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December 6, 2023
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Fulfilment services for WooCommerce merchants

As one of the 3.9 million merchants using the open-source eCommerce platform, WooCommerce, fulfilling orders might be difficult, especially for SMEs. With several order fulfilment models available, individuals and merchants fulfilling over 30 daily orders can greatly benefit from a full-service fulfilment provider like Bezos. 

Bezos’ WooCommerce fulfilment services feature groundbreaking tech-enabled solutions to redefine your business’ logistics operations while facilitating growth. These fast and affordable fulfilment services will exceed your expectations and help your business thrive in new markets and conquer new terrains. 

Intrigued? You should be! With Bezos as your WooCommerce fulfilment service, the possibilities are endless. By partnering with us to deliver your customers the best eCommerce shopping experiences, your supply chain will be streamlined and well-optimised for success. Speak to our fulfilment experts to get started on this remarkable journey!

Bezos’ WooCommerce fulfilment solutions

Bezos’ WooCommerce fulfilment solutions are inventive, effective, affordable and growth-centred. As a full-service WooCommerce fulfilment provider, these solutions are comprehensive and customisable to one’s preferences. They’re also designed to alleviate the inconvenience of self-fulfilling while encouraging consumer loyalty. Bezos’ fulfilment services for WooCommerce businesses are divided into several parts to cover all supply chain logistics activities. They include:

  1. Inventory reception

Bezos’ WooCommerce fulfilment services begin with receiving said inventory. Choosing Bezos as your WooCommerce fulfilment partner entitles you to diverse inventory reception methods. 

You can:

  • Send your inventory to any of our 63 fulfilment centres worldwide via another courier service.
  • Send your inventory from your manufacturer or supplier to us.

Or, we could:

  • Pick up your inventory from your preferred location. 

We offer these inclusive options to accommodate clients with varying service preferences and budgets. Once we receive your inventory, we can commence the next steps. 

  1. Inventory storage

After receiving your inventory, we’ll inspect and assign a stock-keeping unit (SKU) to it before storing it under favourable conditions. For instance, if you’re an apparel WooCommerce retailer, we’ll store your orders in a smart warehouse with similar products to preserve their integrity until they reach their final consumers. 

Bezos separates inventory according to type and size during this stage. This prevents bigger products from getting stacked atop smaller ones, thus reducing the risks of damage-instigated returns. 

  1. Order picking/packing

Depending on the priority of the WooCommerce orders, Bezos will retrieve them from storage, pick and pack them aesthetically and include flyers, delivery notes and invoices where appropriate. These activities comprise our WooCommerce order processing stage, and with our advanced machine learning software, we can automate them to ensure 99% pick-and-pack accuracy. This way, the customer receives exactly what they ordered, and returns are checkmated. 

  1. Delivery 

Delivery is the final stage of order fulfilment, and Bezos offers 10+ delivery options. These options include:

  • Same-day delivery
  • Standard delivery
  • Next-day delivery
  • Green delivery
  • Free next-day delivery, etc.

These delivery options reflect the order’s priority, and with the dedication of Bezos’ carriers, your WooCommerce orders will get to the customer within the specified time. 

5. Returns management/solutions

Returns are major pain points of eCommerce businesses. Managing them takes up more of the business’ resources, which no one wants. A consumer could initiate a WooCommerce order return for many reasons. One of which is triggered by an ineffective fulfilment provider. With 99% pick-and-pack accuracy, Bezos eliminates 3PL-incited returns. However, we also offer customisable returns solutions that will encourage consumer loyalty. 

With swift responses and resolutions like refunds or exchanges, we’ve presented your WooCommerce brand as reliable and consumer-centred. Therefore instilling loyalty in the hearts of your customers.

6. Order management

Bezos offers WooCommerce sellers the opportunity to manage their orders remotely. We achieve this via our artificial intelligence feature and API integrations. Our WooCommerce clients can gain full visibility into their inventory, monitor their stock and get updates on the fulfilment status of their orders at each logistics stage.

Features of Bezos’ WooCommerce fulfilment solutions

Bezos’ fulfilment solutions for WooCommerce brands are robust, customisable and inclusive. These power-packed solutions have the following features:

  1. Multi-channel fulfilment

The primary way to access our comprehensive fulfilment services is with our Seller Portal. Bezos deploys an innovative platform, the Bezos Seller Portal, which seamlessly integrates with eCommerce marketplaces like WooCommerce, Shopify, Amazon, Etsy and 53 others. The Bezos Seller Portal permits multi-channel (API) integrations, meaning eCommerce brands can link as many online storefronts as possible. 

You can remotely fulfil your orders with us by linking your various sales channels to Bezos’ Seller Portal. We will see orders on all channels once the customers make them, and then we can initiate their priority-based fulfilment. In addition to this, this Portal grants eCommerce sellers real-time visibility into their inventory and their fulfilment status. It also gives them unprecedented control of their stock. 

