5 Best French Fulfilment Companies Your Business Can Trust

December 6, 2023
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5 Best Fulfilment Companies in France - A Guide

Are you an eCommerce company looking to expand all across Europe? In that case, France will be at the very top of your list of countries to target. With one of the higher GDPs in the world, France is one of the biggest economies on the continent. It’s also got a wide array of warehouse fulfilment centres from Paris to Marseille. 

However, there is a problem. With such a wide choice of fulfilment centres in France, figuring out which one’s the best for you is no walk in the park. There are many factors that you’ve got to consider first – location, cost-effectiveness, scalability, the capacity to provide automated services…

But don’t worry – we’re here to help. To assist you in choosing the best fulfilment company in France, we’ve written this article breaking down the different fulfilment centres in France. We’ll go through the main features of each one and pay particular attention to pricing.

Read on to find out about the best fulfilment solutions in France.

Key points

  • To choose the best fulfilment company in France, you need to ask yourself if your chosen partner ticks the following boxes – fair pricing, flexibility, scalability, automation and integration.

  • With that in mind, we’ve chosen four candidates for the best fulfilment company in France: Bezos, Wynd, Logiris and Byrd.

  • All of them have their pros – for example, Bezos is famous for relying on the latest technology to ensure that order fulfilment runs as smoothly as possible, while Logiris has the insider knowledge that only three decades in business can buy.

  • Similarly, Wynd places a bigger emphasis on fulfilment solutions for brick-and-mortar retail, whereas Byrd offers a wide range of integrations.

Choosing the best fulfilment company in France – what to look out for

When you’re looking for an eCommerce fulfilment company, you must delineate your needs before starting the research process. Think about the kind of services that your company requires to send your products to your customers. For example, if you’re an eCommerce company selling drinks online, you’ll want to go with a fulfilment centre with expertise in storing food and drink products.

This process is not just about choosing a French fulfilment solution – it also applies to choosing the best fulfilment company in Europe for your company. As a general rule of thumb, you need to consider the following aspects before making a decision:

  • Pricing: You need to consider all the costs involved, not just the shipping itself. For example, ask how much warehousing costs are. And don’t forget to read the small print!

  • Flexibility: Exploring a new market is hard enough as it is, so why get stuck with a long-term contract that’s not doing you any favours? If your chosen fulfilment centre in France asks you to sign a years-long exclusivity contract, run for your life!

  • Scalability: The eCommerce world is as unpredictable as it gets. There is a chance that your company might grow unexpectedly – and you need to be prepared for it. If your eCommerce fulfilment service provider doesn’t offer you the chance to ramp up your operations, you’re better off elsewhere.

  • Automation and integration: These two aspects go hand in hand. If your eCommerce fulfilment service provider offers complete integrations, you’ll be able to fully automate your warehousing operations. This means your fulfilment pricing will be cheaper and more efficient – in turn, making you a bigger profit.

Now that we’ve gone through all the different factors you need to consider, it’s time to see what the best fulfilment companies in France are. 

5 best fulfilment companies in France

Based on the factors we’ve mentioned above, these are the five best shipping fulfilment service providers in France:

  1. Bezos

At Bezos, we’re all about efficiency. First of all, we offer integrations with all the major e-commerce platforms – from Shopify and WooCommerce to Squarespace and eBay. Thanks to our integration-heavy approach, we’re able to automate a huge percentage of our shipping and logistics processes. As a result, we work fast and efficiently. 

Why do we care so much about efficiency? Because it allows us to keep our prices down for our customers. We live in difficult times, and it feels like the eCommerce world has never been this volatile. Which is why we want to do our bit and help the companies that work with us by giving them fair prices and top-of-the-range service.

So, what about France? How can Bezos help you to enter unchartered territory? Well, you’ll be glad to know that at Bezos, we specialise in helping eCommerce brands that are looking to expand across Europe and the rest of the world.

Bezos boasts amazing reviews on Trustpilot.

That is why we have a whopping total of 63 fulfilment centres spread throughout 17 countries – including France, of course! This means that we can give your expansion plans that little boost they need for your brand to expand globally.

And there’s more. These are the reasons why our customers keep coming back to us:

Bezos – essential features

  • Powered by AI: We scoff whenever people tell us that AI is the future. For Bezos, it is the present – and it has been for a long time. We use our state-of-the-art, in-house AI solutions to identify and resolve potential issues before you can say “bot”. 

  • Customer service: With a two-hour ticket response, our customers are able to solve all issues in no time.

  • Transparent pricing – unlike other eCommerce fulfilment service providers that only work with personalised quotes, Bezos has a transparent pricing policy that’s fair for all our clients.

  • Dedicated account manager: Even though we love AI, we’ll assign a real person to your company to offer a personalised touch to your order fulfilment processes.

