products are received, we count, disinfect, inspect, file and store them in our fulfilment centre. Each product will be stored as previously sorted according to type and content. They will also be stored in the best conditions befitting their specific product type as we offer condition monitoring of cosmetic shipments. Hence, by tracking conditions like

  • Moisture and humidity,
  • Sunlight exposure and
  • Temperature,

 We can preserve the integrity of your cosmetics shipment until it reaches its final consumer. 

3. Order processing

Once your cosmetics inventory is in our custody, we’ll begin our order processing stage. With our AI-driven software, we can automate a great percentage of our logistics operations, specifically the order processing stage. Here, we retrieve orders from storage and repackage them for delivery. 

Thanks to our automated facilities, we can guarantee 99% pick and pack accuracy. Hence, all your customers will receive their exact orders in excellent condition. As a bonus, Bezos will gift your customers a gratifying unboxing experience worth sharing online. Thus, increasing your brand’s user-generated content (UGC) and internet visibility. 

4. Delivery

Once the final inspections have been made, we will deliver your customers’ orders to their designated locations. Bezos delivers worldwide, so we’re the ideal choice for eCommerce cosmetics companies seeking expansion into other markets. 

To make things interesting, we offer fast and flexible delivery options based on the order’s priority. Hence, with 10+ delivery options like 

  • Same-day delivery,
  • Next-day delivery,
  • Green delivery or
  • Standard delivery, 

We can fulfil your cosmetics orders in under 48 hours. Speak to our fulfilment experts to get started now!

5. Inventory tracking

As an AI-driven full-service fulfilment provider, Bezos prioritises transparency so much that it offers full visibility into its supply chain. With the Bezos Seller Portal, which is integrable across 57 sales channels like Amazon and Etsy, eCommerce cosmetics brands can track their inventory as it moves through the supply chain. 

Bezos’ tracking portal grants eCommerce businesses complete control over their inventory and enables them to manage it remotely. These businesses can receive real-time inventory updates on this Seller Portal, including tracking numbers and delivery statuses. However, our Portal’s major selling point is the visibility of the orders coming into your online store. This way, we see them as they arrive and fulfil them immediately. 

Thus, Bezos offers eCommerce businesses a cohesive and integrated platform with which they can remotely manage and fulfil customer orders. 

6. Returns

No eCommerce company, whether B2B, B2C or D2C, wants to deal with returns – and with Bezos’ 99.9% pick and pack accuracy, they won’t have to. However, on the rare occasion that a customer initiates a return of a cosmetic product, Bezos will help you navigate this incumbrance to serve your brand and customer in the best way possible.

So, whatever resolution you prefer, whether a refund or an exchange, Bezos will help you make that happen. But, in the meantime, we’ll update information on the returned product, including its order number, quantity, consumer location and the return reason. This update will reflect on the Bezos Seller Portal in real time. 

Perks of fulfiling with Bezos

By outsourcing your fulfilment needs to Bezos, you’re entitled to a world of benefits that include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Time-efficiency: Fulfiling with Bezos can help you save 29 to 57 hours per month on logistics operations.
  • Cost-efficiency: Considering our robust service offerings, Bezos’ competitive yet transparent pricing on order fulfilment is unheard of. Get your free quote to begin saving on order fulfilment. 
  • Expansion: With access to remote locations, 63 fulfilment centres and advanced artificial intelligence in our arsenal, your cosmetics business is bound to thrive in multiple markets. 
  • Dedicated customer service: Bezos assigns a dedicated account manager to each client. This way, all complaints, concerns and enquiries can be resolved in at least two hours.
  • Automated fulfilment: Bezos offers eCommerce cosmetics companies the chance to automate their order fulfilment. Thus, eliminating the stressors associated with traditional fulfilment.
  • Consumer loyalty: A meticulous fulfilment provider like Bezos will win you loyal clients because our efficiency is reflected as your own. 

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What is order fulfilment in eCommerce?

Ecommerce order fulfilment involves picking, packing, storing and shipping online orders to customers. It also encompasses inventory management, tracking and returns solutions. 

What is the fastest-growing eCommerce sector?

With fast-fashion brands like SHEIN, the fashion industry has become the fastest-growing eCommerce sector. Sales within this niche are expected to reach $1 trillion by 2025. 

What beauty eCommerce trends are emerging?

Consumers today are more interested in sustainability. This is why sustainable packaging and clean, ethical and cruelty-free products are flying off the shelves. Diversity and inclusivity have also made their way to the beauty industry as more beauty brands offer products catering to all skin types and tones.

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