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The e-commerce resources your business can benefit from in 2021

December 6, 2023
4 min read

The world of e-commerce is constantly changing and it can be hard to keep up. We have compiled the best blogs and email newsletters to help you optimise your e-commerce business and keep ahead of the curve. 

Whether you want to keep up-to-date with the latest industry news, e-commerce marketing tactics, or you are just interested in the stories behind some of the most successful e-commerce brands, keep reading to see our top picks of the best resources.

Blogs & Industry News

Blogs and industry-specific news sites are a digestible and efficient way of catching up on e-commerce headlines or learning new information and staying up-to-date with e-commerce trends. With so many out there it can be hard to find ones that provide relevant insights and help solve challenges unique to you and your business. To help you get started here’s a few of our favourite e-commerce blogs and e-commerce news sites:

1. Practical Ecommerce 

Practical Ecommerce is an independent site which publishes expert insights, optimisation tips and guides to help e-commerce companies get ahead.

Updated daily with articles that can usually be read in under 5 minutes, it is the perfect place to get some inspiration in the morning.

Take a look at The Keys to More Ecommerce Conversions

2. Modern Retail

Modern Retail gives an honest insight into the state of e-commerce with observation into global trends and news across the industry. Modern Retail also has a brilliant podcast that is worth a listen (See our favourite podcasts and videos here).

A true news site with multiple stories every day makes it perfect to browse with your morning coffee to prepare you for the day. You can access a few articles a month for free but for full access, exclusive content and unique in-depth industry research you will need to buy a membership.

Take a look at The DTC boom got a lifeline in 2020

3. Retail Brew 

Retail Brew provides engaging retail industry trends and news giving you quick insights into how the industry is changing from the biggest brands in e-commerce, to keep your finger on the pulse.

With new articles almost every day and usually taking less than 5 minutes to read it’s certainly worth a flick through to make sure you don’t fall behind.

Take a look at After a Strained Holiday Season, Retailers Will Face a Returns Crunch

Emails & Newsletters

Email and newsletter subscriptions provide you with a selection of the blog posts, articles, infographics and industry news that you want direct to your inbox. Perfect for the morning commute, whether that's on the train to your office (it's been a while for us) or from the kitchen to the uncluttered corner of your spare room… Here are the e-commerce emails we read:

1. Tamebay

Tamebay is a great source of marketplace news, and advice delivered straight to your inbox. The news is tailored for merchants, retailers and e-commerce brands including those selling on online e-commerce marketplaces (such as Amazon and Etsy) in the UK and Europe.

You will get a daily email with the headlines and a short summary of each, if you want to see more you can click through to the full article. It doesn’t take long to read and is always relevant so doesn't just clutter up your inbox.

Take a look at $115bn in returns set to hit businesses

2. BigCommerce

"BigCommerce's mission is to help merchants sell more at every stage of business growth", this is mirrored in their insightful long and short-form content that is some of the highest-ranked in the industry by Google. We recommend signing up to their email newsletter to get all of this straight to your inbox to keep informed of topical e-commerce insights and stories that add perspective & colour to e-commerce news.

The weekly newsletters are well crafted to quickly get you up to date on the trending topics of the week

Take a look at An Investor’s Outlook on What Makes a Successful Online Brand with Jeff Richards

3. FBA Monthly

A must-read for Amazon sellers, FBA Monthly is an independent resource providing detailed insights for busy sellers and Amazon enthusiasts directly to your mailbox.

Only coming in twice a month this certainly won’t clog up your inbox, but it will still keep you up to date with the latest changes and tips that are essential for anyone selling on Amazon.

Take a look at Post Brexit Amazon FBA inventory storage limits

Prefer to get you insights in audio or video from? Click here to see our favourite podcasts and video channels that your business can benefit from. To make sure you don't miss any of our other industry insights sign up to our newsletter here.

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