Fulfilment Services for Healthcare Businesses

December 6, 2023
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If any niche requires great attention, fidelity and accuracy, it’s the health and medical niche. From the practitioners to the researchers and even the equipment manufacturers, precision is paramount in the health and medical sector, as the slightest errors can yield fatal consequences for everyone. 

With the critical nature of this niche, healthcare businesses cannot rely on anything but a meticulous fulfilment provider to handle their order fulfilment needs. Such businesses need fulfilment providers that pay great attention to detail without compromising on fulfilment standards or cutting corners. If they’re trying to expand to other countries and claim new territories, such businesses need a healthcare fulfilment partner that can help them scale globally. So, which fulfilment provider has offerings that are consistent with these descriptions? Easy, Bezos. Stick around to learn more about our healthcare fulfilment services. 

What Is Healthcare Fulfilment? 

Healthcare fulfilment is simply fulfilling health-related orders involving medical equipment and products. It involves a series of processes devoted to getting products like nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, supplies, vitamins, supplements, etc., to customers safely and efficiently. These processes include the following fulfilment steps:

  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Storage/warehousing
  • Shipping
  • Tracking
  • Delivery
  • Inventory management.

Customers and clients of eCommerce healthcare brands could be individuals, medical practitioners, patients, hospitals or other businesses, depending if the healthcare business is B2B, B2C or D2C. 

Healthcare fulfilment can be achieved in various ways, from self-fulfilling to dropshipping, 3PL or hybrid. However, each situation warrants a different fulfilment model. For instance, a thriving eCommerce healthcare business with over 30 daily orders and seeking to enter a foreign market could benefit from a full-service 3PL partner like Bezos. This is because we’re AI-optimised and incapable of experiencing certain healthcare fulfilment challenges that are synonymous with other third-party logistics (3PL) companies. 

Healthcare Fulfilment Challenges

Healthcare fulfilment involves the timely delivery of essential products to consumers. However, like most businesses, certain shipping-related challenges come with the trade. Without Bezos, your eCommerce brand would be subjected to fulfilment challenges of multiple types. Some of the challenges your healthcare business should brace itself for include the following;

1. Fulfilment mistakes

There’s no tolerance for errors and mistakes in healthcare fulfilment. This is because the resulting effects can be dire to the health and wellness of consumers. Supposing your healthcare business supplies syringes and other equipment to hospitals and the 3PL company fulfilling this order forgets to label the stock as ‘Dangerous Goods’ or ‘Sensitive.’ If the shipment gets placed in the same cargo as, let’s say, batteries or nail polish, it could render the medical supplies contaminated or unusable when delivered to the consumer. This mistake or oversight by the 3PL company could cost the healthcare company immeasurably in finances, reputation and credibility. So, it would be best to have a team of professionals that can deliver your stock fast and safely without the need for damage control. 

What we offer

Bezos’ robust fulfilment services for healthcare brands involve accuracy in every stage of the eCommerce supply chain. Thus, you can be guaranteed that the right orders will be shipped and delivered to the right consumer. Shipping the wrong orders with us is virtually impossible because we require our healthcare clients to include shipment details like photos. This way, our teams’ pick and pack accuracy is guaranteed. 

At Bezos, we also prioritise labelling. So, if your medical shipment falls in the category of ‘Sensitive’, ‘Fragile’ or ‘Dangerous Goods’, we’ll label and store it appropriately to reflect this. Thus, reducing the risk of damaged goods. 

Therefore, you need a meticulous healthcare fulfilment partner consistent with impeccable services. Luckily, at Bezos, this is our job description. 

2. Meeting demands

As mentioned, health and wellness is one of the most critical niches. For successful businesses in this niche, keeping up with demand can be difficult, especially without a reliable fulfilment provider. Your brand’s ability to handle the order volume spikes could catapult its global expansion, while its inability could leave you with a trail of angry clients and mismanaged orders. Thus, to prevent the burnout associated with self-fulfilling, you need a 3PL provider equipped to handle increased orders during your brand’s rush seasons.