  • Accuracy: Thanks to our automated processes, we barely make any mistakes when picking and packing – meaning you’ll have more happy customers!

  • 9 pm next-day delivery: If your customers are not big on patience, you’re in safe hands with us – we offer an extended cut-off for next-day delivery.

  • Visibility: With Bezos, you’ll get real-time visibility into your orders at all times.

  • No-fuss shipping: You can ship your products directly to us from your supplier to save time.

Bezos pricing plans

At Bezos, we don’t do convoluted quoting processes to try and squeeze the last penny out of your business. Instead, we offer a straightforward pricing model with a wide range of options available and no hidden fees.

If you want to take a closer look at our prices, go to our website and fill in your details to receive a free quote.

  1. Wynd
Wynd is a popular fulfilment company in France.

Boasting an impressive array of famous clients (such as Carrefour or Fnac), Wynd is one of the giants of order fulfilment in France. Born in 2014, Wynd started working in the restaurant and food retail industries. But before long, they had already expanded into new ventures, from specialised retail to luxury and fashion.

Nowadays, Wynd prides itself in its order management system software, which orchestrates a company’s entire logistics department from a single solution. From picking and packing to capacity planning and stock management, you can take care of all your logistics needs from the Wynd app. And because it’s also available on mobile, you can do it from anywhere in the world.

Wynd has expertise in several industries, from mass retail and retail property to hospitality and food services. This means that you can tailor your plan to your specific shipping and logistics requirements.

In recent times, Wynd has been branching out, adding loyalty programmes and customer gamification features. However, all that shines isn’t gold – some of its detractors claim that this new approach is making Wynd lose track of the basics of warehouse fulfilment. 

On a similar note, Wynd does not have a specific focus on eCommerce. In fact, many of its solutions are directed towards brick-and-mortar stores. For example, Wynd sells its app as part of an in-store self-checkout kiosk.

Wynd – essential features

These are some of the features that make Wynd belong in the conversation of the best fulfilment company in Europe:

  • Omnichannel fulfilment: Meaning it features an impressive catalogue of integrations.

  • Vendor tablet app: Ideal for employees working in stores that are in need of an efficient app to manage the logistics side of things.

  • Dynamic stock management: With real-time monitoring and store modelling, Wynd’s stock management solution is perfect for brick-and-mortar businesses.

  • Automatic replenishment: Meaning that Wynd will automatically trigger purchase orders to your suppliers once you’ve run out of products.

  • Kiosk self-checkouts: Perfect to speed up the purchasing process in-store.

  • Accuracy: Thanks to its wealth of automated features, Wynd ensures a high level of inventory accuracy.

Wynd – pricing guide

Unfortunately, Wynd does not have a transparent pricing system in place. Instead, you have to request a personalised quote. That means that you have no benchmarks against which to compare your own quote. This is one of the aspects where Wynd lags behind other shipping fulfilment services.

  1. Logiris
A screenshot of the official Logiris website.

Founded all the way back in 1997, Logiris has been one of the staples of the shipping and logistics industry in France and Belgium for the past three decades. By far, its biggest asset is inside knowledge. After all, Logiris has been taking care of order fulfilment in France for more than 25 years. Because of that, Logiris has a great grip on the idiosyncrasies of French order fulfilment.

Although its range is more limited than other competitors, Logiris offers a good range of essential services – such as storage, packaging and transport. With two massive depots in Lyon and Paris, there’s no doubt that Logiris can safely stock all your inventory.

However, there are a few issues that need to be mentioned. First of all, Logiris hasn’t aged that well. As you can probably tell from its vintage-looking website, Logiris is stuck in the past in many senses. For instance, it’s not particularly big on automation, still relying on decades-old processes that simply are not efficient enough nowadays.

Similarly, its website doesn’t have an HTTPS security certificate, which is a massive red flag for many customers. This means that your personal details (both for identification and for finance) are potentially exposed to prying eyes. Not what you want from your fulfilment services provider.

Logiris – essential features

These are some of the reasons why Logiris has been a trustworthy fulfilment company for many years:

  • Dry food specialists: Its logistics services are tailored to the requirements of the food industry, meaning it can handle seasonal demands and special requests.

  • High-performance packaging: Logiris offers a wide range of options when it comes to packaging, from shrink wrapping to co-packing and special order repacking.

  • Integrations: Logiris’ Magistor software can be interfaced with an EDI customer system for better efficiency.

  • Paper archives solution: Logiris also specialises in transferring, retaining, returning and destroying paper archives.

  • Transport: This is where Logiris truly shines. It knows all the ins and outs of French goods transport via road.

