10 Best eCommerce Advisory Companies in the Netherlands

December 6, 2023
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The Best eCommerce Advisory Companies in the Netherlands

Client and eCommerce advisory staff shaking hands after a meeting.

The eCommerce world is a digital landscape with ever-changing challenges. Therefore, staying afloat requires expert guidance, especially in a competitive place like the Netherlands. Solutions fortunately abound across the country, with excellent eCommerce advisory companies, including Bain & Company and Ernst & Young, readily hireable at your fingertips. With such options, your brand gets to operate on strategic and innovative insights at all times, ensuring a thriving business where most are striving. 

But, first, which of these eCommerce advisory firms is worth their salt? Picking the right one for your eCommerce brand is crucial to a productive relationship between you and your chosen firm. To help, we've shortlisted the top 10 eCommerce advisory companies in the Netherlands, covering their background, services and achievements.

Although guidance from eCommerce advisory firms in the Netherlands is vital, it isn't the only piece to the jigsaw puzzle. Remember, digital businesses are multifaceted with online and offline operations. So, while an advisory company oversees virtual endeavours, you must engage a trusted and proven eCommerce fulfilment service like Bezos to ensure real-world operations (from warehouse storage to order packing and final delivery) occur seamlessly.

Quickly, let's see what the best eCommerce advisory firms in the Netherlands have up their sleeves:

Bain & Company

Founded in 1973, Bain & Company's history with its clients has been long, rich and impactful. Its experts possess extensive knowledge and experience in eCommerce strategy, digital transformation and customer experience optimisation. Factor in the company's deep industry insights and data-driven approach, and it's easy to see how Bain & Company helps eCommerce businesses reach their full potential.

Bain & Company has its Dutch headquarters in Amsterdam and engages only professional consultants with advanced people skills. As a result, the company easily understands clients' unique challenges and develops tailored solutions accordingly. This expertise covers market analysis, digital strategy development, operational excellence, technology implementation and other relevant areas. 

Little wonder Bain & Company has won numerous prestigious accolades, from earning top spot on Glassdoor’s "Best Places to Work 2023" UK list (the entity placed third on the US listing) to ranking first in Vault's top 50 consulting firms for 2023.

Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

With its history dating back to 1963, BCG has long been a reliable consultant for transformative growth and strategy for businesses across industries. BCG's advisory services are comprehensive, helping Dutch virtual companies navigate the cumbersome landscape with confidence.

The popular eCommerce advisory firm excels at digital transformation, omnichannel strategy and operational excellence. With these top-tier services embedded in BCG's résumé, they've got the expertise required to proffer solutions that'll help eCommerce businesses maximise results and stay ahead of the competition. 

The company has an office in Amsterdam, serving as an innovation and collaboration hub that brings top talent together to deliver strategic insights and actionable recommendations. Its approach combines industry expertise, advanced analytics and a deep understanding of consumer behaviour to design effective eCommerce strategies.


Unlike its predecessors on this list, SparkOptimus is a true Dutch eCommerce advisory company, meaning it started in the Netherlands. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the firm majors in consultancy for brands seeking to thrive in the constantly evolving eCommerce landscape.

SparkOptimus's multidisciplinary professionals boast deep industry knowledge and technical expertise, ensuring tailored solutions that drive digital growth for every client. They join forces to create you-driven market strategies and guide you through implementation and maintenance. 

As a testament to its excellence, SparkOptimus has received significant recognition within the industry. The company's expertise and impact on the eCommerce sector have earned it accolades, including inclusion in Emerce's most in-demand list in the Netherlands and topping the “Best of Consulting” category in the 2022 WirtschaftsWoche awards.

eCommerce advisory board brainstorming to uncover the challenges bothering an online business.

Ernst & Young (EY)

Ernst & Young (EY) is famous for its thorough advisory services. Its portfolio covers eCommerce strategy development, digital transformation, data analytics, cybersecurity and regulatory compliance. 

