The Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Advisory Companies in Germany

December 6, 2023
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Best eCommerce Advisory Companies in Germany

Navigating the multifaceted eCommerce terrain in Germany can be a treacherous quest. As such, professional guidance has become almost non-negotiable for digital businesses looking to make headway. 

Thankfully, Germany has numerous award-winning eCommerce advisory firms. Here, you can go with tested and proven advisory companies like SparkOptimus and Neofonie GmbH. With the suggestions provided by these companies, your virtual business can go from obscurity to nationwide popularity in record time.

Although we highlighted two trusted entities in the German eCommerce advisory network, are there other alternatives you can trust? The last thing you want is to engage an organisation to deliver solutions that don't yield positive dividends. As such, we've curated this guide to provide context on the top eCommerce advisory companies you can rely on in Germany.

While suggestions provided by eCommerce advisory companies are great, you'll also need to engage fulfilment services like Bezos to sort out your digital business' ground operations (i.e., order packing and delivery). 

Let's run through the ten most trusted eCommerce advisory companies in Germany:

1. Plan.Net Group

Established in 1997, Plan.Net Group has a storied history in the digital arena. This eCommerce advisory company is an "all-rounder" with experts proficient in customer experience consulting, UX and visual design, custom web and app solutions, social media and performance marketing. 

Plan.Net Group's mission is straightforward: deliver data-driven solutions designed to help you detect customer behaviour and curate personalised experiences that'll allow them to connect with your brand. 

Partnering with revered entities like Google, SAP, Salesforce, Adobe and OpenAI, Plan.Net Group has German offices in Berlin, Hamburg and Köln. This company was also named "market leader" by Lünedock in 2022.

2. Reply

Reply is a top-tier eCommerce advisory company committed to making your vision a reality. Established in 1996, this company has a "digital experience" division that combines strategy and creativity via revolutionary technologies to make things happen. 

Reply has a vast array of services, including CX and digital commerce, design, social media, supply chain management, digital experience and cloud computing. These services cement Reply's place as an eCommerce advisory firm committed to ensuring virtual stores reach their full potential.

Reply has a heavy presence in Germany, with offices in Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Bremen, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Gütersloh, Cologne, Minden, Potsdam and Stuttgart. As such, German virtual store owners seeking context on improving their business can engage professionals without embarking on long, torrid trips.

Executing complex projects for firms like BMW, Daimler, Vodafone and Volkswagen has set Reply up for several awards. In 2022, Lünendock ranked Reply as the leading "Digital Experience Provider" for its rich portfolio and high market relevance. Reply also earned "leader" status in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for CRM and Customer Experience Implementation Services Worldwide.

Reply's homepage.

3. SparkOptimus

Founded by two ex-McKinsey & Company employees in 2010, SparkOptimus has grown to be an eCommerce advisory firm that adopts a customer-first approach to deliver hassle-free digital growth. SparkOptimus takes a reliable and credible stance by partnering with industry leaders like eBay, Unilever, ING, Shell, Heineken, Nestlé, InterSport, Henkel and IKEA.

With an office in Düsseldorf, SparkOptimus transforms new technologies into profitable opportunities for German eCommerce businesses via its five unique services — digital strategy, digital transformation, ventures and scale-ups, analytics and AI, and mergers and acquisitions.

Despite launching over a decade ago, SparkOptimus has received recognition for its state-of-the-art offerings. Notable mentions include WirtschaftsWoche' "Best of Consulting 2022" award and ranking first in the Emerce 100 five times (2016, 2017, 2019, 2020 and 2022). 

4. BearingPoint

BearingPoint offers people-themed management and technology consultancy to provide innovative solutions that'll positively affect digital businesses operating in Germany.

From its Frankfurt headquarters, the firm's multifaceted team delivers expert advice in operations, customer growth, finance & risk, technology, and people & strategy. These aspects can either make or mar an eCommerce business; those who engage BearingPoint's services can rest assured that capable hands are in charge of these critical areas.

