5 Best Ecommerce Fulfilment Companies in Europe

December 6, 2023
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5 Best Shipping and Fulfilment Companies in Europe

As we all know, the ecommerce landscape is fast-paced and having a reliable fulfilment partner can be the key factor in the success of your online business. Fulfilment companies make sure your orders are shipped and processed in a time-efficient and correct way. 

With the growth of ecommerce in Europe, there is a diverse group of fulfilment companies to choose from. In this article, we'll look at the top five fulfilment companies in Europe and go through their service offering, key features and pricing.

But before we look at the list of top fulfilment companies in Europe, let’s look at the best option — Bezos. We are a leading European fulfilment company known for its unparalleled customer service, innovative technology, and efficient delivery capabilities.

With its vast experience in the industry and cutting-edge logistics solutions, Bezos is the best option for businesses looking for a reliable and trustworthy fulfilment partner. To discover the benefits of working with us, speak to an expert today!

Key Points

  • Many fulfilment centres across Europe provide expertise operations such as storing, picking, packing and shipping products to your customers. With such tasks taken off your hands, you can focus on other important areas, such as product development and growth.

  • The main factors to consider when choosing a fulfilment company include location, how they manage inventory, and your available budget.

  • Fulfilment companies like Bezos, Huboo and Amazon FBA offer unique services that your business can benefit from, so do your research and consider the needs of your business to make an informed decision and choose the best suitable option for you.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Fulfilment Company

It is never a smart idea to jump blindly into anything, so knowing the factors to consider before choosing a fulfilment company is very important. There are several factors that a business should look into when selecting a partner, such as:

  • Business Needs: Considering your business's specifics before choosing a fulfilment company is important. For example, factors such as the size of your products or type of product (e.g. drinks) are key to keep in mind. You will want to work with a fulfilment company specialising in handling your product.

  • Location: The location of your fulfilment company is very important as it affects the speed and cost of delivering your products to customers. Fulfilment companies located in certain areas can give access to specific industries and improve delivery speed and satisfaction rates.

  • Inventory Management: Any great fulfilment company will have compact inventory management with a flowing system to monitor your stock constantly to avoid stockouts.

  • Shipping and Delivery Requirements: You need to find a company that will meet your customers' delivery needs. For example, if fast shipping and delivery is part of your business ideology, you will need to use a fulfilment company that can provide that. 

  • Customer Service: No customer likes a difficult customer service process. Whether it's an inquiry or return, you need a fulfilment service that provides transparent and fast communication with your customers, with no hassles involved.

  • Budget: It is important for your company to carefully review the costs of each fulfilment service, as there can be a significant difference in pricing. Be wary of hidden costs and choose a company that fits your financial needs and gives you the best value for money.

  • Reputation: Doing your research can save you a lot of trouble. Nobody likes working with a company with a bad reputation, poor results and low ratings. Reading ratings, reviews and blog articles are great ways to research a company before working with them.

5 Best Fulfilment Companies in Europe

  1. Bezos

Are you a European ecommerce business looking to take your sales to the next level? Bezos is the place for you.

Our fulfilment service is the number one choice for businesses just like yours. We know the importance of meeting your customer's needs and delivering their orders promptly, and our expert team does it right. 

We offer ten fulfilment centre locations across Europe and take care of storage, picking, packing, and despatch, all with efficient delivery options.

Our platform is priced competitively and transparently, meaning companies of all sizes can work with Bezos and experience the benefits we provide — all without having to commit to long-term contracts.


  • Time-Saving on Logistics Tasks: Using Bezos, you can avoid time-consuming logistics tasks and shift them towards further developing your brand, new products and boosting sales.

  • Money-Saving on Orders: Choosing us can save you up to £2 on each order and up to 80% on all international orders.

  • Resolving and Identifying Logistic Issues with AI Technology: With our killer problem-identifying and solving tool, we identify issues before your customer does, meaning you can be pro-active when there is problem and delight your customers.

  • Expert Customer Support: Our five-star customer support responds to tickets within two hours because we know how valuable your time is.

  • Order and Inventory Tracking: Order fulfilment tracking is completely transparent, ensuring you're always up to date with the operation status.

  • Bezos Fulfilment Network: Bezos provides 63 fulfilment centres spread across 17 countries around the globe, making it simple for your business to expand.

  • Increased Sales: Most shoppers abandon their carts due to unsatisfactory delivery options. With Bezos, you have over ten delivery options, which can skyrocket your sales by up to 50%.

  • Contract Flexibility: Transparency is one of our main values, and we offer contracts without any strings attached. There is no minimum order volume, setup or integration costs, or hidden fees.

  • Dedicated Account Manager: Another perk of using Bezos is that you receive dedicated account managers. They will stay on top of your orders, ensuring the entire fulfilment process is run smoothly.

  • Integration With All Major Ecommerce Platforms: Bezos integrates with over 30 ecommerce platforms and marketplaces, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, and eBay.


Our pricing is fully transparent with no hidden fees and very competitive. We have four types of fees:

  1. Fulfilment Fee

Each delivery option has a different fee. Standard delivery starts from £3.18, next-day delivery starts from £3.50, and zero-emissions delivery starts from £6.92.

  1. Storage Fee

Storage fees start from £3.20 per cubic metre per week.

  1. Value Added Services Fee

We charge for optional services such as returns, additional picking, and custom packaging.

  1. Monthly Software Subscription Fee

Our software monthly subscription fee starts from £149 per month.

