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Partner with us and join the Bezos Fulfilment Network

We are constantly adding partners to the Bezos Fulfilment Network.  Our goal is to become the biggest fulfilment network in Europe! Fulfilment centers, warehouses, locker networks, last mile carriers, or any company providing a service to the e-commerce fulfilment industry: you are welcome to join us.
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Increase revenues and maximise unused capacity

Bezos will help you create efficiencies and additional income.
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Reduce admin burden

Bezos deals with a large number of small businesses. Get access to this volume without having to manage the admin of multiple clients. You only deal with us as a client.

Minimise commercial and operational risks

Start to grow your e-commerce without incurring volume swings or going through the risk of not getting paid. With Bezos you can have a stable volume coming through, and you only get paid by us.
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Join the network!

If you are a 3PL or fulfilment warehouse, please click the button below to fill in our assessment form to find out if your capabilities are a good fit for the Bezos Fulfilment Network.
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Are you a company working with e-commerce logistics? Discover Bezos fulfilment network and enjoy the benefits we offer you. Contact us to ask all the questions you have, and get ready to jump on board!

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