Bezos’ Seller Portal also has an inventory analysis feature that provides reliable insights and recommendations on stock replenishment. This way, you’re never understocked or overstocked. The inventory analysis feature also offers updates on the integrity and usability of your merchandise. It reminds you of their expiration dates so you can clear the stock before they become unusable and unmarketable. 

  1. AI-enabled

Bezos’ solutions for WooCommerce order fulfilment are AI-enabled. By integrating innovative technologies like advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning with our fulfilment solutions, we can automate a great percentage of your WooCommerce order fulfilment. This way, we eliminate human-led error and ensure 99.9% accuracy in order fulfilment. 

  1. Global fulfilment

Bezos is available in 17 countries worldwide. This infers we’re a global fulfilment company that can help you foster and maintain thriving relationships with local and international customers. We can get your WooCommerce business into international markets and help you scale globally. 

  1. Time effectiveness

It may take self-fulfilling WooCommerce businesses with 500 monthly orders 63 hours a month to manage their eCommerce logistics. An average third-party logistics partner may reduce this to 34 hours a month. However, Bezos’ automated fulfilment solutions for WooCommerce businesses will further diminish this time to 6 hours a month. 

Partnering with us opens up your schedule and enables you to remotely manage your orders and their fulfilment. We will help you save valuable time, which can be devoted to marketing, product development or a vacation!

  1. Affordability

Bezos’ fulfilment services for WooCommerce brands are highly affordable. Considering our comprehensive offerings, fast-paced fulfilment and global reach, our fulfilment plans are a steal. With estimated savings ranging from £1 to £2 per order, you can reach and expand your client base and save an average of 80% on international orders. 

With Bezos’ transparent pricing, what you see is what you get. We don’t charge fees on minimum quantities, nor do we impose lengthy fulfilment plans with hidden fees. Clients can also cancel whenever they please with no extra charge. 

  1. Flexibility

A significant feature of our service offering is flexibility. Bezos offers an inclusive range of services priced differently to accommodate various budgets and preferences. Hence, you can pick a service and adjust it to suit your demands at no extra cost. 

How Bezos’ WooCommerce fulfilment solutions work

Bezos’ fulfilment solutions for WooCommerce retailers can be accessed in four easy steps. 

Step 1: Create an account

WooCommerce retailers can access our amazing fulfilment services once they create an account or sign up. Creating a Bezos account can be done on our website, and it involves filling in some basic information on a simple template. 

Step 2: Ship your inventory

When your account is up in 72 hours or under, you can ship your inventory to any of our 63 fulfilment centres in 17 countries. You can ship this through another carrier, or we can pick it up from your location or the manufacturer’s, whichever you prefer. 

Step 3: Integrate your sales channel

You must integrate your WooCommerce sales channel with Bezos to automate your order fulfilment. Depending on the marketplace you use, whether Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce, etc., you can activate Bezos as your fulfilment provider via the marketplace’s Admin tab. Once activated and integrated, you can access all information concerning your future orders and track their fulfilment. 

Step 4: Go live!

Once we receive your stock, we can initiate its fulfilment in no time. It can take as little as 72 hours for new accounts to be up and running. However, once Step 3 is complete, you’re live! You can then create an order or import orders easily. 

Why Bezos’ WooCommerce fulfilment solutions?

  1. Quick fulfilment – We guarantee quick deliveries of all orders. 
  2. Dedicated account manager – On account creation, you’re assigned an account manager who works in your brand’s best interest to meet your fulfilment goals.  
  3. Cost-effective fulfilment solutions – We offer the best prices on local and international fulfilment. 
  4. Late order cut-off times – With 9 pm being the cut-off time for our next-day delivery, your clients can order late at night and receive their orders the next day. 
  5. Sustainable packaging and delivery solutions – We’ll elevate your customers’ unboxing experiences with our sustainable packaging and delivery solutions.
  6. Global reach – We will help you reach and maintain clients in diverse nations and time zones. 
  7. Remote order management – You can manage your orders and their logistics remotely. 
  8. Automated fulfilment – Bezos’ automated fulfilment services guarantee order accuracy and fewer returns. 

You can call these the perks of using Bezos, and these perks will give your WooCommerce business the competitive edge it requires to thrive in a saturated market. 


How do I fulfil a WooCommerce order?

You can fulfil a WooCommerce order with Bezos in four easy steps; 

  • Create an account
  • Ship the order
  • Integrate your WooCommerce store with Bezos’ Seller Portal
  • Create a fulfilment order.

Is Shopify better than WooCommerce?

The better eCommerce marketplace depends on one’s preference. If you prefer a cost-effective platform where you have absolute control of your store, WooCommerce is better. However, if infinite scalability is your goal, Shopify is the better marketplace. 

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