Fulfilment Provider for Magento Stores

December 6, 2023
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Magento, the eCommerce platform, is mostly marketed to web developers who want to create eCommerce sites. It’s one of the best choices for merchants who seek sustainability, high functionality and effective inventory management. Hence, it’s a no-brainer why companies like Coca-Cola, Bulk, Jaguar, etc., partner with Magento to personalise their businesses for their target demographic. 

While Magento’s eCommerce platform caters to these billion-dollar enterprises, there’s no need for your small business to be intimidated. Magento’s eCommerce platform is accessible to businesses of all sizes, whether small, medium or large. So, you’re well within your rights to access its tremendous offerings. 

With almost 300,000 eCommerce merchants using a Magento-based site, the question of order fulfilment arises. What fulfilment provider is innovative enough to adapt to your Magento site’s flexible cart system and other cohesive features? Our best bet is one that’s AI-enabled and integrable with 57 sales channels, ergo Bezos. 

Bezos is the Magento fulfilment partner you need. Our groundbreaking fulfilment services cover everything from order reception to returns management and will help redefine your business’ logistics operations. Our tech-enabled solutions automate logistics operations, fast-tracking your supply chain’s turnaround time while facilitating your business’ growth in new markets. 

What’s not to love? Take the bull by the horn, speak to our experts and scale your Magento eCommerce business today!

Bezos’ Magento fulfilment solutions

Bezos offers inventive, comprehensive and affordable fulfilment solutions for Magento businesses. Regardless of your business’ size or niche, we have growth-centred fulfilment solutions that are affordable and customisable to your preferences. By partnering with us, we absolve you of the inconvenience of self-fulfilling or the cost of intermediaries if you were to dropship. So, win-win. 

Our fulfilment services for Magento eCommerce stores are divided into categories covering all eCommerce fulfilment processes. They include:

1. Inventory picking/reception

Once you sign the dotted lines, we can commence the first step of our fulfilment service; inventory reception. We will need to pick up or receive your stock to begin its fulfilment, and choosing us as your Magento fulfilment provider enables you to send your inventory in any of these three ways. 

You can choose to:

  • Ship your inventory to any of our 63 fulfilment centres worldwide through another courier service. However, the fulfilment centre you ship to should preferably be close to your customer’s location. 
  • Ship your inventory directly from your manufacturer or supplier to us. This way, you eliminate the cost of courier services. 

Or, we can :

  • Pick up the stock from your preferred location and ship it to our fulfilment centre closest to the consumer’s location. Our 63 fulfilment centres in 17 countries make global fulfilment possible, accessible and excellent.

At Bezos, we’re all about inclusivity. This mandate is why we offer these inventory reception methods to accommodate the preferences and budgets of our unique eCommerce clients. 

2. Inventory storage

Storage comes after receiving or picking up your inventory. However, before storing the inventory, it is sorted and separated according to size and type. This way, we prevent the smaller and more fragile packages from getting stacked under the bulkier ones. At the sorting stage, the stock’s condition is inspected and assessed. If there’s any damage to the merchandise, it will be reflected in our Seller Portal. Else, we’ll assign a stock-keeping unit (SKU) to the inventory before storing it in conditions favourable to the specific stock type. 

For instance, if you’re a Magento eCommerce company that sells consumer electronics, we will store your stock away from water and excessive sunlight. We do this to preserve the stock’s integrity until it reaches the final consumer. All stock received and stored at our fulfilment centres are prepped to ensure they’re ready to be sold within 48 hours of arrival. However, this is mostly done in the next step. 

3. Order packing

Once the delivery date approaches, we will retrieve the inventory from storage using the assigned SKU. Once retrieved, we will transfer the inventory to our order packing station. This is where we label and repackage the order to guarantee the customer's unboxing experience is aesthetic and social media-worthy. This way, your Magento eCommerce company gains visibility, credibility and consumer loyalty. 

During the repackaging stage, we’ll attach invoices, delivery notes, returns papers and flyers where necessary. With our AI and machine learning technologies, Bezos can automate several order-packing activities to reduce downtime. This automation guarantees 99% pick-and-pack accuracy and eliminates the chances of errors. It also checkmates returns as customers receive their exact orders in pristine condition. 

4. Deliveries

Deliveries are our favourite, and we’re exceptional at it. Partnering your Magento business with Bezos gives you access to 10+ delivery options with little or no restraints. With a noon cut-off time for same-day delivery and other multiple delivery options, Bezos can help your business increase its sales as customers can shop anytime and still receive their orders early. 

