The 6 Best Courier Companies for Small Businesses in the UK

December 6, 2023
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Best Couriers for Small Businesses in the UK

With the UK’s dynamic business landscape, small businesses face numerous challenges in meeting the growing demands of their customers. Thus, efficient and timely delivery of goods is pivotal to their success, which makes courier services vital. By partnering with reputable courier companies, small businesses can greatly benefit from these companies’ competitive advantage. 

However, choosing a courier service provider is crucial for small businesses, as poor service quality manifesting in delays and lost orders can instigate significant damages, financial and otherwise. In today’s competitive market, small businesses need help to minimise such setbacks. Therefore, it is imperative for them to carefully select reliable courier services that prioritise timely and secure deliveries. 

By choosing the best courier services, SMEs can ensure efficient shipping processes, maintain customer satisfaction and strengthen their client base. Not sure which courier services work best for small businesses? Here’s your list of the UK’s best couriers for small businesses.  

Best Courier Companies for Small Businesses in the UK

1., the prominent logistics company catering to small and medium-sized eCommerce businesses within and outside the UK, stands out for its innovative approach to order fulfilment and parcel delivery. With a focus on enhancing the shipping experience, offers multiple delivery options to meet the unique needs of each small business. These businesses gain access to streamlined logistics and fulfilment solutions through Bezos’ comprehensive fulfilment network. 

Furthermore, ensures end-to-end transparency, providing real-time tracking and visibility at all fulfilment stages. Our commitment to reliable customer support further establishes us as a trusted courier partner for small businesses in the UK.

Here’s what offers small businesses in the UK: 

  • AI technology: We excel in leveraging AI and machine learning technology to identify and preempt possible delivery issues that small businesses experience, solving them before they materialise. 
  • Multiple delivery options: To cater to the unique needs of each small business, offers 10+ delivery options. These include same-day, next-day, standard or green delivery. Businesses can choose the most suitable option for their requirements and budget. This flexibility empowers businesses to meet their customers’ expectations and maintain a competitive edge in the market.
  • Access to Bezos’ fulfilment network: One of the key advantages of partnering with is gaining access to our comprehensive fulfilment network. This network provides businesses with robust logistics and fulfilment solutions that cover 17 countries. Thus, small businesses can gain solutions like storage, inventory management and order processing regardless of location. By leveraging this network, businesses can expand and optimise their operations to maximise growth.
  • Transparency: Through the Bezos Seller Portal, which can be accessed upon registration, businesses can easily monitor the progress of their shipments in real time. This transparency enables small businesses to proactively manage their deliveries, handle unforeseen issues and provide accurate customer updates.
  • Reliable customer support: takes pride in offering reliable customer support to small businesses. To ensure each small business is prioritised, we assign account managers to each client of ours. This dedicated manager can readily address inquiries, resolve shipping-related issues and provide personalised assistance. Our commitment to exceptional customer service ensures businesses receive the necessary support and guidance throughout all order fulfilment processes.

2. Royal Mail

Royal Mail is a widely recognised and trusted courier service provider in the UK. Over the years, this courier has deployed its experience to curate a range of solutions tailored to meet the needs of small businesses. Royal Mail has a comprehensive range of delivery services, convenient collection options, tracking capabilities, and online tools to support small businesses and their shipping needs. As a small business, you can leverage their services to ensure reliable and efficient delivery for your customers.

Some of Royal Mail’s offerings include:

  • Delivery: Royal Mail offers multiple delivery options like first, second and special deliveries. You can sort through these services and decide what works best for your business. This courier also provides reliable and cost-effective domestic and international shipping solutions to meet the specific requirements of small businesses.
  • Collection services: Royal Mail provides convenient package collection services, such as the Click & Drop service, which allows businesses to drop off their prepaid items quickly. Small businesses can also choose their scheduled daily collections for larger volumes of mail and parcels.
  • Tracking and proof of delivery: Knowing the exact location of a customer’s package is very important for small businesses. Royal Mail understands this need and offers a real-time tracking system depending on the delivery option. This system also provides proof of delivery, giving small businesses the assurance they need.  
  • Online services: Royal Mail embraces digital innovation and provides online tools and resources to streamline shipping. Through their online platform, SMEs can access bulk-shipping tools for managing larger volumes of orders.