Since its rebrand (from KPMG Consulting Inc. to BearingPoint) in 2002, BearingPoint has delivered over 1,600 projects and generated over €860 million. This stellar track record has resulted in several awards, including the 2022 SAP® Pinnacle Award for Sustainability and the 2022 SAP® Award in the Partner Application of the Year (Industry Cloud Category). 

5. Laudert

Laudert's "Welcome to the Home of Media" tagline is enough incentive to attract clients seeking marketing solutions to take their eCommerce business to greater heights. Launched in 1959, this German advisory company lives up to the hype through services like product staging, content optimisation, system implementation and data exports for streamlined use in the vast social media terrain. 

Committed to ensuring successful product and brand communication with technology leading the charge, Laudert has received several awards. Top mentions include the Golden Cart Award (2016) and the Partner of the Year award by WERK II (2016 and 2018) and Contentserv (2018 and 2019).

6. Neofonie GmbH

Established in 1998, Neofonie GmbH is a Berlin-based digital consulting firm that delivers data-driven solutions to small and large-scale businesses. Neofonie GmbH experts possess 20 years of hands-on experience in commerce, content management, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and mobile optimisation. 

What's better? Neofonie GmbH doesn't do things halfway. As a full-service entity, it offers everything from an initial idea to the final product. And regardless of your eCommerce business's challenges, Neofonie GmbH will deliver on time and within budget.

Neofonie GmbH has several awards in its résumé, all thanks to its practical and meticulous deliveries. For perspective, this eCommerce advisory company won the German Web Awards (2022) and European Digital Media Award. 

Neofonie's homepage.

7. AOE GmbH

AOE GmbH is an agency that helps businesses reach their maximum digital potential by utilising a special combination of talents, technology and vision. With AOE GmbH spearheading proceedings, virtual eCommerce stores can excel regardless of prevailing circumstances in the saturated German eCom market.

Established in 1999, AOE GmbH is proficient in consulting and enablement, co-creation and acceleration, and development and technology. Being an industry leader in these segments has seen the entity work alongside global brands like Webex by Cisco, Angry Birds, Heathrow, T-Systems, Panasonic, Singapore Airlines and Sony. 

Headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany, AOE GmbH has also been recognised for its impeccable digital services, winning the Moodie Award for Best eCommerce Platform (2018) and Frontier Award for Technology Innovator of the Year (2017).

8. Valantic GmbH

Valantic GmbH specialises in developing digital and software solutions for businesses that require an edge over the competition. With over 3,500 expert consultants and developers in its employ, Valantic GmbH comes in first for top-tier customer experience, digital strategy and analytics, financial services automation, and SAP services. 

Valantic GmbH's cutting-edge stance has seen it partner with many reputable companies since its 2012 launch. Notable mentions include BBC Cellpack Technology, HGC, Vitakraft, STOLL, Siemens and Calida.

Valantic GmbH's strides in the digital realm haven't gone unnoticed. In 2022, the agency won the SAP Pinnacle Award in the Customer Engagement category; furthermore, it received the Best Consultant Award in 2020 and the IBM Bestseller Award in 2019. With these significant awards up this German-based company's sleeves, eCommerce store owners can rest assured that Valantic GmbH will utilise sophisticated digital software solutions to ensure the long-term success of their businesses.

9. Valtech GmbH

Valtech GmbH is a digital agency committed to facilitating business transformation via digital innovations. Established in 1993, this agency has delivered digital solutions for famous companies like L'Oréal, Lufthansa, Volkswagen, MAC Cosmetics, easyJet and Levi's. With these partnerships under its belt, one thing's certain — Valtech GmbH is a credible entity with multiple use cases to boot.

Valtech GmbH has a truckload of expertise in the following areas: connected experiences, digital platforms, marketing services and transformation consulting. The firm's a "jack of all digitisation trades" and can propel unknown eCommerce businesses to stardom. 

With several offices across Germany, customers seeking the expertise of Valtech GmbH's professionals can do so without hassles. What's more? Valtech GmbH has accolades to show for its concerted efforts in the ever-changing digital arena; this agency won the Leader of the Year award by the Grand Prix for Agencies of the Year (2019) and the UX Design Award in the Product Category (2022).