The firm leverages its wide eCommerce advisory network, exceptional expertise and unquestionable dedication to help you achieve your eCommerce goals, notwithstanding the obstacles. That's because EY works only with thoroughbred experts familiar with the exclusive challenges facing online businesses today. 

EY has its Netherlands head office in Amsterdam. It's a vastly accessible location where clients can easily fix a meet-up when necessary. This provision testifies to the company's commitment to your success. As such, it's natural that EY has picked up various awards over the years, including Adobe's 2019 Emerging Solution Partner of the Year and UiPath's 2021 and 2022 Global Partner of the Year.

KPMG International Limited

Launched in 1987, KPMG is a prominent English company with an all-inclusive advisory service portfolio. It has a strong foothold in the Dutch e-market, combining its global presence strength with in-depth industry knowledge and admirable technical know-how to churn out innovative strategies with ease.

This expertise cuts across multiple relevant areas that'll affect your brand. Examples include eCommerce strategy development, brand transformation, data analytics, regulatory compliance and technology implementation. Deciding blindly in any of these critical operations can severely hurt your business, not to mention that correction would cost a fortune.

And with offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, KPMG is present enough to serve clients across the Netherlands. This local presence in key cities means that KPMG has first-hand experience of what it's like to operate in the Dutch eCommerce universe, ensuring that reports and recommendations proffered are rarely wrong.

PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited — PwC

Having launched in the mid-19th century, PwC's rich heritage in the eCommerce service realm is understandable. The company ranks among the best professional services firms across the world, including the Netherlands.  

PwC stars in different eCommerce-related fields, including digital strategy development, market analysis, customer experience optimisation, supply chain management and technology incorporation. As such, the firm is a reliable source for all advice on seizing opportunities and upgrading your brand, whether you operate in retail, consumer goods, technology or healthcare.

As expected, PwC has received recognition for its excellence. It picked up four awards at the 2015 Management Consulting Association Awards and appeared on Business Consulting's 2021 IDC MarketScape lists for the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific and the globe.

Deloitte Digital

It's easy to see Deloitte Digital is a leading eCommerce advisory company in the Netherlands. The company boasts a remarkable local presence, with 15 offices located across popular cities, such as Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Groningen and Eindhoven. 

Deloitte Digital guarantees a wealth of expertise and resources that'll help you navigate the troublesome eCommerce landscape successfully. How? By leveraging its relationship with Deloitte, one of the largest professional services companies globally. 

Offerings from Deloitte Digital include eCommerce strategy development, user experience design, technology implementation, data analytics and performance optimisation. As such, the firm identifies growth opportunities, enhances customer engagement and streamlines operations in the digital realm. Deloitte Digital has won numerous awards due to its track record. They include the Partner Innovation Award (2013 - 2022) and many Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards (2021). 

McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company has a simple goal: to assist eCommerce businesses in adapting to the ever-changing landscape and give them a sustainable competitive advantage. And so far, so good! Since its launch in 1964, the firm has consistently helped businesses across the world to grow and solve complex challenges. 

The Netherlands isn't left behind, either. McKinsey & Company also holds a significant share of the Dutch eCommerce advisory market, with an office in Amsterdam, thanks to its effective combination of technology, market insights and data analytics tools. McKinsey & Company's eCommerce advisory services cover a wide field, including customer journey mapping, digital strategy, organisational design, performance improvement and implementation support. 

For optimal results, the firm works closely with you throughout the process, ensuring result-driven strategies and unlocking new growth avenues. What's more, the firm works with exceptional servicemen only. All its representatives are remarkably educated, experienced, people-smart and committed; as such, you can rest assured they'll discharge their duties efficiently and wholeheartedly. These pros major in different fields, from consulting to technology. Thus, you may as well use McKinsey & Company for other eCommerce needs. 

Advisory member delivering an eCommerce-themed presentation to seated clients.

Boer & Croon

Boer & Croon is a top management consulting and advisory firm based in the Netherlands. The company focuses on driving business transformation and delivering strategic solutions, which it achieves by providing specialised eCommerce advisory solutions that'll ensure success in the Dutch digital marketplace. 