4. Dynamic Parcel Distribution (DPD)

DPD is another top courier company in the UK, known for its exceptional service offerings and innovative approaches that cater specifically to the needs of small businesses. Here are some key aspects of DPD’s services:

  • Next-day and international delivery: DPD offers reliable next-day delivery services within the UK and has an extensive network for international shipping. 
  • Real-time tracking: The company provides advanced tracking capabilities, allowing businesses and their customers to monitor the progress of shipments in real time. This feature promotes transparency and provides an accurate time-stamp of the parcel as it journeys to its destination. 
  • Flexible delivery options: DPD provides diverse delivery options to accommodate the budgets and preferences of each small business. There are also options to deliver to a safe place, a neighbour or a designated DPD pickup location. This flexibility ensures that recipients can receive their packages conveniently, even when they are unavailable at delivery.
  • Predictive delivery notifications: One of the values of DPD is innovation. Their ‘Predict’ service provides recipients with a one-hour delivery window and the ability to track the delivery driver’s progress on a map. This proactive approach ensures that recipients are informed and can plan accordingly to reduce missed deliveries.
  • DPD Pickup: Besides home and business delivery, DPD offers a network of Pickup points across the UK. As a customer, you can choose a convenient location for parcel collection, such as a local shop or a locker, providing flexibility and convenience for both businesses and recipients.

4. Hermes

With a strong presence in the UK, Hermes has emerged as a prominent courier company offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to small businesses’ unique demands. Here are some noteworthy aspects of Hermes’ services and their innovative approaches:

  • Ecommerce solutions: Hermes has developed specialised services for eCommerce businesses. This courier offers integrated solutions that enable small businesses to streamline their online order fulfilment processes. This includes batch shipping, automated labelling and easy integration with popular eCommerce platforms.
  • Flexible delivery options: Hermes offers flexible collection and delivery options to accommodate the dynamic schedules of small businesses. This includes the convenience of drop-off and pickup locations, saving businesses time.
  • Surveillance: Hermes leverages advanced tracking technology to provide real-time visibility and transparency throughout delivery. This feature allows small businesses and their customers to track shipments conveniently and stay informed about their progress.
  • Hermes returns: One unique feature of Hermes is its comprehensive returns service that enables small businesses to manage customer returns efficiently. They provide convenient return options, such as drop-off at a local ParcelShop or collection from the customer’s address, making the returns process smooth and hassle-free.
  • Tech-enabled: Hermes continually embraces technological advancements to enhance its services. Whether integrating with eCommerce platforms or leveraging automation for streamlined operations, the company stays at the forefront of innovation to meet the evolving needs of small businesses.

5. United Parcel Services (UPS)

UPS is a globally recognised courier company that provides a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the needs of small businesses in the UK. Here are some key aspects of UPS’ services and their innovative approaches:

  • Express delivery: UPS offers reliable and expedited express delivery services for small businesses. The company provides guaranteed next-day and time-definite delivery options, ensuring prompt and efficient delivery of domestic and international packages.
  • International shipping: UPS is also a viable option for small businesses in the UK that engage in international trade and delivery. They have a strong global presence and offer a wide range of international shipping services, including customs clearance assistance, optimised routing, and shipment tracking to ensure smooth and reliable cross-border delivery.
  • Customisable solutions: Customised solutions are provided by UPS. These tailored services cater to specific industries like healthcare, retail and eCommerce, ensuring efficient and industry-specific shipping options for businesses.
  • Visibility: Besides the tracking service on UPS’ website, it offers features like UPS My Choice, which provides recipients with delivery alerts, rescheduling options and the ability to track packages on a map. This innovative approach enhances transparency and customer satisfaction.
  • UPS Access Point: To enhance convenience for small business customers, UPS has established a network of Access Point locations. These are local businesses, such as convenience stores or retail outlets, where recipients can collect their packages at a time that suits them best. This flexible pickup option increases customer convenience and reduces missed deliveries.

6. DHL

With a strong presence in the UK, DHL is a major leading courier with a global reach. Thus, small businesses looking to expand into other markets can optimise their growth potential with a courier like DHL. DHL provides an array of reliable delivery services, specialised solutions and other services that cater to the diverse courier needs of small businesses. 

Some of the company’s unique services are:

  • Express delivery: DHL offers small businesses reliable and expedited express delivery services. It provides guaranteed next-day and time-definite delivery options, both domestically and internationally. With its extensive network and efficient logistics, DHL ensures the timely and efficient delivery of packages to destinations worldwide.
  • International shipping: DHL offers a comprehensive range of international shipping services, including customs clearance assistance, optimised routing and end-to-end tracking. DHL’s global logistics expertise helps businesses easily navigate complex international shipping requirements.
  • Industry-specific solutions: DHL understands that different industries have unique shipping needs and offer specialised solutions for various sectors, such as healthcare, automotive, eCommerce and more. These industry-specific services provide businesses with personalisable solutions to manage their shipping requirements while meeting industry regulations.
  • Customer service: With a strong emphasis on customer service, DHL ensures excellent assistance and reliable support for small businesses through dedicated account managers and support teams.

Choosing the Right Courier Company

By carefully selecting the right courier company, small businesses in the UK can optimise their growth, scale and expand into new markets. Their customer satisfaction ratings can increase, likewise, their overall success. 

Robust fulfilment and courier companies like provide a diverse range of tailored services that can help such businesses exceed their growth potential. Our innovative approaches and customer-centric solutions enable businesses to streamline their delivery operations and ensure reliable shipping services. Request a free quote to get started!

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