What are European Fulfilment Services

December 6, 2023
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European Fulfilment Services for eCommerce Sellers

As an eCommerce seller, the complexities of international fulfilment may weigh you down, especially if you’re trying to break into the European market from countries like Australia, the US or Canada.

With challenges like value-added tax, customs, import duties and other fees accompanying international fulfilment, it’s a no-brainer why multiple eCommerce brands with potential prefer sticking to their local countries. 

Localising an eCommerce brand might seem like a risk-aware business approach, but it somewhat stifles the business’ growth and scalability. Such businesses become somewhat isolated and miss out on other markets’ growth potential.

What, then, should such eCommerce companies do? While this may seem like a typical ‘rock and a hard place’ dilemma, we know of a European fulfilment solution that can efficiently get you to your international customers at a fraction of the price. This international fulfilment solution is none other than 

Stick around to learn more about our eCommerce fulfilment solutions in Europe. 

eCommerce Fulfilment in Europe - Bezos

eCommerce fulfilment in Europe doesn’t have to be as hard as you expect it to be. You need a third-party logistics (3PL) provider with a global network of fulfilment centres that can simplify the international fulfilment of your merchandise. You need 

However, with self-fulfilment, 3PL, dropshipping and contactless delivery available as potential order fulfilment models that eCommerce businesses can adopt, what makes’s 3PL solutions the best option for your company? 

The first reason is our compatibility with your workload. Startup brands with a few daily orders and one to two international orders might choose the self-fulfilment model to save costs.

However, small to medium-sized eCommerce brands with over 30 daily orders from multiple countries cannot use the self-fulfilment route. They’d spend more on logistics fees than hiring a dedicated 3PL company. Hence, if your eCommerce brand fits the latter description, it makes more financial sense to go with a fulfilment provider with 63 fulfilment centres across 17 countries. 

Next is our ability to scale your brand. You need a fulfilment solutions provider that can get your products near your local and international clients. This way, geography would no longer limit your brand’s success as it can gain an influx of customers worldwide, witness organic growth and scale quickly. Your profit margin will increase as you spend less on logistics in the long run. 

There are more reasons why our European fulfilment company is your eCommerce brand’s best bet. From API integrations to offering AI-enabled solutions for your logistics dilemma, Bezos is the leading fulfilment solutions provider guaranteed to absolve your brand of the inconveniences of its logistics operations. Let us redefine your order fulfilment experience while elevating your customer service ratings. 

Why you should choose Bezos

As a creative fulfilment provider catering to local and international eCommerce brands worldwide, there are countless reasons you should partner with us. From our immense benefits to the competitive edge we offer, is your company’s best European fulfilment solutions provider. Here are more reasons why:

  • AI-enabled

We are known for our innovative fulfilment solutions built on advanced AI and machine learning software. With such technologies, our sophisticated solutions simplify and automate order fulfilment for eCommerce sellers. These solutions enhance efficiency during order fulfilment, which reflects positively on the eCommerce brand, yielding consumer loyalty. 

  • Customisable offerings

At Bezos, we permit each eCommerce client to be themselves, and we ensure their every need is met. We don’t follow a cookie-cutter approach; we believe each brand is unique. Hence, we devise different approaches to ensure you customise our robust solutions from order reception to its delivery. 

  • Global shipping

Your brand will witness international expansion with a European fulfilment partner like us. Bezos possesses 63 fulfilment centres in 17 countries worldwide.

This means you can reach and maintain your clients in Europe and worldwide without dealing with geographical barriers. Hence, we can facilitate your eCommerce brand’s scalability and growth. All you need to do is speak to our experts now to learn more about our European fulfilment services. 

  • API Integrations

Bezos enables eCommerce brands to integrate their businesses across multiple sales channels with our Seller Portal. For instance, if you have one brand on Amazon and another on Etsy, you can seamlessly integrate both brands on Bezos.

Our platform permits integrations from 57 other sales channels like Amazon, eBay, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc. With these API integrations, eCommerce brands can view and manage their order fulfilment logistics and remain up-to-date with new information concerning their inventory through their mobile devices and in real time. 

  • Transparency

At Bezos, what you see is what you get. We offer full transparency in our pricing and enhanced visibility of your inventory. There are no hidden fees or charges, nor do we impose a minimum order volume protocol like other fulfilment providers. 