Logiris – pricing guide

Like Wynd, Logiris relies exclusively on personalised quotes when it comes to pricing. This can put certain customers off, as the lack of transparency in pricing is frowned upon in the logistics industry nowadays.

  1. Byrd
Byrd is one of the best fulfilment companies in Europe.

As an international logistics network that offers its services all around the world, Byrd is one of the most well-known fulfilment companies working in France. With a good number of fulfilment centres located in the north of France, Byrd has easy access to the country’s biggest cities.

One of the best things about Byrd is that it offers tailor-made solutions depending on the size of your company. Because it is a fully scalable solution, it is ideal for small companies. For example, new businesses doing around 100 shipments per month can use Byrd to boost their growth and penetrate new markets. Once they have succeeded in expanding their brand, they can still use Byrd to reach all their new customers.

While there’s no doubt that Byrd is great for B2C fulfilment, not everyone is over the moon with its capacity to complete B2B deliveries. On a similar note, its SaaS solution is sometimes glitchy, which is not what you need during busy periods.

A verified Byrd review on Trustpilot.

Byrd – essential features

These are some of the essential things you need to know about Byrd:

  • Integrations: Byrd offers a good range of integrations – from Shopify and ChannelEngine to Amazon FBM and Billbee.

  • Returns: Byrd has a dedicated returns portal that makes the returns process significantly easier.

  • Visibility: By offering a real-time inventory view, Byrd allows you to have complete visibility of your stock at all times.

  • International: Byrd’s logistics network consists of 25 fulfilment centres in all of Europe – including Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

  • Ecological: Byrd has clamped down on plastic and started using mostly paper-based packaging material.

  • Transparency: Unlike other competitors, Byrd tells you exactly how much money each of its features costs.

  • eCommerce: Byrd is an eCommerce expert with years of experience in the sector. 

Byrd – pricing guide

Fortunately, Bird offers fully transparent pricing. However, you will need to contact them first and tell them your requirements before they can break down your quote for you. 

The verdict is in – the best fulfilment company in France is…

What is the closest thing to a perfect eCommerce fulfilment service? If you ask us, it’s a company that doesn’t lure you in to sign needlessly long contracts. One that offers effective logistics and fulfilment solutions at a fair price. One that makes use of all the latest technology to ensure that the services it offers are the best possible.

And that company is Bezos. Let us explain why:

  • At Bezos, we have a wealth of experience helping brands to expand across the entire world. And yes, that includes France. 

  • Between our state-of-the-art fulfilment centres in France and our advanced 3PL services, we’ll get your orders to your customers in a jiffy. 

  • Best of all, we’ll also help you to save money while you do it.

  • Unlike some of our competitors, we have a fair pricing guide in place, so you will always know what you are paying for. 

  • As a dedicated eCommerce fulfilment service provider that specialises in drinks logistics, we have the low-down on all the best fulfilment practices. 

  • We provide end-to-end order tracking on all orders for full visibility.

  • We offer a guaranteed two-hour response time to all tickets to ensure that any potential issue is sorted out as soon as possible.

  • Our proprietary order fulfilment software is easy to use, and it integrates with all the main eCommerce platforms.

At Bezos, we’ll make your business take off

Expanding your business can be scary. After all, selling your products in a new market is always tricky. To start with, your customers will be different – meaning new seasonal trends, new customer segmentation, new everything.

You’ve got enough on your plate as it is. And that is why warehouse fulfilment should be the last of your problems. At Bezos, we’re here to take the strain off you. As a full-service shipping fulfilment services provider, we handle everything from picking and packing to despatching and storage. 

Let’s cut a deal. You focus on what makes your products special, and we’ll focus on getting them delivered to your customers. Sounds good? If so, get in contact today to talk to one of our savings experts. Trust us; you won’t regret it.


What is a shipping fulfilment centre?

A shipping fulfilment centre is an operational base run by a third party that stores, handles, packs, processes and ships products that a company’s customers have bought. Basically, it takes care of all the logistics-related processes, so eCommerce brands don’t have to deal with that side of things. 

How do I choose a fulfilment company?

When you’re looking for a fulfilment company, you need to make sure that it delivers in all of the following aspects: transparency, real-time visibility, automated features, fair pricing, scalability and integrations. If your chosen company ticks all of these boxes, you’ve got yourself a winner.

What is the difference between a warehouse and a fulfilment centre?

The main aim of a warehouse is to store inventory and maintain it in good condition, whereas a fulfilment centre is more of an all-in-one solution that also deals with picking and packing orders – as well as dispatching and delivering them.

How much do fulfilment centres charge?

The money you pay for a fulfilment centre will always depend on the kind of services you hire. That’s why you want to ensure you go for a fully transparent fulfilment solution that breaks down your charges – so you know exactly how much money you’re paying for each process.

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