The delivery options we offer include the following:

  • Same-day delivery
  • Standard delivery
  • Next-day delivery
  • Green delivery
  • Free next-day delivery, etc.

These delivery options reflect the order’s priority or the client’s service preference, and with the dedication of our team, your clients’ Magento orders will get to them within the specified time. 

5. Returns management/processing

No eCommerce business wants to deal with returns. They cost the business time and resources and can cause severe economic losses for the company. However, what if you transform your perspective on returns? What if, rather than viewing returns as a negative, it can be an opportunity to solidify consumer loyalty? With Bezos as your Magento fulfilment provider, we can help you achieve this. 

As a disclaimer, our 99% pick-and-pack accuracy eliminates 99% of 3PL-instigated returns. If a return is initiated, Bezos offers a fully customisable and robust returns service. Depending on your preference as a business, we could offer your client an exchange after picking up or receiving the returned product. However, information on the returned product, like the return reason, will be updated on the Bezos Seller Portal. 

Our swift responses and resolution present your Magento eCommerce business as reliable and customer-oriented, instilling and increasing consumer loyalty towards your company. Your customers want to feel heard and prioritised; a fulfilment partnership with us helps you achieve that. 

6. Inventory/order management

Bezos allows Magento businesses to manage their inventory and orders remotely. This is possible with our AI, machine learning and API integrations. With these integrations, Magento businesses gain full visibility of their inventory from reception to delivery. They can also manage their orders too. 

With the Bezos Seller Portal, these businesses can track their orders and get updates about them as they pass through the logistics stage of the eCommerce supply chain. This Seller Portal also gives insights into inventory levels and enables businesses to set reorder points while leveraging economies of scale. This way, your business is never out of stock during a consumer order spike. 

What you get with Bezos’ Magento fulfilment

Bezos’ fulfilment solutions are layered and comprehensive. They include features like:

  • Multi-channel integrations: The Bezos Seller Portal seamlessly integrates with 57 sales channels like Magento, Amazon, Etsy, WooCommerce, etc., and enables eCommerce businesses to link as many storefronts as they want. 
  • AI-enablement: Our fulfilment solutions are AI-enabled, which means many of our fulfilment services are automated. This feature checkmates human-led errors as it offers a 99% fulfilment accuracy. 
  • Global fulfilment: With 63 fulfilment centres and warehouses in 17 countries, Bezos propels your Magento business to amazing heights. By leveraging our extensive reach, your business can succeed in international markets as we help you foster and maintain thriving relationships with local and international customers. 
  • Time efficiency: Our automated processes reduce your Magento business’s turnaround time and enable you to achieve more in less time. We can help you free up 29 to 57 hours a month on fulfilment, which you can devote elsewhere. 
  • Cost-effectiveness: Bezos’ fulfilment services for Magento brands are highly affordable. Our comprehensive offerings are of greater value than what we charge. You can save up to 80% on international orders by partnering with us. The best part is that with our transparent pricing, there are no hidden fees, cancellation fees or minimum quantity charges. What you see is what you get. Start saving now!
  • Inclusivity: Our offerings are inclusive, as Magento businesses of different sizes, niches and budgets have access to them. These businesses can choose and adjust the services they need according to their preferences at no extra cost. 
  • Dedicated account manager: Once you partner with us, a dedicated account manager is assigned to your business. This manager works in your company’s best interests and can answer all your questions 24/7. 
  • Sustainable packaging and delivery solutions: Bezos believes in saving the planet. Our zero emissions (green) fulfilment and delivery solutions contribute to this mandate. We also repackage orders with recycled and upcycled materials. 
  • Remote order management/inventory tracking: Our Seller Portal permits the remote management of all orders by eCommerce businesses. Thus, businesses can handle all activities, complaints and returns regardless of geography. 

How to get started with Bezos

Your Magento eCommerce store can access the full services of Bezos by following these four easy steps:

  • Create a Bezos seller account
  • Ship your inventory
  • Integrate your Magento sales channel
  • Go live!

Partnering with Bezos gives you the competitive edge to succeed in a competitive market. Tap into this edge by speaking with our experts!


What is a fulfilment provider?

A fulfilment provider is a third-party service provider that fulfils a consumer order. It is a logistics company that processes, ships and delivers items ordered by consumers to consumers. 

What is a Magento POS?

A Magento point-of-sales is a system created for Magento retailers with either physical stores or Magento eCommerce sites. This system permits either retailer to use the Magento website as an omnichannel for online/offline sales and data management. 

Is Magento a B2B or B2C?

The Magento eCommerce platform has B2B or B2C versions. Users are advised to select versions that align with their business models.

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