Huboo Pricing and Shipping Rates

December 6, 2023
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Huboo Pricing and Shipping Rates Explained


Huboo Technologies is a UK-based ecommerce fulfilment partner which helps businesses unlock their full potential through Huboo's services, such as picking, packing, storage, and delivery. They aim to grow businesses of all sizes through their third-party logistics (3PL) and cloud-based platform, which offers real-time inventory tracking, order status, and much more. Huboo is a good fulfilment platform, but is it worth it? 

Before we look at Hoboo’s platform's pricing structure and services, let’s look at one of the best alternatives — Bezos. We are a fulfilment provider with cutting-edge technology and a well-established logistics network. 

We offer a wide range of customisable services, including pick and pack, storage, and returns management, making it a one-stop shop for all fulfilment needs. Start saving now with Bezos.

Key Points

  • Huboo Technologies is a fulfilment platform which takes on the task of helping businesses reach new heights by providing them with 3PL solutions. They also pick, pack, store and deliver, allowing businesses to focus on different operations.

  • Huboo has a straightforward pricing structure, divided into sections such as subscription, storage, packing and other extra fees. Such a structure helps customers have a better understanding of the potential costs that come with using Huboo's services.

  • Bezos is a great alternative to Huboo for sellers looking to save time and money on logistics tasks. The onboarding process is simple and made even more convenient with Bezos’ incredible customer support team.

What Services Does Huboo Offer? 

To find the right fulfilment company for your business, you need to know whether they offer the services your company needs. Working with a fulfilment partner that aligns with your ideas can help fuel the growth of your business. 

Listed below, you'll find a list of the core services Huboo offers:

UK and EU Fulfilment Network 

With five order fulfilment centres across Europe and the UK, Huboo offers an international fulfilment solution that is proven helpful for companies looking to expand their businesses across the globe.

Unique Hub Model 

Huboo offers a unique hub model, which provides a micro warehouse within a warehouse. The hub helps you lower the time it takes to pick and pack, and as Huboo's employees walk shorter distances between micro-warehouses, things get done faster.

Transparent Pricing and No Upfront Fees 

They have transparent prices and zero upfront fees, creating an honest and healthy relationship between your business and Huboo. They also provide tailored solutions for companies with higher daily orders (1,000 plus), meaning businesses of all sizes can get involved and work with Huboo.

Easy Integration 

Huboo offers easy integration with your favourite ecommerce marketplaces, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace, and Etsy, at no extra cost. Custom processes such as automation and tailored reporting are also provided, as Huboo likes to work closely with each of its clients to help them develop.

Returns Management

Huboo will receive every item returned for you and dispatch it into your stock (or throw it out, depending on what you decide to do), helping you stay on track with keeping your customers happy.

Huboo Dashboard

Huboo provides a dashboard that makes monitoring your products much easier. You can see every stage of the process, such as goods in, sales and listings, courier tracking, and inventory.


Huboo Pricing

Huboo has broken down its pricing to be as transparent as possible so you can see how much each service costs. Their pricing structure is as follows:

Huboo Subscription Fees

Huboo has a monthly subscription fee divided by levels - Silver, Gold, Platinum and Corporate. Each one comes with the same perks - free storage for two months, a dashboard for stock tracking, and automated picking and shipping. 

The main difference is in the number of order dispatches you can make each month.





Limit of orders dispatched per month






Limit of orders dispatched per month






Limit of orders dispatched per month





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Limit of orders dispatched per month


Overall, Huboo gives you plenty of performance-based options, making it easy to determine data-led decisions,  help you save money and improve processes.

Huboo Storage Fees 

When it comes to Huboo's storage costs, you pay a monthly fee based on the amount of storage you are using. This ensures you only pay for the space you are utilising. Newly subscribed customers are awarded two months of free storage for any item they send in. 

Storage fees vary based on the length of time a product has been stored. For example:

By taking a closer look at their prices, there is no doubt that Huboo offers shelf storage at great value for your money. However, Huboo might not be the best option if your business needs include pallet storage. That's why we highly recommend our fulfilment solution, as Bezos offers some of the most competitive pricing, with our standard delivery starting at just £3.18. And let's not forget our cost-effective storage fees, calculated based on your usage (ensuring you never overpay) and the best customer service on the market.

Huboo Packing Fees

Huboo offers packing as an optional service with an additional charge for companies that do not package items on their own. The fee will vary depending on the type of packaging and size of your product.