What we offer

Bezos has the human resources, advanced technologies and necessary assets to fulfil large daily, monthly or yearly orders. With an average monthly shipment of 500-1,000 orders per client, Bezos can handle your healthcare brand’s order fulfilment at its highest peak. Not only this but as a global fulfilment provider with 63 fulfilment centres in 17 countries, we can seamlessly help your eCommerce healthcare company scale and expand into new markets. Thus, you can go from 30 local orders daily to 500 international orders from diverse countries. We can place your brand near life-changing clients, such as individuals, hospitals, nonprofits, pharmacies, you name it!

3. Lack of visibility

Hospitals and healthcare providers depend on past databases to inform them of their supply needs. However, the healthcare sector has transitioned to a more dynamic one since the pandemic. This transition has made these historic database models obsolete and incapable of handling and relaying the surge in demand for hospital supplies. This is because such database models are neither predictive nor do they offer real-time info on the hospital’s stock needs. Online healthcare companies are then tasked with doing an impossible job of supplying medical supplies without preparing for future demand spikes, which may lead to mismanaged orders. However, with Bezos, there’s a way to track the client’s needs in real-time and pre-empt their next supply. 

What we offer

Bezos’ Seller Portal offers full visibility into the healthcare brand’s stock and our entire fulfilment operations, from inventory reception to final delivery. This portal will help you see your current shipment, those out of stock and even transit errors. It will also let you see the current market trends and give you insights on when to stock up to accommodate future demand spikes. This invaluable information can be yours once you integrate your brand’s sales channels with Bezos and start saving now!

How We Handle Healthcare Fulfilment

Bezos is a full-service fulfilment provider with an integrable web and mobile platform. Ecommerce sellers can synchronise this platform with leading online stores like Amazon, eBay, WooCommerce, Etsy, etc. So, if your healthcare business is hosted on these channels or any of the 53 others that Bezos supports, you can sync it up with our Seller Portal to remotely monitor and manage your order’s fulfilment.

Bezos is known for transforming a previously labour-intensive task into a competitive advantage for your company. Here’s a guide on how we do it;

1. Order reception

Once you commit to us as your healthcare fulfilment partner and issue an order fulfilment request, we can begin serving you. Our world-class services commence with inventory reception, which we can achieve in any of our 63 fulfilment centres worldwide. Thus, we can receive your stock from the US and ship it to a UK healthcare provider who’s your customer. 

2. Order processing

Depending on the order’s priority, we begin processing as soon as we receive inventory. We do this to ensure it’s sold or delivered within 48 hours. The order processing stage of our eCommerce supply chain involves an initial stage of stock counting, inspections and disinfection. At the next stage, we register the inventory before labelling, assembling, storing and repackaging it for delivery. This is where we assign unique identification numbers to the stock, which you can use to retrieve relevant information and check its fulfilment status. 

3. Order shipping

Order shipping might be the most critical phase of your order’s fulfilment as a healthcare brand. At Bezos, we apply great care to ensure that your medical and health supplies are shipped safely and with great care. 

4. Order tracking

With Bezos’ Seller Portal, which offers a hands-off inventory management approach, eCommerce sellers can track and monitor their shipments seamlessly at every stage of the eCommerce supply chain. 

5. Returns solutions

As a healthcare brand, you probably dread handling returns. Bezos absolves you of this responsibility by offering robust and customisable returns solutions that match your brand’s policies and your client’s requirements. 

Bezos can help your healthcare business create a strong brand identity and build credibility in your niche. With our robust services, which guarantee fulfilment efficiency, we can help you create a great first impression on your clients and compel their loyalties to your brand. Speak to our fulfilment experts to learn how our offerings can create a competitive advantage for your healthcare company.


What are the types of fulfilment?

Orders can be fulfilled via dropshipping, third-party logistics (3PL) companies, in-house or a combination of either (hybrid). 

How do I choose a fulfilment service?

You can choose a fulfilment provider by reviewing their offerings to vet their potential compatibility with your company’s requirements. However, a full-service fulfilment provider that has the following features should be prioritised over one without:

  • Fast shipping and deliveries 
  • Warehouses in proximity to your clients’ locations
  • Packaging services
  • Inventory and returns management
  • Cost efficiency
  • Transparency and visibility.

What is the difference between fulfilment and fulfillment?

Both words mean the same thing; they’re spelt differently depending on your country. Fulfilment is the British spelling, while Fulfillment is the American spelling. So, if you’re shipping from America, ‘fulfillment’ is appropriate, but if you’re shipping from the UK, ‘fulfilment’ is the spelling to use.

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