To help clients achieve their objectives, Boer & Croon optimises its competence in eCommerce strategy, technology and innovation. Ecommerce market analysis, digital transformation planning, customer experience optimisation and operational improvement are only a few of its services. Little wonder it's a trusted partner to hundreds of thousands of businesses in the Netherlands.

Boer & Croon's team comprises seasoned experts with diverse backgrounds, including business consultants, digital strategists and technology professionals. It boasts a wealth of experience and deeply understands the Dutch e-market, so solving everyone's eCommerce obstacles is simple. Many agree that Boer & Croon is the ideal go-to for sustainable growth and success. The brand has received significant recognition, with Boer & Croon appearing on the list of Top 10 Financial M&A Advisors (2014).


DigitalWorks is a prominent eCommerce advisory company reputed for its expertise in digital transformation and innovative solutions. With a strong presence in the Dutch market, the firm helps businesses harness the power of digital technologies to optimise their eCommerce strategies and achieve sustainable growth.

The team at DigitalWorks comprises a talented group of professionals specialising in eCommerce, technology, design and marketing. It collaborates with clients to understand their unique challenges and develop tailored solutions that drive business outcomes.

DigitalWorks' advisory services include digital strategy development, user experience design, eCommerce platform implementation, digital marketing, data analytics and performance optimisation. With these options, you can stay competitive in the continuously evolving eCommerce world.

Wrap Up

Like everywhere else, eCommerce businesses in the Netherlands must keep up with rapidly changing landscapes and take important decisions accordingly. Should they take these decisions blindly, it's only a matter of time before their brands feel the heat. 

It's, therefore, essential to work with trusted eCommerce advisory companies. Fortunately, the list above comprises the most reliable ones in the country, from global consulting brands like Bain & Company and BCG to specialised eCommerce advisory establishments like SparkOptimus and DigitalWorks. 

These firms will help you to develop effective eCommerce strategies and advise you on various parts of your operations to optimise customer experiences. And in such a dynamic industry beset with shadows at every corner, can you afford to fly blind?

Although the entities listed in this guide are revered for offering eCommerce advice, you'll need a top-tier firm to execute your fulfilment needs. Here, Bezos comes in ahead of the field, granting you access to speedy deliveries and budget-friendly logistic expenses. Contact us now to get started!


How can eCommerce advisory companies help my business in the Netherlands?

Ecommerce advisory companies in the Netherlands offer multiple data-driven solutions to help businesses succeed in the digital marketplace. They offer strategic guidance, develop tailored eCommerce strategies, optimise user experiences, implement advanced technologies, and use data analytics to encourage growth and competitiveness. 

Online businesses that tap into these companies' expertise can gain a competitive edge, improve their marketing results and comfortably resolve whatever challenge arises.

What factors should I consider when choosing an eCommerce advisory company in the Netherlands?

When selecting an eCommerce advisory company in the Netherlands, it's essential to consider their industry experience, track record and expertise in your specific business sector. Assess their successful projects, client testimonials and multidisciplinary team. 

Additionally, evaluate their local market dynamic understanding, technological proficiency and ability to provide customised solutions aligned with your business goals.

How long does it take for eCommerce advisory companies to deliver results?

The timeline for delivering results varies according to the project's complexity and your business' specific goals. Ecommerce advisory companies work closely with clients to develop a clear roadmap and set realistic expectations. 

Why? Ecommerce success is a continuous process. While some improvements can be seen in the short term, achieving sustainable growth may require a longer-term strategy. Collaborating closely with the advisory company and maintaining open communication will help ensure the project progresses efficiently and effectively.

What should I expect in terms of pricing when working with an eCommerce advisory company?

Pricing structures differ among eCommerce advisory companies, with some offering fixed-price packages while others may structure prices according to the project. The cost typically depends on factors such as the project's scope, required expertise level and engagement period. 

You must have transparent discussions about pricing and understand the value that the advisory company will deliver to ensure a fair and mutually beneficial partnership.

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