  1. Huboo 

Huboo is a UK-based ecommerce fulfilment company (that also operates in Europe) and specialises in providing logistics and warehousing services to other businesses. Services such as management, picking, packing and shipping orders to customers are included. Not only that, but they also provide product assembly, package designs and more. Their main goal is to help businesses easily outsource their fulfilment needs and save time to focus on other aspects of their business.


  • Inventory Management: Huboo offers upkeeping of inventory in their warehouses, provides real-time updates of your stock levels and has an automated system of reordering products when necessary.

  • Marketplace Integration: With Huboo, you can integrate your business with popular marketplaces such as Amazon, Shopify, Magento and more whilst managing your sales and inventory all from one place.

  • Customer Service: A customer service which handles issues of your customers and their inquiries.

  • Reporting and Analytics: With Huboo, you receive data-driven reports and analytics of sales, inventory, and shipping — making decisions on operations easier.

  • Shipping and Logistics: Huboo has a rich choice of shipping options, such as next-day delivery, and has a dedicated section for international orders to speed up the customs process.


A few factors, such as inventory size and volume of orders, play a part in how much Huboo's services cost. They offer multiple plans, which are customisable.

  1. FedEx Fulfilment

FedEx Fulfilment is a comprehensive ecommerce fulfilment service. Their services are modular, flexible and scalable — creating a design and configuration that is true to your business and fits. They offer hub-based warehousing, allowing businesses to store their products at FedEx-owned warehouses and fulfil orders with their logistics network.


  • Flexibility and Control: You are guaranteed full control and flexibility with a fast and configurable fulfilment solution.

  • Accelerated Response to Market Changes: Responsive responses to market changes are accelerated with scalable and flexible services to ensure you're on track.

  • Cut Overhead Costs: You can implement a variable fee structure to cut overhead costs by outsourcing your software and warehouse needs.

  • Limited investment and Risk: FedEx guarantees a low risk for companies entering new market segments.

  • Provided Security: FedEx offers protection, privacy and constant watch for fraud alerts to keep the safety of your customers.

  • Customer Service: By using emails, call centres, order confirmation and order numbers for tracking, FedEx improves customer relations and communications, guaranteeing their satisfaction.


There is no clear indication of pricing. FedEx has an email address on their website which you can contact and find out more about their fees and services.

  1. Amazon FBA

Amazon offers a fulfilment network in which your products are stored in their fulfilment centres and are picked, packed and shipped directly to your customers. Fulfilment by Amazon(FBA) helps you scale your business, reach more customers, and have an easier distribution process to elevate your business.


  • Multi-Channel Fulfilment: Amazon offers multi-channel fulfilment, allowing you to sell products on other platforms besides theirs.

  • Prime Eligibility: All your products become eligible for Amazon Prime (fast One-Day-Delivery), which can positively influence your sales.

  • Customer Service: FBA takes care of the customer service burden by offering you a network which manages your customers' inquiries, including refund and returns management on all FBA orders.

  • FBA Programmes: Amazon offers special programmes ranging from cost-cutting, discounts and other promotions that help your company save time and money.

  • Automated Tracking and Reporting: Amazon will keep track of your inventory levels and the number of sales and update you on important news regarding your inventory.


While being an FBA seller, you are charged an FBA fee which covers the costs of shipping, handling and packaging. The fee is calculated depending on the size and weight of your product.

It is important to note that Amazon takes a referral fee, which is a commission Amazon gets paid for each product you sell on their marketplace. If your product isn't profitable or selling enough, this can damage your profit margins (something no business wants).

  1. Byrd

Byrd is a scalable and digital ecommerce fulfilment platform that offers an international logistics network to help your business grow. They offer smart all-in-one fulfilment with flexible warehousing, worldwide shipping, and an all-in-one logistics tool with various functions. The tool optimises your fulfilment and maximises transparency and functionality in the supply chain.


  • Cross-Border Fulfilment: This function allows you to sell products and ship them worldwide in a secure and timely manner.

  • Individual Packaging: Byrd puts effort into aligning your product packaging with your brand.

  • Smart Prices: Providing good shipping rates and trusted shipping services for your company

  • Seamless Integrations: A team of customer support agents who take care of customers' issues, inquiries and more.

  • Immediate Shipping: Byrd offers same-day shipping and ensures products are delivered nationally and internationally on time.


Byrd offers pricing according to the needs of your company. The prices are based on storage, commissioning, packaging, acceptance of goods and dispatch. Some services, such as customer support and inventory reports, are free of charge. To get an accurate estimate, you must get in touch and request a quote through their website.


There are many great fulfilment companies to choose from in Europe. However, Bezos stands out. We have an unmatched order fulfilment system that is both fast and accurate. Our extensive range of useful and affordable services gives you the best value for your money and scope for growth. 

We ensure that each order is handled with the utmost care, speed and efficiency. We know the importance of communication, and the needs of our customers come first. Bezos provides a fully transparent pricing structure, no hidden fees or shady business - we're for the people. Contact us today to get your free quote.


Is a fulfilment centre the same as a warehouse?

Fulfilment centres and warehouses are completely different. While warehouses are intended for long-term storage, fulfilment centres focus on quick inventory turnout. Also, services in fulfilment centres such as picking, packing and shipping are much quicker.

Are fulfilment centres worth it?

In most instances, a fulfilment centre is worth it. They provide benefits that are key in handling and speeding up the logistics process, making your business run smoothly and providing you with extra space to store all your products.

Which fulfilment service is best?

The “best” fulfilment service is the one which aligns with the needs of your business. There are many factors to consider when choosing a fulfilment service, such as shipping speed, cost and the product sold.

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