Four questions for your fulfilment partner

December 6, 2023
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Your e-commerce is growing. It was not without sweat and tears, but you’re getting there. To make sure you ride this wave and boost it up as much as you can, you have searched for a fulfilment partner, someone to support you in this delicate but crucial time, taking care of your logistics. Finally, you think you found the right one to help you scale up your business.

But how to be sure you are choosing the right one? 

Here at, we want to treat your business as it was our own: that is why we thought about a way to guide you through and understand if you are selecting the fulfilment partner that really suits your online retail.

Curious? Keep on reading to find out the essential questions you need to ask your partner before sealing the deal. Off to an easy start…

1. Let’s talk money

Let’s be raw and honest: pricing is an important aspect for every e-commerce owner in the selection process of a fulfilment platform. All costs need to be budgeted, especially if you are just starting. So, what to ask, exactly?

Make sure you have a clear overview of recurring costs for the basic services: reception of the goods, storage fees, picking and packing, packing material, shipping rates. Compare the overall cost and not only the individual services’ prices, otherwise you may risk paying higher fees on one item to make up for exceptionally low price of another.

Don’t forget to ask about monthly fees, up-front costs or other costs in case of out-of-the-ordinary situations (faster delivery, customised package etc.).

Bezos made it easy for you: you only pay as you go, without monthly subscription fees! 

2. To which extent can I count on you?

Making business is, among many things, also a trial-and-error experience, in which all the involved actors learn by doing. That is why trusting your fulfilment partner is essential: all things considered, we are talking about the people who will receive and ship your orders! We can easily say that your customers’ satisfaction depends on them, too. 

It goes without saying, then, that you need a responsive, transparent team to work with, able to answer your questions, solve your doubts and provide you with valuable knowledge about processes and procedures.

Don’t be afraid of digging deeper and find out, when speaking with the fulfilment partner you have chosen, how their customer support works, which schedule they have, how large is the team that would be there to deal with unforeseen challenges or simply to ask your questions.

Reliability is one of Bezos’ core values: we like to be very transparent with our clients, and to be there anytime. You can trust us simply because the success of your e-commerce is our own success, so we will make sure to contribute to it in all possible ways.

3. Can you explain to me how it really works?

Knowledge is power. 

For this reason, being informed about the internal procedures of your logistics partner, even if you won’t be the one dealing with them in the first place, will give you a better understanding of the big picture and help you deal with your business and clients. Ask for clear information about the different steps of the whole chain: you will feel more secure and reassured that you are owning the process as much as your fulfilment platform.

Moreover, you may want to have more details related to any customisation of the service they could provide you with, to better serve the purpose of your business.

Bezos wants to be a FAAS (fulfilment as a service) platform: we offer you tailored solutions to ensure that your e-commerce will benefit from partnering with us. Get in touch and ask all the questions you need, we will be happy to share everything with you! 

4. What if it doesn’t work?

Like all relationships, the one between you and your fulfilment partner may not work, for different reasons. Before signing up with them, make sure you have discussed what happens in this case: what are your obligations? How do you leave, if you need to? How binding is the contract you are about to sign? 

Even if in the beginning it may seem an irrelevant aspect, as all stories start with the best intentions, it is wise to clarify all aspects before starting a business journey together. 

If you choose Bezos, worry no more. We are sure you’ll not want to leave, but, just in case, we remain flexible and we do not ask for long term commitments nor for minimum volumes. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, they say!

Remember: communication is key. Get in touch, put questions, ask for details and solve all your doubts. We are here to help you grow and minimise risks and worries! 

Send us an email at and tell us what you need; we look forward to hearing from you!

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