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Careers at Bezos

Our values are a set of beliefs that we try to instil in our business and people. We think these values will allow our company to grow faster, and attract the right people to be part of this journey. If you feel you identify with them, and you think you can be a superstar, please contact us now!
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Good karma

Doing things with kindness and generosity. Always striving to do the right thing, respecting each other.
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Tribe behaviour

Together is better. We want to create a collaborative environment where you can thrive, where people can achieve their full potential and a place where both the successes and failures are shared.
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Radical transparency

We believe in being transparent, in giving instant (constructive) feedback. Everything that happens in the business is known to the team and we expect the team to always be transparent with each other. We are constantly sharing information and making it available for people to understand our direction and goals.
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Powerful drive

Creating an environment where you can aim high and be bold. A place where taking (measured) risks is always encouraged. A place that you can think and act like an owner.
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