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Case Study: Fulfilling and Delivering Black Friday eCommerce Orders

January 12, 2022
Ed Miles
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The day before Black Friday 2021, a health and beauty seller notified that the initial traction of their promotion indicated their Black Friday order volume could be 2 times higher than the initial forecast.

The Bezos platform was able to immediately optimise and handled volumes which were 9 times higher compared to the sellers average weekly volumes.


In September asked all sellers to submit a forecast of their expected order volumes for October, November, & December, and the dates of any promotions they were running. used the sellers forecast to ensure the fulfilment centre was prepared in advance to handle the volumes. 

Based on the forecast the health and beauty seller also confirmed extra shipments of stock would be required to be booked in.’s technology identified if the fulfilment centres would have enough resources, staff and necessary operating hours to ensure that orders were; picked on time, packed on time, collected on time, and finally delivered on time. 

Any bottlenecks were highlighted ahead of them occurring and acted swiftly to ensure everything would run smoothly.’s technology provides full order journey visibility: Checking the status of every order throughout the day to ensure on time fulfilment, despatch and delivery. Whenever the SLA (Service Level Agreement) is not met, the seller is notified while resolves the issue.

Results’s technology and processes enabled the fulfilment centre to handle the beauty seller’s 9x Black Friday volumes while maintaining a high standard of performance and meeting our SLAs.

In addition, the seller used our fulfilment centre that has a 9pm cut off time for next day delivery, reducing cart abandonment rate as customers can get “Prime-style” next day delivery.

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