Other benefits we offer include cost efficiency. We’re one of the most affordable international fulfilment companies you’ll find in Europe, and we help you reduce overhead costs once you start saving now!  

Finally, our customer support is another reason to choose our robust fulfilment services. We will assign you a personal account manager to handle your every request and satisfy all your needs 24/7. 

How we handle European fulfilment

Multiple small and medium-sized eCommerce businesses worldwide choose as their fulfilment partner because of our robust service offerings. We are known for doing what we do best, converting a previously labour-intensive task into a competitive advantage for your company. Here’s a guide that entails how we do it;

Step1: Stock reception

Once you sign the dotted lines with as your European fulfilment partner and send a fulfilment request, our world-class services commence. These services begin with stock or inventory reception. With 63 fulfilment centres and warehouses in 17 countries, Bezos can receive your stock directly from you despite your geographical location.

We can also receive said stock from your supplier or manufacturer. Preferably, we’ll receive it in the fulfilment centre closest to the intended customer to fast-track its delivery.

At, we are fully staffed and equipped to handle massive stock volumes, as our average European eCommerce brand ships over a thousand orders with us. Speak to our experts now to get started!

Step 2: Stock processing

Unless stated otherwise, we begin processing the stock as soon as it is received. We do this to ensure its sale or delivery within 48 hours. Bezos’ stock processing involves stock counting, inspections and disinfection.

After this, we register said inventory before labelling, assembling, storing and repackaging it for delivery. This is where we assign reference numbers that are reflected on your Seller portal. Your stock reference number is the ID you’ll use to retrieve relevant information about your stock and check its fulfilment status.

It’s worth noting that with Bezos’ repackaging services, your customers will enjoy an aesthetically pleasing unboxing experience that will elevate your brand’s customer experience rating and visibility across social channels. 

Step 3: Shipment

As an eCommerce brand with European customers, this might be the most important service to you, and at Bezos, we apply great care when shipping your customers’ orders. Bezos ships orders based on priority from one of our 63 fulfilment centres.

These orders are first retrieved from storage and repackaged before the final inspections are carried out. We ensure the timely delivery of all orders, irrespective of the customer’s zip code, as we ship worldwide. 

eCommerce brands can fast-track their order fulfilment even further with Bezos. How? By integrating their sales channels with the Bezos Seller Portal, which offers real-time info about your stock.

So, if your order is in shipment, you’ll receive alerts as it moves. Finally, with over ten delivery options, including ‘free next-day delivery’ and ‘green delivery,’ coupled with our same-day dispatch and a midnight cut-off time, your customers will receive their orders quickly. 

Step 4: Tracking 

As a European fulfilment partner for eCommerce businesses, Bezos applies inventive solutions that offer full visibility into one’s stock at every step of the chain. One of these solutions is the Bezos fulfilment tracker, which is available on the Seller Portal.

This tracker is integrated with AI technologies, placing brands in the driver’s seat and giving them control. Hence, UK, US, European and Canadian eCommerce brands can access all information concerning their inventory, storage, fulfilment and delivery statuses from their respective locations. 

Step 5: Returns solutions

Bezos offers robust and customisable returns solutions. This way, the diverse requests of your customers will be accommodated, and as a result, they feel prioritised and inspired to patronise your brand again as you’ve earned their loyalty.

This is how our returns solutions work. Once a customer initiates a return, we offer several options for a resolution. You will sign off on these options, which typically include a refund, store credit or an exchange. We will also document and update all information about this return, like the return reason, customer location and product ID, on the Seller Portal. 


What does a European fulfilment service do?

A European fulfilment service provider processes, ships and sometimes delivers products that its customers have purchased in Europe. Such third-party logistics (3PL) providers eliminate the need to package, address, ship and deliver said orders yourself. 

What are the types of order fulfilment?

eCommerce brands can choose from in-house, 3PL, dropshipping and hybrid fulfilment models. Each option is better suited for different scenarios, but a third-party logistics provider like will help your business soar. 

What are the best European fulfilment companies? stands tall on the list, but others include ShipBob, Amazon and FedEx. Each provider has unique offerings, but only Bezos can deliver happiness to your international customers.

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