Despite adopting a global stance with 63 offices in 23 countries, Valtech GmbH has 11 distinct offices in Germany. Good news for eCommerce entities functional within Deutschland!

10. diconium GmbH

"Creating digital champions" is diconium GmbH's motto. This advisory company develops strategies and builds commerce platforms by utilising data-driven intelligence. diconium GmbH's vast service spectrum spreads across innovation and strategy, customer experience, data and AI, commerce solutions and transformation.

Currently headquartered in Stuttgart, diconium GmbH has a clientele of top brands like Volkswagen, Edeka, Bechtle, TRUMPF, STIHL, Porsche and Audi. diconium GmbH, via its "thematic insights" initiative, delivers context on revolutionary developments and practical recommendations you can keep up with in reports, podcasts, articles and videos.

diconium GmbH prides itself on a great working environment for digital professionals — little wonder it earned "Top Job Awards" in Baden Württemberg and Berlin in 2017 and 2019, respectively. Thus, you can rest assured that employees at diconium GmbH will go the extra mile to curate solutions that suit your virtual store's profitability goals to the "T".

diconium's homepage.


The German eCommerce industry is headed towards complete digitisation. Virtual businesses within this jurisdiction are doing all they can to introduce techy extras that'll see them trump the competition. But the market is unforgiving — one wrong move can make an eCommerce business lose relevance instantly.

Before dipping your feet into murky waters, engaging an eCommerce advisory company is critical. And in this guide, we've delivered an overview of the best eCommerce advisory organisations with a proven track record. Working alongside global brands, these firms will utilise their digital expertise to increase your business's reach once you engage their services.

Although eCommerce advisory companies deliver great solutions to propel your virtual store to greater heights, don't lose sight of vital real-world operations like efficient order packing and deliveries. For this, you'll need to engage an excellent fulfilment service like Bezos. With us in your corner, your eCommerce start-up will gain positive reviews and traction within the saturated German market. If this sounds like something you seek, contact us today!


What is an eCommerce advisory company?

An eCommerce advisory company helps virtual businesses improve their online stores and overall eCommerce results. These entities feature experts that provide top-tier solutions in sync with prevailing trends to give clients an edge in the saturated eCommerce market.

Why are eCommerce advisory companies important to businesses?

Ecommerce advisory companies in Germany are essential for many reasons. Notable mentions include:

  • Provides detailed feedback: When you engage an eCommerce advisory company to steer your digital business towards success, rest assured that they'll validate every "nook and cranny" of your business and offer comprehensive feedback. 
  • Improved sales and profits: The sole aim of any digital business is to make sales and profits. Ecommerce advisory companies can realise this endeavour by delivering rock-solid digital market suggestions, eCom site recommendations and social media marketing plans.
  • Saves time and money: Contrary to popular belief, hiring an eCommerce advisory company doesn't cost an arm and a leg. In fact, you'll spend less on these firms than you would on a full-time employee, as the former has no overhead costs.

What is the German eCommerce landscape like in 2023?

Ecommerce is a popular and lucrative activity in Germany. According to Statista, more than 90% of German households have access to the Internet (compared to just over 60% back in 2006). In 2022, 91% of Internet users in Germany (aged 16 and above) shopped online. Albeit 4% lower than the previous year, one thing's clear — the eCommerce allure in Germany isn't dwindling anytime soon.

The German eCommerce scene is growing from strength to strength, with Statista projecting a market size worth $109.90 billion in 2023. Additionally, revenue is expected to showcase a compound annual growth rate (CAGR 2023 to 2027) of 8.05%, paving the way for an estimated market volume of $149.80 billion by 2027.

What factors should you consider when choosing an eCommerce advisory firm?

If you're searching for a German eCommerce advisory company to deliver solutions that'll positively impact your business, consider your budget alongside the company's:

  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Service portfolio
  • Ecommerce experience
  • Culture and values.

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