It is worth being aware that Huboo does not include boxes in these prices, and the pricing for boxes or custom branding is unclear. A common problem mentioned in customer reviews is unexpected costs and charges.

Huboo Extra

Huboo Extra is an enhanced liability feature that works with account levels based on your monthly spending with Huboo. This feature offers payment for loss or damage during transit from Huboo to the customer. Its pricing is as follows:

Shipping Rates

Huboo offers two different shipping rates: 24-hour standard fulfilment and 48-hour standard fulfilment. When shipping multiple items in a single package with either service, there is an extra charge of £0.65 per item. Additionally, both services require a minimum of one scan and confirmation number for packages up to 2kg. 

Here is an in-depth list that covers their shipping prices:

Huboo also offers optional fully tracked 24-hour and 48-hour delivery options (at an additional cost):

While the pricing of Huboo may seem standard, it is important to consider the added costs that come with using their services, such as monthly subscriptions, packaging and other fees.

Reviews from Huboo’s Customers

Looking at customer feedback and ratings is a great way to get a true picture of how other companies have experienced Huboo’s services. Reviews provide valuable insights into customer satisfaction rates, how the platform operates and what to expect when working with the company.

Huboo has over 600 reviews on TrustPilot, with an average rating of 4.8 stars. To ensure complete transparency, we've gathered key takeaways from positive and negative reviews to provide a well-rounded and unbiased understanding of the company's reputation.

Positive Reviews

A trend in the positive reviews is the easy onboarding and integration process. Many customers were satisfied with the easy transition when working with Huboo, how smooth their processes are, and how good the team is at Huboo.

Their support team was also praised for dealing with situations promptly and efficiently and finding suitable resolutions.

This review shows that Huboo is great for companies looking for a fulfilment provider with good communication channels.

Negative Reviews

A pattern in the negative reviews is that Huboo sometimes struggles to handle bigger companies with larger stock requirements. Problems such as misleading prices, overbilling, and inventory management issues are seen in most negative reviews.

Customers have also complained about how Huboo handled the packaging process, using poor-quality tape and incorrectly packaging items.

Conduct some additional research and read more reviews about Huboo so that you can form your own opinion.

The Huboo Alternative


Bezos is the best solution, whether you’re expanding internationally or changing from your current fulfilment provider. We are a full-service fulfilment provider that takes care of all your fulfilment needs — including storage, packing, picking, despatch and delivery. We also have a completely transparent pricing structure, with zero hidden fees, complete clarity, and individually shaped depending on your company's needs.

What does Bezos provide?

We work with ecommerce sellers worldwide, and we currently operate in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada.

We have over 60 fulfilment centres across the globe, making our service scalable and necessary to support your company's growth. Bezos also offers technology built to handle all of your fulfilment needs. Our primary focus is on providing end-to-end fulfilment processes, from placing an order to being delivered to your customer.

Bezos also takes great pride in customer service, and we always go the extra mile to ensure your company gets the fulfilment services it needs. We are there when you need us and have a support ticket response time of under two hours of it being submitted. 

Our contracts are flexible, negotiable and designed to give you freedom, so you are not tied into any subscriptions or long-term contracts. We also provide a seller dashboard that gives you standard reports with real-time data on your inventory, order status and deliveries. If you ever struggle to find a report, your dedicated Account Manager will find it for you.

Our Pricing

Bezos’s services are competitively priced, and we aim to give you the best value for money, by providing the exact solution setup for your needs. Click here to get a customised quote.


While Huboo is a good fulfilment service provider, Bezos is the better option for any business looking to streamline their logistics at an affordable price. We offer excellent fulfilment services and incredible customer satisfaction while maintaining affordable prices for companies of all sizes. Bezos works closely with all clients, ensuring everything runs smoothly, and if a problem ever occurs, it does not go unnoticed. We are confident that our fulfilment service will tremendously help your business. 

Get your free quote, and let us take your company to the next level.


What do Huboo technologies do? 

Huboo Technologies is a UK-based ecommerce fulfilment platform that offers third-party logistics (3LP) and software to help businesses expand and grow tremendously.

What is UK fulfilment for ecommerce?

UK fulfilment is a service provided by companies like Bezos. It handles logistics such as picking, packing and shipping.

How much do fulfilment centres charge in the UK?

The costs of using a fulfilment service can vary based on many factors, such as weight, height and size of the product you're shipping. However, companies like Bezos offer competitive pricing to save you the most money.

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